Sunday, 22 December 2013

Home Secretary Straw Man brought in a law to make it illegal for children 'in care' to complain about being abused

Home Secretary Jack Straw brought in a law to make it  illegal for children 'in care' to complain about being abused.  But It is not illegal for Children in Childrens Homes to speak out, a Freedom of Information Request has revealed. [1]

Whilst apparently Jack Straw did try and pass legislation to make it illegal in Part 2 of the Children, Schools and Families Act 2010 the provisions never commenced as they were repealed by section 17(4) of the Crime and Courts Act 2010, following a recommendation by the Justice Select Committee. 

They love to dress up in frillies

This is important as children ARE allowed by the law to speak out and should not be put off by statements that Jack Straw introduced this, because it did not go through the whole process necessary to become law.
What is pertinent is why Jack Straw should want this draconian, fundamentally unjust repulsive  and nasty legislation to be brought in.  Why should he want to stop innocent children whistleblowing over child sexual abuse against them often by representatives of the very authority that was supposed to care for them and be responsible for them? Hey Jack, Why?
It may also be worth researching the provisions of the bill and the minutes of the Justice Select Committee to find more precise details of the bills and justice committee minutes [3]
Was Jack Straw influenced by the fact that some of his friends and fellow politicians were paedophiles? Was this a desperate attempt to stop the truth coming out not only that Labour politiicans are paedophiles but highest level politicians of ALL parties?
There is a conspiracy of silence by politicians, about paedophilia amongst high level policitians. Honest politicians, please speak out..
Add to the mix
§  a corrupt police at high level (currently under numerous often laughably called independent investigations). Honest police please speak out..
§  a corrupt and blackmailing press (Murdochs willing lapdogs in court at present). Bypass them and everyone please speak out..
§  corrupt and blackmailing secret services (some currently in secret courts but incredibly difficult to bring to account) . They must be made accountable or even abolished.
§  the Crown Prosecution Service (at present morally corruptly claiming they are exempt from internal review on Freedom of Information requests precisely because they have illegally not answered [4]). Replace the corrupt “justice” system with a peoples common law court
§  unaccountable secretive freemasons implicated involved in most of the paedophile scandals and cover ups
§  the publics continued but reducing reluctance to believe that anyone could be so depraved. The child sexual abuse, forced adoption and child stealing is widespread, child sexual abuse infests all the higher reaches of our so called democratic society. The victims need your help -please believe and please speak out for our children….

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