Sunday, 19 August 2012


Interpol has announced that its Red Notice  for Julian Assange is still active. They are dedicating their  website  front page to make sure the world knows.  This is  clearly a political statement. The Western worlds police forces have been hijacked by a political elite who will brook no opposition.

The Interpol front page Red notice proves  the  Western World is engaged in a Political conspiracy to bring down anyone who dare to be a freethinker or whistleblower.   Julian is wanted  for allegations that he 1) did not use a condom when he his girlfriend said she wanted one.  2)  after a night of passion his second girlfriend woke up to find he was loving her again.    Come on guys this is NOT rape.  He was going out with both of them at the same time and they are obviously miffed. Easy meat for those who want to silence Assnage.

Powerful  corrupt Governments  with endless resources will stop at nothing to silence those who oppose them

16 August 2012

INTERPOL Red Notice for Julian Assange remains in force
LYON, France – INTERPOL confirms that its Red Notice, or international wanted persons alert, issued for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at Sweden’s request in November 2010 remains valid.Confirmation that Mr Assange’s Red Notice status remains in force follows Thursday’s decision by authorities in Ecuador to grant asylum to Mr Assange, two months after h...
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INTERPOL Red Notice for Julian Assange remains in force

INTERPOL operation leads to arrest of mastermind of multimillion Euro car smuggling ring

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