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What links Dolphin Square, Ben Fellows, Stringfellows,David Cameron, Max Clifford, Stephen Less and paedophiles


  Scallywag Article about Dolphin Square in Pimlico a hop skip and a jump to  where Gareth Williams (Gay spy in a bag) was murdered by the State. 


We took them separately to Pimlico and asked them to point out the building where this had taken place. They were both positive in their identification. It turned out to be the private flat of a well known, and since highly discredited lobbyist who later went into obscurity in some disgrace because of his involvement with Mohammed al-Fayed and the ‘cash for questions’ scandal. At the time we ran a story entitled ‘Boys for Questions’ and named several prominent members of the then Thatcher government. These allegations went to the very top of the Tory party, yet there was a curious and almost ominous lack of writs.
The lobbyist was a notorious ‘queen’ who specialised in gay parties with a ‘political mix’ in the Pimlico area – most convenient to the Commons – and which included selected flats in Dolphin Square. The two young men were able to give us very graphic descriptions of just what went on, including acts of buggery, and alleged that they were only two of many from children’s homes other than North Wales.
There was, to my certain knowledge, at least one resignation from the Conservative office in Smith Square once we had published our evidence and named names.   Simon Reagan

Dolphin Square in London, home to a number of MPs.

Rent Boys of  Dolphin Square   


Dolphin Square is not particularly exclusive - in the same way as, say, the Albany is. In fact much of it is rather tatty and gaunt. It is formidably large, somewhere between a village and a city with its own shops, sporting facilities, bars and restaurants. Any exclusivity it does enjoy is merely because you have to be "someone" to get in and that "someone" has to be au fais with the resident's Committee, which is dominated and was clearly motivated by the right wing element of its landlord's - Westminster City Council. There are some fifty MP's in the set of buildings (about one in seven of all members). They include some token non-Tories, like left-winger Tom Pendry, and former Liberal leader Sir David Steel.

But most of the inmates are well behaved Conservative back benchers who need a cheap London pad.
Its other great advantage is its anonymity. As long as you don't upset other residents, people tend to let you get on with your life. There is also a very well run security system and service arrangements which guarantees this privacy. If you do dine there, as Portillo, Lilly and co. do quite often, you tend to find yourself in the "right company". The staff are the height of discretion.

It creates the perfect setting for private parties and tete a' tetes and "model" agencies providing both young men and women are a thriving industry in Pimlico. In fact, the local rent-a-boy agencies provide an almost service industry to the complex. 

Our "spy" in the building is a close observer of life behind the grey-white walls and tells us gay parties and "romps" go on most nights and he has got quite used to young gays wandering around looking for the next rave.

The political importance of Dolphin Square to the Tories on Westminster council is significant. The complex created the perfect role model to ensure a Tory balance in the wards. Dame Porter's stated goal was to move out unemployed, homeless, and obvious labour supporters from the marginals, and move in known Tories in what they called the Dolphin Factor - a large enclave of Tory votes carefully nurtured and looked after right in the centre of the ward.

Julian Lewis operates as "JRJ Lewis" in one of the more opulent pads at 110 Nelson house.

The Westminster Connection

It is no mere coincidence that the main stages of this sordid drama fortuitously embrace not just the Houses of Parliament and Smith Square, but Dolphin Square and Westminster City Council who administer it and make very sure that there is a wide selection of their own friends and sympathisers in the building. If you are hunting for dirty tricks and gerrymandering it can all be found in less than a square mile of sordid intrigue and nasty conspiracies in the very heart of London.

Dolphin Square - the largest block of flats in Europe, and itself a hot-bed of political machinations - is in the safe Tory enclave of Pimlico, nick-named by politico wags as Pimp-lico for it is here that the rent-a-boy lobby have their headquarters. 

While the City Council's invidious supporter Julian Lewis operates his business from "JRJ Lewis" at 110 Nelson House in Dolphin Square - a stone's throw from his CCO office - none other than our old friend Derek Laud operates his from a private house just round the corner in Winchester Street.

It was Laud, known as "Golly" who went on holiday with his boyfriend with the Portillos and Lillies. He is a fore runner and front man for Ludgate Communications, which overtly runs a gay lobby group providing evening soirees for like minded politicos. These are almost exclusively both gay and right wing Tories.

In another block at Dolphin Square is another old friend, Robert Atkins ( 4 Collingswood House), who played the most central role in the right-wing dirty tricks operation against Owen Oyston.

It is now accepted, at least by every fair-minded person of any hue that the council house for voters scandal, complete with slush funds, behind door conspiracies, acute nepotism from the top, and the active participation of the CCO, was one of the worst of its kind on modern politics.

We have now read the full transcripts of the Margill report, in which the District Auditor, John Margill of Touche Ross, carefully. witness by witness, delved for the truth of the matter. It was clear to him, and deeply reflected in is report, that Lady Porter and her cronies and lackeys, led by two mysterious advisors on her personal payroll, had identified ten marginal wards and actively set about turning them blue.

At a cost of £100,000 they bought up the services of five Tory activists to find out the political colour of every person in these wards. Houses which came empty were let in these wards only to known Tory sympathisers. Unemployed and homeless were shuffled off to the safe Labour seats.

So desperate were they to place labourites in the right ward that they allowed the homeless to inhabit two enormous tower blocks which had been condemned by their own health department for having toxic levels of asbestos poisoning. A full report confirming this is due in the autumn.

The significant thing about this is how many of the names turn up in this scandal who also are apparent in the Gay lobby scandal and the Dirty Tricks department run by Julian Lewis.


The Ben Fellows Story

Ben Fellows talks about children being sent to Stringfellows from, he also talks about private parties hotel rooms and  being sent to Dolphin Square.  Ben Fellows is an actor but  the children who first talked about these paedophile sex parties in the 80's were poor kids from children's homes.  The Paedophiles  inhabiting Dolphin Square London was first exposed by Scallywag Magazine.    More on Dolphin Square below.

Back in the 90's   the Cook Report a hard hitting investigative  documentary series  was gathering evidence for a  Cash for Questions exposure.  They intended to prove that  conservative MP  Ian Greer  was using his company Ian Greer Associates to take money   for questions to be asked in parliament.

Ben  a  child actor   was part of the set-up that is confirmed.   Ben tells  his story  about what happened.  He says he ended up in a room with  Ken  Clarke and Ian Greer  on the table was a concealed  camera  in a bag.   This camera filmed Ken Clarke sexually assaulting  Ben Fellows   whom Clarke, we are told,  believed was 15 years old at the time.  More on Ian Greer and Ken Clarke Below.

Ben explained that the film  evidence was owned  by Central TV  who  broadcast  the Cook Report  and  so the evidence  went to Central TV.    At that time Future Prime Minister David Cameron became Director of Corporate Affairs for Carlton from July 1994 to February 2001, his only venture into employment outside of the political world.    It was under Camerons leadership that Carton bought Central TV and the  taped evidence of Clarke's sexual  assault on Ben Fellows.

Mysteriously , but, par for the course in cover-ups, the tapes were all lost in a fire  shortly after Carlton acquired them Ben explains.

Ben had been a child actor  and at the age of thirteen  Ben says he was  being sent to Stringfellows by Max Clifford  who he says procured  child actors  for  the rich and famous.  Max Clifford   leads a party life of debauchery  at clubs like Stringfellows and  Secrets.  Secrets chain  of fully nude clubs is owned by Clifford's very  best friend Stephen Less.  Lets be clear here strip clubs are not owned by sweet loving people who care about children and old ladies  and justice.  Max Clifford moves in a world where exploitation  is the norm.   As time goes  on we may learn more about Clifford and Less and Stingfellow.

Ben Fellows and Alex Jones at the Bilderberge Camp

  And then onto to:-

 DOLPHIN SQUARE Ian Greer and Ken Clarke QC



Cash for Boys Ian Greer and Ken Clarke

Whitewash - Ian Greer  

Scallywag Magazine article revisited. Dolphin Square Pimlico  Carbon Copy of  Elm Guest House  'Spot the Ball'

Silver-hared pansy Ian Greer, the former architect of modern-day Tory sleaze, had a marvellous opportunity to "tell all" when, (recently unemployed over the still raging Al Fayad -Neil Hamilton "cash for questions" scandal), he decided to pen his memoirs. It should have been a salacious confession in which he could easily have driven the last set of nails firmly into the Conservative Party coffin. They had, after all, deserted him quite dreadfully at his time of need. Instead it was a bland, almost pathetic excuse for his sleaze activity without mentioning his clandestine sexual- political manipulations.

In this dubious self-aggrandising tome he takes Private Eye to task for not having the guts to call him a faggot. They referred, he said, to the fact that he had a live-in male 'companion', but did not go the "whole hog" and call him gay.

He refrained from saying that over a two-year period Scallywag had done so on many occasions. Although he has not ever come "out" in print, at least he is a not a hypocrite, like so many Tory gays. He was blatantly, almost gloriously, a raging poofta who wore make-up and regularly hosted notorious gay parties in which he dressed up in exotic silk clothes, sometimes of Eastern origin. 

Not only that, he ran the world's most successful "boys for questions" agency to first woo and then exploit many of the hundred or so homosexuals on the Tory benches. (Source: Matthew Parris, himself a former Conservative MP, now a celebrated Times parliamentary columnist who has "come out" and has said in print that there were at least 100 gays in the parliamentary Tory party).

Greer's now scandalous Christmas parties were virtually all-male shindigs to which many of the gay MPs were invited to dance with a whole bevy of handpicked rent boys.  But during the rest of the year he would also regularly throw wild and very exclusive gay parties for MPs, either at his elegant Pimlico flat, or at a suit his company hired permanently in Dolphin Square. 

This only came to light when Scallywag and others obtained affidavits from young men who had been recruited from children's homes in North Wales - a sordid, ghastly, paedophile network which, after years of wild rumour and several successful prosecutions, is only just being fully investigated in a year-long judicial probe. 

If the inquiries are allowed to go the whole way, then the path will lead directly to Pimlico where, we alleged, Lord McAlpine among many others, was a regular visitor. 
Apart from his live-in lover, the two of them enjoy the company of a queer butler and two highly active poodles.

Naturally, it is not known how many times Greer Associates exploited the situation when his guests got back to Parliament. The scam was that he charged his clients exorbitant fees to pay MP's but pocketed the money himself and paid out only the modest fees for rent boys.

When it was realised that a scorned Greer was about to publish his memoirs, many an MP had a few sleepless nights.  As we now know, they could have slept sweetly.

The other "boys for questions" sleaze artist, by coincidence also in residence at another Pimlico flat, was Derek Laud, then standing for parliament against Bernie Grant in North London. (See Portillo files). Laud, who ran the highly successful but deeply controversial Ludgate Communications, also has a live-in lover - but no butler. He prefers instead the affections of his chauffeur. And, of course, the regular friendship of the Defence Minister.

Laud was forced to pull out of the election when he was found guilty of drunken driving while on a clandestine trip to New England. He thought he had got off lightly when he was sentenced to 80 hours community service. But now the passengers in the other car are suing him for nine and a half million dollars and he has gone into hiding. Are his friends helping him?

Laud was a regular visitor to the Portillo household, especially to the private party to celebrate the return of Portillo and friends from Barbados. Michael Brown was one of the revellers in the West Indies and is an "outed" gay. He is also one of the three MPs being officially investigated by the cash-for-questions scandal inquiry into Neil Hamilton (the other is Tim Smith, another listed Portillo partygoer).

Other constant visitors to both men's male dens of iniquity were the many gay incumbents of Tory Central Office at Smith Square. They constitute a sort of glorious old schoolboys network. This naturally included Scallywag's most devoted fan, the ebullient Julian Lewis, now in parliament for the New Forest

And  20 years later no-one has been arrested.

The Independant reports that

"What makes the Rocks Lane story so tantalising for the media is the list of alleged attendees at the parties. One source suggested that Anthony Blunt, former keeper of the Queen's pictures and an exposed Soviet mole, used to go the parties, but then Blunt's notoriety made him a magnet for any number of fanciful theories. Those who knew him say the idea is absurd, and that his sexual tastes were far more conventional. Others have spoken of two High Court judges and a Foreign Office official attending. Chris Fay, a social worker who worked for a small charity, the National Association for Young People in Care (Naypic), has alleged that a terrified Kasir had shown him about 20 photographs of middle-aged men with young boys, taken at what he said were kings and queens fancy-dress parties, attended by a number of powerful and well-known people. One, Mr Fay alleged, featured a well-known public figure wearing nothing but a French maid's apron alongside a young boy nude apart from a tiara.   READ MORE

WHO LIVES IN DOLPHIN SQUARE:-  the infamous Christine  Keeler,  a Soviet Spy and William Hague  and M15  
 Many judges, senior civil servants, and MPs living at favourable market rates. Notable residents have included: comedians Ben Lyon and Bud Flanagan; actor Peter Finch; politician Harold Wilson; writer Radclyffe Hall; former Lord Chief Justice Lord GoddardChristine Keeler; journalist Norman Cliff; Anne, the Princess Royal; politician William HagueJohn Vassall, the Soviet spy, was arrested at his Dolphin Square apartment in 1962.

It provided a base for the Free French during World War II and number 308 Hood House was used by MI5 section B5(b) responsible for infiltrating agents into potentially subversive groups from 1924 to 1946.


The estate contains a swimming pool, bar, brasserie (all of which were renovated in 2008), gymnasium, and shopping arcade. In the basement are a launderette and car park. A tennis court and croquet lawn overlook the River Thames. However sexually abused children were not allowed  to use the recreational facilites.

read more on Elm Guest House


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  2. god has nothing to do with this or anything else you twat.

  3. Once upon a time there was the truth of this situation, in the hearts and minds of survivors who dare not speak, then came the discrediting of Ben Fellows. I've no idea if he was real or not. If he was, how could he associate with Malcolm Blackman for god's sake??? Then it all went away. Those who this truthfully happened to are now left with no investigations, everything has been dropped, the police go no further and they now laugh at us because of David Icke forum. I am growing to dislike 'truthers' who in the space of a year, unscientifically 'debate' and 'investigate' and none of this happened to them. But they have now put it to bed and deemed it all lies because of Ben Fellows. At the beginning of the J Savile case survivors like me suddenly after years of silence, felt hope. The David Icke forum have a lot to answer for.
    I even contacted David Icke personally - no reply! I needed help, there was nothing. We are now silent once again. Well done everyone at DIF. You are the laughing stock at the CPS. I am now aware of people making a name/living out of this, even the egos of DIF. It's so sad. My eyes are open to you now, but my mouth is tight shut again, as I trust no legal process at all. May your own words stay in your hearts and fix like glue so you never forget what you did to people like me. Here's hoping the mirror of life shines back at you, nothing more nothing less and then you may appreciate the gravity of your stoned and drunk armchair investigations in 2013.

    1. The truth always comes out in the end but there are many important people and agencies trying to keep the truth from coming out. Campaigners like any human being can make mistakes, what is important is a good heart. Its the campaigners and writers that have exposed CSA. Do not let anything stop you from telling the truth. But when you say "you are a laughing stock at the CPS" one wonder s how you know that! Are you from one of the groups trying to stop the cover-up from being exposed

  4. DIF is only interested in money making; if you dig really deep you will discover that he really is one of them. He's the Trojan Horse if you like. And before there are outcry's of conspiracy theory- ask yourself,,,well yes a few have been thrown under the bus but the real powerful ones have been left protected- why?

  5. Does anyone really believe that any big names will come out of this supposed abuse enquiry. And while I'm at it does any man or woman with an ounce of grey matter really believe that M Clifford or Rolf Harris are in prison for their crimes against underage children if you really believe that they are on prison then you want your head examining urgently.All of you have been taken for a ride just to show you that something is being done against paedophiliaand bringing people involved to book , well your wrong their not in prison far from it ??.



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