Friday, 23 May 2014

Operation Pallial another charge and more cover-ups

More details are emerging about the way the Operation Pallial Police are treating some child abuse victims.  

The Police like victims they can manipulate and who will not cause the prosecution any uncomfortable  moments of unadulterated   truth.

The writer of the well known blog is  a brave and resourceful witness  who is not the type to follow the cover-up squads script.  Read her article below.

We all know that the cover-up of historic child abuse is in full swing. Medical records of abused children have disappeared. The Dickens Dossiers have disappeared. The CPS and the Police have been disappearing evidence for decades. They are now  experts at cover-up for paedophile Politicians, VIP's and Organized Criminals gangs involved in the  profitable child exploitation, snuff videos and pornography 

So nothing has changed  and the third Man Charged By Operation Pallial is yet another evil child abuser  put in charge of children in care. 

Will the police ask him about  what he knows about VIP paedophiles and the child porn network!  

A third man has been charged by Operation Pallial.


A member of Operation Pallial confirmed to me and said I could make the information public that Peter Steen was today charged with numerous offences of violence against children in his care, during his time working for Bryn Alyn Community.
He is due before Mold Magistrates 12th June.
He is charged with 7 offences of assault and child cruelty in;

Bryntirion Hall
Pentre Saeson Hall
Gatewen Hall
Bryn Alyn Hall

He is accused of many more. Most victims have been fobbed off with "Time limitation" which is 3 years for common assault, no matter what age you are at the time, or the risk of retribution you may face.

To my dismay, the CPS have decided Not to prosecute Steen on my behalf as I did not report to Hospital with injuries when he tried caving my head in with a piece of 2x2. They have accepted the incident happened, they just don't have the balls to pursue it without me having gone crying to the NHS over a few bruises and grazes.
Apparently it is my own fault for having not mentioned bruises and/or scrapes in my interview when asked about "Injuries".

Well I'm so very sorry, but when you speak of "injury" on a 20-odd year time-lapse, I tend to think deforming, disfiguring, physically debilitating..... not a cut to my head, high blood pressure for three weeks and a few scary bruises around my unborn child's cocoon.
I have repeatedly told Operation Pallial that my statement was incomplete. There is no way on any planet you could hope to catalogue 3 years + of abuse in just 5 and 1/2 hours.
I am aware of many victims making two and even three statements to the police over the course of the investigation. Not once have I been given the chance to give detail more fully on any incident I logged in my statement. Not once has an Officer of the Law come back to me and said... "Can we ask you a few more questions about this event...."
Fiddle with or beat a child, when caught you get questioned, released, questioned, released, questioned, charged, released.
I got to sit in a room for 5 hours with very few questions actually asked because the Officer was not familiar with either case, then sent home.

Add to that the 3-year hole in my medical notes, which is NOT currently under investigation for some strange reason.....
How am I to prove ANY medical problem that occurred during my time in Care if the notes no longer exist to prove it one way or another?

Why has Dr Kedney, the General Practitioner of Medicine who was also Medical Officer of Bryn Alyn Community, not been held to account for the missing notes on my medical file which would have been sent directly to his surgery from Wrexham Maelor Hospital.


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  2. Don't know where if anywhere this is all going but if it takes as long as it already has from the first ever recognition then most of us won't be alive to see any justice,

    Unless you are a has been politician who is offended by being wrongly named even though it was almost immediately retracted and with an apology and a masive life changing sum of money then you are a nobody

    No I'm afraid its a case of IF YOUR FACE DON'T FIT We are being patronised to a degree simply because the law won't allow them to tell us to know our place, it would be the same as saying your the wrong colour, so lets just face facts

    Just get on with whats left of your life, don't waste any more valuable time expecting to be important to the authorities it will simply never happen, just like poor people seem to find each other and movie stars pop stars and footballers well i think you'll get my drift


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