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BBC to broadcast VIP child abuse debunking program as Media goes goes into VIP pedophiles cover-up frenzy

Panorama the BBC's flagship program  announced the BBC are to broadcast in October  a Westminster Pedophile  debunking  program which aims to discredit major child abuse activists.  
One activist Chris Fay, a social worker who has tried for over 30 years to get justice for children abused by VIP's,  is a special target.  Chris  has been pilloried in the Tory press  in the last few days the Telegraph and the Mail  all running stories about him being a lier and fraudster. With the ludicrous spin that it means Sir Leon Britten QC  is an innocent man because Chris Fay made it up. 
The other target  of the BBC  is Bill Maloney  a child abuse survivor and veteran campaigner against child abuse. Who's campaigning  sister recently died in mysterious circumstances. 

The program was thought up by the BBC  as a deflection from  their own criminal and corrupt activities.   For Decades they  harbored within their ranks the serial pedophile and satanist and MI5 agent  Sir Jimmy Savile.  The long awaited report  is so damming of the BBC  they the BBC refuse to publish it 
who refuse to publish   the long awaited 'Smith Review' report into Savile because it so damaging to the BBC and those who run it.  The report shows the  BBC  helped and protected Jimmy Savile to rape hundreds of innocent children some on BBC premises. But the report shows they procured children for Savile to rape. It highlights the number of children who dies in mysterious circumstances and  hints at a child abuse images  being produced on BBC premises  with BBC equipment. 
And amist all these Medi lies and spin and debunking  A MOUNTAIN of files on historic VIP child sex abuse cases is missing.
Documents known as “Red Dockets” from highly sensitive cases have mysteriously vanished from police archives, well-informed sources say.
The revelations, said to feature the names of politicians, showbiz stars and a senior cop, come as a Metropolitan Police inquiry into claims that establishment figures murdered three boys teeters on the verge of collapse.
Files which have disappeared include ones from the infamous 1980s Operation Circus inquiry.
It was shut down after undercover cops allegedly photographed rent boys from London’s Piccadilly Circus with VIPs.
Sources told The Sun it was axed on the orders of then Director of Public Prosecutions, the late Sir Thomas Hetherington.
A DPP official is said to have visited West End Central police station in early 1985 and ordered the inquiry terminated.
An ex-cop said: “A report went to the DPP which identified under-age male prostitutes, their pimps and clients.
“All that information has now gone. The only conclusion is that the DPP authorised the plug to be pulled on it.”
Names of MPs, showbiz stars, industrialists and a Scotland Yard commander cropped up in the Circus inquiry.
Sources told The Sun that “red docket” files — named after their covers’ colour — were placed in a Special Branch registry but have now vanished.
Analysis of audit trails is being carried out on child abuse case files booked out by officers.
Special Branch is under investigation over allegations of nobbling inquiries which would have exposed figures including MP Cyril Smith.
And so-called X4 files containing unsubstantiated information on paedos, said to be “a goldmine”, were shredded.
The Met’s Operation Midland investigation, into allegations MP's were involved in the murders of three boys, was launched after claims by a young man.
The witness, known as Nick, says  he has seen murders at London’s Dolphin Square and to have been abused abroad by foreign VIPs.
Back at the BBC in the 90's murdered crime watch presenter Jill Dando was about to expose the BBC and Jimmy Savile before a gunman put a pistol to her head and pulled the trigger in broad daylight. 

Back in the 70's Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has spoken out about being banned from the BBC for comments he made about Jimmy Savile in 1978.

Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten from his days as lead singer of controversial punk band the Sex Pistols, was talking to Piers Morgan in an interview to be broadcast tonight.

The singer was asked about the former TV host and said Savile was: ‘into all sorts of seediness. We all know about it but we’re not allowed to talk about it’.

‘I did my bit, I said what I had to (but they didn’t air that). I found myself banned from BBC radio for quite a while"

And so the cover-ups go on and on.  So  VIP pedophiles like Leon Britten can die peacefully in their expensive beds whilst their victims and  their  victims supporters are pilloried in the media.  A media responsible for helping to cover-up the rape and murder of children for  decades and decades. 

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