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Norm Scarth is an 86year old war veteran  he was born in 1926 and went to war in 1943 at the tender age of 17 to fight for liberty and justice and freedom from oppression
Now at an age when most men are wondering what  to leave to their great grandchildren   Norman has been forced to flee the United Kingdom in fear of persecution by the State.
Why would any country persecute an old man ?  Almost no country would  but the united kingdom is a Police State and Police States cannot tolerate anyone who steps out of line.  And Norman Scarth  did not  fight  all his life to  kow tow to a police State and their corrupt judiciary.
Norman has been a candidate three times in UK parliamentary elections - in 1997 at Chesterfield (receiving 202 votes), in 2007 at Sedgefield and in 2008 at Haltemprice and Howden. In Sedgefield, police were called to move him when he campaigned outside a supermarket.[1] In Haltemprice and Howden he came joint last with 8 votes.[4] He stood on an anti-crime platform and argued that "modern surveillance methods were as bad as the Nazis'". Norman  with his years of experience saw what would become of his beloved country and what ill fate would befall her people if the current regime were to be allowed to remove personal liberty and human rights.
Norman Scarth has also stood for his own Anti-Crime Party in local elections in Bradford, first standing in Bingley in 2007.[6] He was first arrested for shouting through a loudhailer outside a polling station in 2008  when he challenged the election result, in which he received 66 votes, with the election commissioner.
Scarth was the plaintiff in the case Scarth v. United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR 33745/96) that resolved that private hearings in small claims arbitration at county courts breached Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.[10] Civil Procedure Rules introduced in 1999 avoided further breaches. Wining a case in the Human Rights Court meant to the State that Norman was now on a hit list.
AT the age of 74 In 2001 Norman  Scarth was sentenced to six years in jail for threatening  a court bailiff with a chainsaw with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.  This case was totally contrived  and Norman  knew  that the then burgeoning police state  was going to try to silence him. He spent four years in jail and two years in a psychiatric hospital, which he explains  was part of a conspiracy against him.
Torturing and tormenting  and old man and using the legal system to try to drive him insance became the preferred method of the UK Police State.
In July 2011, Norman  Scarth, who represented himself, was sentenced to six months imprisonment for contempt of court for recording a court hearing and for "contempt for all lawyers and judges". In September an appeals court reduced the sentence to 12 weeks less one day and he was immediately released. Lord Justice Pitchford stated: "Having had the benefit of information about the background, which was not available to the judge and could not have been since Mr Scarth refused to take part, we are quite satisfied that the public interest is not served by the continued imprisonment of this 85-year-old man without in any way reflecting upon the correctness of the decision made by the judge at the time", adding, "He is an unusual individual in that the nature of his personality disorder means that he is not one of those who is likely to see the error of his ways and, to use technical language, purge his contempt."
Following  his release he was again arrested  for giving out leaflets  and the corrupt State  and Judiciary  again were  going to  imprison  this aged  war veteran. A press release by his supporters read

 PRESS RELEASE from The Article 6 Group:
The arch-criminal Norman Scarth has fled the country to escape British Justice (now there’s an oxymoron for you!)   He has spread terror throughout West Yorkshire with his leaflets, grown men & women afraid to leave their homes for fear of attack.  Innocent people have sometimes been caught in the crossfire & have been seriously traumatised as a result.  A crack squad of West Yorkshire Police had been brought together & given all the resources they needed to nail this most dangerous man.  They finally did so, & in a Manchester court on 23rd February expected to be rewarded by seeing him put back behind bars for a very long time!  However, with the cunning of Carlos the Jackal he disguised himself as an old man and escaped from under their noses at the very last moment.  Manchester District Judge Taff put a Fatwah on him – ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive’ – preferably dead.  He is believed to have fled to Euroland or some such place.  Interpol have been alerted & there is a world-wide search for this most dangerous man.  People are warned not to approach him as he is thought to be armed to the teeth with leaflets. 
NOTETHAT is how the twisted minds of the Quislings who now rule Britain would describe Norman Scarth.   The nation praises as Heroes those who served on the Arctic Russian Convoys in the fight against Fascism, Norman Scarth being one of only 200 of those men now left.  Some will say he is MORE of a Hero now for daring to speak the truth about the Quislings who have achieved by stealth what Hitler failed to do by force, turning Britain into a ruthless, lawless, murderous & merciless Orwellian Police State, a country where speaking the truth is a criminal offence.  ESPECIALLY telling the truth about the rotten apples within the judiciary.  And we all know what happens to the rest of the apples in a barrel if the rotten ones are not removed!     
Dame Janet Smith was given the task of heading the Inquiry into the killings by Dr. Harold Shipman.  In her Report she identified a ‘Culture of Fear in the National Health Service’, whereby nurses & junior doctors were afraid to voice their suspicions about Shipman because they were in fear of the consultants, thus allowing Shipman to kill many more after he should have been stopped.  That ‘Culture of Fear’ goes much wider than just the NHS: it runs throughout the nation - people afraid to blow the whistle about crime in high places because they fear suffering the same fate as Andy McCardle.  Or indeed that of Norman Scarth who suffered 17 years of persecution before being forced to flee the country of his birth, the country for which he fought in World War II;  the country in which he worked honestly & hard all his life – harder than ever since he set out to expose the Judicial Mafia & other Quislings.  The shame is not so much that such evil, treacherous, treasonous people run the country, but that the British people allow it to happen!
Norman Scarth at the Age of 86 is living on the charity of people who know it is wrong to persecute anyone for their political beliefs let alone an old man.  Britain is an evil empire

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