Wednesday 27 February 2013

Leon Brittan latest victim of Paedophile Amnesia

Leon Brittan latest victim of Paedo Amnesia

Leon Brittan is the latest victim of the paedophile amnesia that’s sweeping through Westminster. This is what he said when asked about the Geoffrey Dickens paedophile dossiers by Paraic O’Brien from Channel 4 News.
I’ve asked Paraic O’Brien to confirm whether he asked Brittan about one dossier or two, because there was one in 1983 alleging a paedophile ring involving Buckingham Palace, the Foreign Office and the civil service, and another in 1984 alleging child abuse in a children’s home and a paedophile TV executive. How strange that Mr Brittan could forget such sensational allegations.
Two other recent victims of Paedo Amnesia were Keith Vaz MP and Lord David Steel.

Keith Vaz could not recall anything about Elm Guest House or Grafton Close
children’s home despite being Richmond Council’s Solicitor and Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate at the time.
Former Liberal leader Lord David Steel wrote a letter to Private Eye saying he had never received a complaint about paedophile MP Cyril Smith. This is despite Dominic Carman’s statement that “Senior Liberals were aware of Cyril Smith child abuse allegations“.
It remains to be seen just how far Paedo Amnesia will spread in Westminster, but I’ll keep you posted if any new cases are reported.

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  1. How disgusting is he to purposely forget something as important as that, and which contained his friends and aquantances names. Dispicable person.


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