Saturday, 25 August 2012

Assange will start Broadcasts again on Russia Today

Julian Assange will  start  broadcvasts again on the channel Russa Today.

A celebrity before his legal troubles  the diplomatic Row caused by the British threat to Storm the Euadore embassy  had made Julian a Star,

The editor in chief of RT [Russia Today], Margarita Simonian, said

“I spent an hour with him and we concluded that when all that is over, and I hope it ends soon, we will certainly resume cooperation with Assange,”

Margareta Simonian said she recently visited the Ecuadorean embassy in London to speak with Assange, whom she found “fit and well, jovial, at ease.”
RT, the public television channel broadcast in English, A the editor in chief of RT [Russia Today], Margarita Simonian, rabic and Spanish around the world, has already broadcast 12 programmes presented live by Assange who interviewed leading personalities.

We look forward to  Julian Assange resuming his broadcasts and look forward  with anticipation for more information  on the mysterious spy Andrea Davison.

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