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More Paedophiles in politics are being named. But only when they are dead will the Police investigate or the Crown Persecution Service think of a prosecution.  Cyril Smith was known to have abused Young boys for years and yet once again was protected by the Establishment.  Disadvantaged children are just pawns in their elite game.

The Cyril Smith exposure  allows us to  take a peek inside and see who is behind the curtain and who keeps the evidence about  elite paedophiles and the paedophile ring.  Skulking behind the curtain is  M15 and Special Branch.

Clearly M15 and Special Branch know  the whole sorry tale  about Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile, Derek Laud, Portillo, Edward Heath, McAlpine and how it all fits together.

 The Jigsaw puzzle is being fit together slowly day by day.  We will see the whole big picture soon and  be able expose the cover-up.  A shocking number of powerful and wealthy men abused the children from Children's Homes and Approved  Schools far more were involved in the cover-up. It has been and still is a conspiracy of silence.


"Former detective constable claims special branch tried to keep police from witness who alleged MP abused young boys.

Fears of an establishment cover-up of sex abuse allegations involving the former Rochdale MP Sir Cyril Smith are growing after claims a special branch officer tried to prevent detectives interviewing a man who alleged that Smith abused young boys.

Paul Foulston, 65, a former detective constable with Thames Valley police, told the Guardian he was working on a routine murder inquiry in 1976 when two special branch officers intercepted him at a remand centre where he was due to interview a 20-year-old suspect. They ordered him to turn back because they were "working on an inquiry relating to an MP" and the suspect should not be interviewed. After a row in the car park, Foulston and his senior officer ignored the demand and went ahead. After the suspect was eliminated from inquiries, he told the detectives he was angry because he had had a relationship with Smith and had been rejected by him.
He told them in graphic detail how Smith preferred sex with young men and that he would discard them when their physiology inevitably changed.
"It was bloody revolting," said Foulston. "He must have mentioned it to the prison authorities and they must have told special branch. There were plenty of people in authority who knew what was going on. Cyril Smith was knighted and the system must have known he was unworthy. How was that allowed to happen?"
The claims follow allegations from a former special branch officer that a Lancashire police file "thick full of statements from young boys alleging abuse" was seized by M15 in the 1970s and was never forwarded for prosecution. It was claimed this week that the file was labelled by the director of public prosecutions at the time: "No further action. Not in the public interest. DPP." On Friday, as more victims came forward alleging sexual abuse by Smith, the Crown Prosecution Service said it had re-opened its files on Smith and was reviewing their contents.
The office of the Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk said it had been approached by seven men in the past two days.
On Friday Danczuk met a man in his 60s, who requested anonymity, and said he was 17 when Smith came into his room at the Cambridge House hostel in Rochdale when he was ill and told him to strip off so he could examine his glands. Smith reportedly rubbed the young man's thighs before telling him to face away from him and hitting him several times across the buttocks. Alan Neal, a councillor in Rossendale, also said that at the age of 11, in 1964, he was hit by the politician at a hostel for boys. This week Barry Fitton, one of three alleged victims from a Rochdale care home, claimed that the former MP smacked him and stroked his buttocks.
"It can't be right there was a cover-up," said Danczuk. "Smith abused his power beyond belief. How many more people were victims? There are a lot of allegations coming forward now."
On Friday night, Rochdale council was checking Smith's links to Knowl View school, a residential facility for eight- to 16-year-old boys with learning and behavioural difficulties, where he was a governor. Martin Digan, the former head of care, said that in 1994 he went to police with concerns about child safety at the school when Smith was involved."

And the Sun reveales  that :-
Like depraved BBC DJ Savile — who died last year — the MP was dogged during his life by rumours he targeted youngsters.
And just like Savile, cops investigated him — but no action was taken.
Labour’s Simon Danczuk — Smith’s successor as MP for Rochdale — said as he lifted the lid on the scandal: “Young boys were humiliated, terrified and reduced to quivering wrecks by this 29-stone bully imposing himself on them.”
He demanded: “Why was this ever allowed to happen?”
And he hit out at a “culture of cover-up” that he said “extends right to the heart of our political establishment”.

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Ken Livingstone MP  said   in his maiden speech to Parliament in 1987, and on LBC radio last week, that Mi5 would film the child sex abuse at the Kincora boys home in order to blackmail politicians as part of the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

This is exactly what Scallywag magazine revealed about the North Wales Child abuse  Scandal.  Mi5's role has never been investigated.


  1. Just goes to show you can't trust on one rich or poor, fat pedo!

  2. Another pido. We talk about muslim sex gangs but these old english christians are the worst scum on earth.i think most of them are peados.

    1. Nothing 'Christian' about them at all

  3. I have been working on the Mystery of the Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence of York for over four years now. From Remote Viewing and other Paranormal Modalities I have discovered things and gone to York and found them. I have also encroached upon the friends and Family of Claudia. In doing so I have discovered things that are completely the opposite of what the press has reported. I have come to realise that all those so called friends did in fact know he who murdered Claudia in a locked Car just across the road from her home at 0525 in the morning of Thursday the 19th of March 2009. The man who murdered Claudia was her regular boyfriend and he frequented the Nags Head often. He was set up to murder her by others who got a very handsome man (who was armed in case things should go wrong) to seduce Claudia and be caught by "Frank" in order to enrage him and set the stage for murder. If it were not for Frank being pushed by AN Other to murder her it would never have happened because Frank knew what Claudia was like and would have walked out as he actually did. But whilst he was angry, AN other having something on Frank decided to push him over the top. You would think that friends and family would be glad because of my persistence, yet they avoid me like the plague as do the police. I now know that Special Branch are stopping them from speaking to me and the press also. They are steering the enquiry. I have offered to go to North Yorks Police HQ at my own expense but they refuse to accept my offer. It seems that Claudia got too close to a member of the Royal Family.

  4. The offences alleged to have been committed by Cyril Smith related to pederasty, the homosexual abuse of boys.

  5. Dear Mark Thomas,

    Thank you for exposing this paedophile underworld thats been protected by MI5, Special Branch and many others. It recently emerged that Jill Dando was trying to out this lot before being assasinated.

    I give you information here to show just how big this really goes.

    First go to a blog by professor claude Fischer titled: A crime puzzle; violent crime declines in America

    Scroll down until you come to the last comment by Peter Martin, click the link within that comment or go straight to my blog:

    Type that address into top bar on screen.

    I smashed a global network October 1999 after being targeted by Britains secret death squads since 1980.

  6. Dear All,
    It is good to see the public are waking up smelling the coffee and see this
    for what it all is a cynical cover up of the establishments perversions and wrongdoings.
    Children were and most likely till very recently abused on an industrial scale.
    As a former police officer I can not begin to say the deep shame I have that 'bent' police and government spooks had in the cover up and 'air brushing' of evidence.
    Speculation still runs in a lot of 'former police' circles whether this was the
    carrot of career enhancement or more likely all parties were members of the same 'secret society' which as you will all know runs through the police and all stages of local and national government and secret service like a cancer.
    As the old adage states 'All roads shall lead to Rome' {SIC}

    May I wish all concerned with this new enquiry all the best and god speed with their task. However don't hold your breath those bent officers did to good a job with their shredding,burning and air brushing decades ago !

  7. Thank you so very much for your comment. We need Policemen like you to help in any way you can to stop the rape torture and murder of children, and or to help us understand how this has happened. Once again thank you

  8. Thank you so very much for your comment. We need Policemen like you to help in any way you can to stop the rape torture and murder of children, and or to help us understand how this has happened. Once again thank you

  9. Thank you for your support;but remember any person who looks too close must be aware of the dangers.The bent running dogs of the establishment can be venomous and ruthless to any person who gets in their way you only need to see to what they did to Ray Mallan or any whistle blower who puts their head over the top.
    These geezers were around not only covering the arses of establishment perverts having their fun with kids,they were there at Hilsborough the Bridgewater 5,Guildford 4 and Birmingham 6.
    As a decent retired copper who worked alaong side some of these 'funny people' I had to run at periscope depth,with my eyes ears open and mouth shut.I heard things said and saw deeds that turned my stomach and those of other decent officers.
    If you opened your mouth, challenged or reported any of these people it would be career death or being stitched up or sacked or possible convicted.{I saw all these things happen}
    It is at the moment satisfying to see the backsides of some of the 'good and great' twitch at the moment.
    As I said before dont hold your breath fans,these jokers could fall down a sewer and come up in Armani clothing and smelling of Aramis products !
    The connections are now begining to be made and the coffee is being smelled.
    May the gods be with you 'Et monde et equilibrium' I.O.M


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