Friday, 5 August 2016

Petition to Get Michael Mansfield QC the anti establishment Barrister to Head UK Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Dame Lowell Goddard,  another totally self-absorbed  head of the UK Child Abuse Inquiry quits without a word of explanation.  Taking with her  after  18 months since her appointment an estimated £75,000 pounds in salary plus expenses of tax payers hard earned cash.    She goes leaving  the survivors of horrific child abuse let down yet again. 

A petition has been started today by Andrea Davison to appoint as Head of the Inquiry Michael Mansfield QC  
Michael Mansfield  with  Hillsborough families 

The Petition says

"The third head of UK Child Abuse Inquiry, Dame Lowell Goddard has just resigned. Please now quickly appoint the survivors choice, Michael Mansfield QC as head of the Child Abuse Inquiry.
The Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse will investigate whether public bodies and other non-state institutions have taken seriously their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse in England and Wales. Michael Mansfield QC is ideally suited to head this investigation.
The Home Office under the now Prime Minister Therese May appointed Lady Butler-Sloss and Dame Fiona Wolf, both who were found to have links close to the Establishment.
Lady Butler-Sloss stood down as chair in July 2014 following adverse publicity about her late brother, Lord Havers, who was Attorney General in the 1980s. Dame Fiona Woolf resigned because of her “establishment links” especially her relationship with one of the accused, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

Now a third Chair has resigned without explanation after one and a half years in position and drawing a salary of £500,000 per year plus allowances.
 Survivors have been let down, again and again. Survivors want Michael Mansfield QC.
Michael Mansfield QC recently represented most of the 96 Hillsborough victims' families and won an astounding victory for truth, uncovering the underbelly of a terrible injustice.
Michael Mansfield is notably one of the finest advocates of his age and a perfect head for the Child Abuse inquiry. Michael Mansfield will get to the truth and his decisions will be trusted.
We ask for the appointment of Michael Mansfield QC as head the Statutory Inquiry into Child Abuse"

Of course the Government will not want Michael Mansfield QC because  he is that rare enigma  in the UK  a totally honest Barrister, So lets get  loads of signatures!!


  1. This petition might be better on Great respect to everyone working to expose the horrific CSA past and current situation, and to all victims and survivors.

  2. I was going to sign the petition but it isn't functioning -so maybe the paedophile establishment are stopping you ? why isn't the petition on or yougov ? the 2 big petition sites ? why doesn't it work ? is just incompetence or is it being blocked by the evil corrupt cops ?
    If you wont use the 2 big petition sites -is it because you don't trust them ?



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