Sunday, 2 December 2012


Justice for the 96  fans who died due to  Police misconduct  is being delayed  because the  Police  have stolen the  documents necessary to convict the Police Officers responsible for the 96 murders. 

Because it has  now   been revealed  that THOUSANDS of key Hillsborough files  have been stolen by the police  so that they can cover-up their own wrongdoing .  The stolen files  include statements from Britain’s top policeman.

It was thought all official paperwork on the 1989 tragedy had been handed to an independent panel which found there had been a huge police cover-up.

But the Star  discovered key evidence surrounding the disaster, in which 96 fans died,has vanished.

Files belonging to the top officer sent in to investigate South Yorkshire Police’s handling of the tragedy have never been located. 

IPCC spokesman Ian Christon  said  "It’s fair to say that the panel didn’t have access to a significant number of documents

Mervyn Jones, then Assistant Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, headed the operation, insisting: “There is going to be no whitewash.”

But in its damning report released in September, the Hillsborough Independent Panel, which examined 450,000 documents, said West ­Midlands Police had turned a blind eye to alterations made to officers’ statements.

Many of the amendments removed criticism of policing at the stadium, allegedly part of a South Yorkshire Police cover-up to deflect blame. Documents described as the “policy files” of ACC Jones have never been found.     read about the tradgedy on wikipedia

Just Criminal

Sadly  Britain  no-longer has  a functioning police force it has a dangerous self-serving organisation which as we know covers-up for paedophiles and prosecutes  whilstle-blowers. 

The Police as a force are in every way acting like a an Organised Crime Syndicate.  They protect themselves and target anyone who might expose them.   In this climate  honest police officers have no chance and the people of Britain are at the mercy of a hypocritical  Criminal Organisation masquerading as a force of law and order


  1. Sad but true. Private prosecutions are the answer. JH. Metropolitan Police (Retired).

  2. The harrowing pictures above are not only unnecessary but will bring heartache to the survivors. For pity's sake, please remove them.

    1. We are truly sorry if the pictures have caused you anguish. We thought long and hard before publishing them and decided that many readers would not understand how awful and how terrible a tragedy was caused by police malpractice without the pictures. We believed the pictures showed graphically how this tragedy could not be ignored and must not be allowed to be forgotten.

      But in view of your request we will remove the top two pictures.

  3. Thank you for removing the photographs. If only the main stream Press responded so quickly and listened to readers.

    I support your work and agree that the photos showed how bad it was and how guilty the police are. But when a loved one has died its unbareble to see it all again.

    Keep exposing them keep writing the truth


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