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 The Persecution of Steven Messham by the Police Fraud Squad

North Wales Police officers, Judges  and other paedophiles  sexually and physically abused Steven Messham  as a child  when he was in a Bry Estyn Children's Home.    He survived  and tried to help himself  and other  survivors  by forming  a gorup  called NORWAS  but  the police  continued to persecute him causing extreme mental stress,  
Steven Messham and the other survivors are  damaged by their horrific  experiences and many of their fellow survivors  took their own lives or died in mysterious circumstances

The Establishment, the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, Barristers and Judges  who were involved in the abuse or the cover-up still try to silence anyone who would speak out or organise help for victims.

The following articles from the mainstream press show a small amount of persecution Steven Messham has suffered from the police and the CPS

Abuse campaigner cleared of fraud  (January 2005) BBC website

Steven Messham
Steven Messham said his life had been "unbearable"

A leading figure in the fight against child abuse in north Wales has been cleared of benefit fraud. Steven Messham, 42, denied making false claims to receive housing, income and council tax benefits worth £33,000 from 1995 to 2000.

A jury at Chester Crown Court found him not guilty of five accounts of false accounting on Tuesday.

Outside court, Mr Messham, of Buckley, Flintshire, said his life "had been on hold for four years".

The jury had heard that Mr Messham was a key figure in setting up the landmark inquiry by Sir Ronald Waterhouse into child abuse in care homes in north Wales after he had been a victim himself as a youngster.

My life has been unbearable. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't go out. I lost my hous
Steven Messham
He also helped set up Norwas, the North Wales Abuse Survivors support group, to provide counselling for victims.

After the verdict was returned, Judge Stephen Clarke told Messham he was free to get on with his life, saying: " It is over. You may be relieved, but I am as well".

Speaking outside court, Mr Messham said: "It has been four years, one month and 12 days since I was arrested for this.

"Since then my life has been unbearable. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't go out. I lost my house.

"Today is about justice, not compensation, but my life has been on hold for four years and so has my family's." read more


2005  Abuse Campaigner to Sue Police 

 Re-blogged from BBC

Steven Messham
Steven Messham was cleared of fraud in 2004 
North Wales Police are  facing legal action from a campaigner against child abuse who claims the force has not returned his property. Steven Messham, 42, from Buckley, was cleared of false accounting at Chester Crown Court in January this year.
Mr Messham claims items seized by officers at the time of his arrest have still not been returned to him.
A judge at Chester County Court has granted North Wales Police an extra 42 days to prepare a defence.
Mr Messham was arrested in 2001 on suspicion of making false claims to receive £33,000 in housing, income and council tax benefits between 1995 and 2000.
In January this year he was acquitted of five counts of false accounting by a jury at Chester Crown Court.
But Mr Messham has alleged that property including a computer, personal papers and his house keys have not been returned to him.
On Monday, a judge at Chester County Court granted North Wales Police an extra 42 days to prepare a defence.
The judge refused the force's application for costs for the hearing.
In the 1990s Mr Messham had been a leading campaigner in the setting up of a public inquiry into child abuse in care homes after he himself had been a victim as a youngster.
Mr Messham also helped set up Norwas (North Wales Abuse Survivors) which helped counsel victims of abuse.   READ MORE

The High Court Persecutes Steven Messham.  

Wrexham Man – Stephen Messham – loses bid to sue Council

A Wrexham man who claims he suffered years of physical and sexual abuse at North Wales children’s homes lost his High Court bid to be allowed to sue Flintshire County Council today. Steven Messham, founder of a pressure group called the North Wales Abuse Survivors, was seeking to overturn an earlier High Court ruling which barred him from suing the council, who ran the homes, for abuse he alleges he suffered in the 1970s. In April a top official of the High Court’s Queen’s Bench Division, Master Ungley, ruled that because Mr Messham had filed a similar claim at Telford County Court in 1995, which was struck out, his second case should suffer the same fate.


  1. How much money are they spending persecuting victims of institutional child abuse? I bet it runs into £billions, I've actually had low flying helicopters swooping low over my home. I've had the same sort ofause Steven has had, it's horrible, they are so determined to cover all the childrens home abuse up, I'm still waiting for them to respond to my FOI about taking my son and other children to Drake Hall prison for PE without my knowledge or consent, they are covering up so much abuse! They don't just abuse kids, they keep on abusing their victims and even try to abuse THEIR children, it never ends!



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