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Battle lines are drawn between Angles and Daemons with the whistle-blower kids in the middle

Well the Mail stomping ground of our Friend David Rose and his sidekick Anna Racoon  has published a big article letting the millions of people who believe Gabriel and Alisa (the whistle-blower kid) that they are idiots.  The Mail tells us  that  a  secret family court judge  without any investigative abilities or investigation  is able to tell the world its rubbish. 

Well the debate about child abuse is hotting up and camps are being set-up for a war. 

The only thing that guarantees a Whistle-blower is real is of they have been arrested and persecuted.  Well Ella and Sabine McNeill fit that bill.

What guarantees the speakers are working for some shady organisation is that fact that they can say anything they like and are never charged with harassment, arson, fraud and the like. 

SO lets enter the fray with some great words from the Tap.D

By Courtesy of the Tap Blog 

#SatanicCult? Dismissed. You must be joking!
#DamePauffley knows!?    

“Here is Ella, the children’s mother, speaking to partner Abraham who got them to talk and admit that it was their father who taught them to touch each other sexually. Their audio file on a video is on:
With a key point made by Ella:
after the children retracted their allegations, why keep them in care?
But there is no logic! There is only one agenda:
  • to protect the father and all his associates.
The petition relating to the above video is here. It asks alleged abusers with distinguishing marks to come forward and demonstrate their innocence.
(TAP – why didn’t the judge ask to see the distinguishing marks?  She’s made up her mind without looking at the most important evidence.)
Thanks to commenter Sancho Panzer, the judgement ispublished here. [see below…ed.]
The Daily Mail reports – with clearly a well prepared report rather than investigated:
The Telegraph also:
  • Satanic cult claims dismissed by judge
  • Mrs Justice Pauffley says claims circulating on internet are ‘baseless’ as she describes people who seek to perpetuate them as ‘evil’ or ‘foolish’ after fact-finding exercise.
Funny that neither article tells us about the fate of the children… Hampstead Research videos show her what fact finding is about!
And I will forever maintain that it is not compatible with EU Directives to Use the Secrecy of UK Family Courts to Cover-Up Criminal Activities. MEPs will look into this emergency application to the Petitions Committee in Brussels.
You can’t make it up. But then it is hard to live in reality. We need to go through ‘societal disillusionment’ towards ‘social empowerment’.
But: mind the gap between the internet community of good people advocating transparency and truth (99%) and the global elite (1%) using mainstream media (MSM) who thrive on secrecy and lies…
The battlefield has widened and our armies are growing, while the ‘bullets’ are being ‘sharpened':
The essence is:
Dear Mr Mowrey
For you to have deleted two of my petitions, supposedly irretrievably, is a really serious violation of professional standards by an internet platform:
1. I just happened to have discovered your ‘Notice’ of 4 March, i.e. NOT an email as you claimed you sent!
2. Before removing petitions, your IT department MUST ensure that the petitioner has been ‘served’, i.e. has DEFINITELY received your ‘warning’!
3. To allow for mistakes, such as you with your Notice (rather than email with receipt confirmed) and your colleague Debbie not knowing about it, you MUST be able to RESTORE petitions!
If I didn’t have bigger fish to fry, I would certainly take you and to court.
This way, I trust that you’ll LEARN, as most people only seem to be able to learn from PAINFUL experiences, i.e. mistakes.
Yours with all possible customer dissatisfaction,
Transcript Video 3: Teachers
The children make the extraordinary claim that all the staff at Christchurch School are doing sex to them several days a week and that the worst sex day is Wednesday. They also allege that abuse takes place on Saturdays.
We don’t know if this is true but in this video we are going to demonstrate that some of the Christ Church staff who the children allege have been abusing them have met up with each other in Hampstead on a Saturday.
We are also going to demonstrate strong Facebook links between alleged abusers on the teaching staff and also that alleged abusers have contact with alleged abusing parents. We are not suggesting that these facts prove that abuse has taken place – they do not. But they substantiate the children’s claims to a degree.
To the best of our knowledge, the CCPS Reception Class teacher Claire Willmer, is still in place at the school. This is what Claire Willmer, now Claire Louise, shared on her Facebook page, which was in the public domain, which was in the public domain at the time and up until recently, on Wednesday 5 November 2012:
This picture came from this Facebook site. It’s a page selling decorative hot water bottle covers, hence the use of the word Hotties, even though this word is normally used to describe someone sexually attractive. The website sends some kind of a posting out every “Wooing Wednesday” to subscribers; we’re not sure what the word wooing means here but it’s usually used in a romantic context.
Still, in our opinion the “Happy Wooing Wednesday, Hotties” image and text Claire Willmer shared is loaded with innuendo and the idea of an adult man kneeling down in short trousers to check someone or something out with a library card may bring to mind a Primary School library and we wonder why this image appealed enough to Ms Wilmer for her to share it on her Facebook page on a Wednesday. But one of her friends seems to find it funny –so maybe it was just an in joke?
We want to stress here that our aim is not to harass Claire Wilmer or anybody else. We are trying to establish whether these children’s allegations might be true in the absence of a credible investigation by the UK police ten of whom, instead of investigating the alleged abusers, turned up to batter down the door of the children’s mother. So we urge any Christ Church teacher who has been wrongly accused of having a birthmark, tattoo or piercing to step forward.
An examination of Christ Church staff’s Facebook activity reveals that many people have recently changed or altered their names, deleted their Facebook Pages or switched to entirely different Facebook accounts. We are not implying that this is an admission or indication of guilt; it may be that staff were advised to do this.
A couple of weeks ago Claire Wilmer made her Friends list private but she has recently restored it to the public domain with a note that she is with Reed Smith. Reed Smith is a law firm so we conclude that Ms Willmer has been taking legal advice.
Claire Wilmer is Friends with current – as far as we are aware – and previous CCPS staff members as follows:
David Polidano – now Ludapo
Zarina Shails – now Angel
Ann Connock, now Whiteman
Nick Mendelson-Pegden, now Mendelson
Jessica Dobson nee Sergeant, who has now left
Lily Mildmay White, now left
Harriet Wooliss, now left
Rhiannon Lucy Rees – now Rhiannon Lucy who has now left
Rebecca Willows, now Redfern, now left
Pippa Clay, now Pippa Jane, now left
Shanti de Silva Camacho – has now left and appears to be working at Paddington Green
Hulya Bettle
Hollie Thomas – now left
Kate Unwin – now Kate Elizabeth
Chantelle Regis, who has now left and
Lynda Hawkins – who has now left
Louise Parsons – now Pink – a Christ Church teacher who was a few weeks ago celebrating forgetting the milk and mistaking it for champagne
Anna Maria Maguire
Bevan Anderson – now Shane, who has now left
Kezia Rezel, who has now left.
Three weeks ago Claire Wilmer was also Friends with Robert Spaddacini, Tom Burnett and Josue Fornoni; as far as we are aware these men are still working at the school but they have deleted their Facebook pages.
Now I would like to have examine the FB page of Claire Wilmer’s Facebook Friend, Mark Unwin. Mark Unwin does not work at Christ Church school but he is the husband of Kate Unwin. Kate Unwin used to be Deputy Head of the School; we believe from the last information that was available on the school website before its access was restricted that she may be on maternity leave.
Here, we can see that Mark Unwin is friends on Facebook with alleged abuser Bianca Wessel, who is a parent at the school and local resident. This suggests that there may be social links between the alleged abusing parents and the alleged abusing teachers. Why do we consider this important? Well, if what the children say is true and twenty so called “special” children are being abused at the school and in other locations by their parents, teachers and other members of the community then we would expect to see a few wider links between these alleged abusers.
Here is another example of such a link: parent Kally Darby has teacher Pippa Clay in her Circles on Google Plus. This may be for an entirely innocent reason. But we can also see here that alleged abuser parent Sagit Levy Gavish was connected to those Circles, too, although she has now deleted her Google Plus account.
Again, this might have been entirely innocent; please remember that we are examining allegations.
Interestingly, we notice that Kelly Darby’s Google + page has had nearly 130 000 views whereas Pippa Clay who had more people in her circles only had 6K views. Why might this be? We don’t know. All we can say is that this is a big difference.
We can also see that some of the staff named as abusers do socialise outside work as during the weekend, on Saturday 29 November 2013, Jessica Sergeant, now Dobson, Anne Connick, now Whiteman, Claire Wilmer, now Claire Louise, David Polidano, now Ludapo and Pippa Clay, now Pippa Jane were all socialising in a pub close to Hampstead. The teachers Nick Mendelson Pegden, now Nick Mendelson and previous teachers Emily Frances Gale and Harriet Woolliss were also there but they have not been named specifically by the children as abusers. The fact that eight adults, indeed 8 adults facebook users – there may have been others there who do not use Facebook – were out together near the school on a Saturday night may not mean anything – it may well have been perfectly innocent – but it is still evidence that may substantiate the chidren’s allegations.
Here is a list of staff members the children name specifically taken from the document that was posted on the internet and this very useful website; the website owner has listened to all the videos of the children and extracted the names:
Are CC school taken any action seeing as they are the centre of a massive scandal? We’re not sure. Katy Forsdyke’s job has now been advertised so we assume she is on what we might call garden leave. As to the other members of staff, we were unable to find any vacancies advertised but this does not mean that the school is not using a teaching agency.

This is the Mail Article


  1. OMG I can't believe that people who work together would be 'friends' on Facebook or Google. That is way too weird. Add to that the fact that they would socialise together outside work, like celebrating birthdays or it being the weekend seems incredibly suspicious. Obviously all those teachers I am friends with on Facebook use their first and second names rather than actual surnames is pretty dodgy stuff. They told me it's to stop the students trying to add them or find them on Facebook. And living as a new member in a small community here myself means I should be wary of the fact that all of these people locally know each other because up until now I have never believed in satanic cults as I thought they were a fictional creation like little green men from Mars. How could I have been so wrong all my live to think stories like this were just fantastical workings of deluded minds when all the evidence was there in front of me in the form of google page views and facebook shares of hot water bottles.

    1. Indeed, and who would have thought that people who have had their careers & lives torn to threads for no apparent reason, just might seek legal advice & change or delete their social web pages in an attempt at damage limitation?
      Some might just feel so intimidated that they just don’t want to work anymore, & feel it’s time to move on – hardly surprising really.
      There’s obviously more to this complicated case than meets the eye, but the current frenzy might result in the real truth never being told.

  2. Death to all pedophiles


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