Thursday, 27 April 2017

German Soldier in terrorist attacks pretended to be a Syrian refugee

by Scott Creighton
A German soldier stationed in France has been living a double life supposedly without the knowledge of his commanding officers.
They wont release his name but the soldier was somehow able to stay away from his base for long periods of time without causing suspicion and remarkably was able to register as a Syrian refugee without speaking Arabic and in spite of his German heritage.
“An officer in the German army who spent more than a year posing as a Syrian refugee has been arrested on suspicion of planning a terror attack.
The 28-year-old lieutenant, who has not been named under German privacy laws, was living a double life, prosecutors said on Thursday.
Police are believed to be working on the theory that the officer, who has a history of expressing anti-foreigner views, planned to carry out a “false flag” terror attack and blame it on refugees…
The arrested man successfully posed as Syrian asylum-seeker despite the fact he is of German background and speaks no Arabic.” Telegraph
This only came to light because this German false flag terrorist (Operation Gladio ring any bells?) was caught by Australian authorities trying to hide a gun in an airport that he could use later for a terror attack.
Authorities in Germany said “gee? I don’t what on earth his motivation could have been… ”
For those of you who don’t know the translation what that means is “we have to wait until we can come up with some bullshit you idiots will believe”
Seems like false flag Gladio events are all the rage in Germany these days:
Last week, German police detained a suspect believed to be behind the bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund football team. The suspect, a man said to be a German-Russian citizen, reportedly plotted the bombing to speculate on the club’s shares if their price plummeted after the attack.
To mislead investigators, the suspect had reportedly fabricated three identical letters saying the attack had been carried out “in the name of Allah.” However, their wording and content made investigators suspicious.
The letters were “full of contradictions and inconsistencies,” the federal prosecutor’s office said, adding that “there is considerable doubt about radical Islamists [being involved in the attack].” RT
Wow. It’s almost like a whole campaign or something, isn’t it?
The key to the story about this military officer being arrested is the fact that he lead this double life for over a year pretending to be a refugee and setting up terror attacks. There is no way a soldier could pull off something like that without his superiors knowing where he was and what he was doing. Also important to note is the fact that he was given refugee status when he clearly wasn’t. That isn’t incompetence, that’s someone on the inside helping him out.
Not surprisingly, as soon as this story hit the news today, guess what happened? Go ahead, guess.
I’ll wait…
Well, if you guessed someone carried out what appears to be a bullshit, hastily cobbled together “terror attack” to distract the German people from the story of their military sending soldiers into Germany to stage false flag terror events… you win the prize.
Shots have been fired at a Hospital in Kreuzberg area in Berlin, local media reports.
A large area around the hospital has been closed down, German broadcaster RBB reported.
A man, allegedly the perpetrator, tried to attack police officers and subsequently was shot by the police in the leg, RBB reports citing Berlin Police. The man was taken to a hospital. His motives behind the attack remain unclear.” Sputnik International
Reports are still sketchy but what they are saying is some man, for reasons unknown, decided out of the blue to attack police officers. They shot him in the leg in the parking lot. No officers were harmed.
What do you want to bet the perp will be a Muslim refugee? Syrian perhaps?
And what do you want to bet they will eventually release the guy they arrested by saying he was part of an intelligence operation trying to find terrorist types in the middle of the Syrian refugee population in Germany?

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