Saturday, 15 September 2012


For 23 years  the Police lied to cover up their responsibility for the deaths ofd 96 football fans. 
The police also briefed the media  who published the lies the police told them. 

The  usual tactic  of smearing the innocent  was used by the Police and their Press buddies, Police even lied   that  fans urinated  on them If  any the  Hillsborough victims had been alive no doubt they would have been charged with affray or  anything the police could concoct.

For   23 long years successive British governments  and the Courts  lied and  and colluded  with a corrupt police force  and their  media buddies  finally now  the truth has been  revealed and the mass cover up exposed.

 As  the Mirror says

The police have been allowed to believe they have a right to operate above the law

When challenged on the BBC’s Newsnight, South Yorkshire’s present Chief Constable David Crompton trotted out a cleverly-worded reply: “My position is a very simple and straightforward one, which is that if people have broken the law then they should be prosecuted.”
“If” people have broken the law? How does proof of 164 documents being altered to smear innocent people grab you? Perverting the course of justice anyone? How about checking the blood levels of dead victims on police computers to see if they had a criminal record in order to impugn their reputation? Not a crime, m’lud?

  When it suits them the police  lie and fabricate evidence  and manipulate the Courts and the Press   and the Police who are so totally corrupt  are never prosecuted.   Why?  Rampant Police corruption in the United Kingdom  is fuelled by Police involvement in Massive Fraud, Drugs Smuggling and terrorism.

The UK police are being run like a large public funded company without  any checks and balances. Whilst posturing that  they exist to  protect the public from lawbreakers they are in fact themselves  an Organised Criminal  Body.   They ruthlessly pursue  anyone who might expose them and they cover up all of their crimes,

Police Corruption follows a standard pattern   which is simplicity itself.  The criminal Organisation  is composed  mainly of police officers with agents  operating within other  government organisations  and private  business such as the Media.    The Media  are essential to  cover-up their crimes and give a spin  to their organisation,

 The Fraud Squads are involved in massive frauds and cover up the organisations frauds

The  anti Terrorist Squads  conduct acts of terrorism 

The Drugs Squad are involved in drugs trafficking  and distribution

The vice squad  are involved in vice 

The Police do catch and imprison anyone who is involved in the above  criminal activities  who does not work for them. That way they eliminate the competition and maintain their credibility as crime fighters.
They also ruthlessly eliminate anyone who attempts  to expose them  like  ex spy Andrea Davison whom they set-up  and  Daniel  Morgan whom they murdered. 
The British Police are a very serious and very dangerous Organised Crime  Group  with unlimited funding by the Tax payer.    It is time  to stop this wholesale corruption

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