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Why was convicted paedophile Warwick Spinks left free for 15 years to abuse more children

In November 2012, the murderous, paedophile fugitive Warwick Spinks was captured after 15 years on the run and imprisoned. He was living openly in Czech Republic. But for Spinks the Police did not seek his return by the simple use of the   European Arrest Warrent.

 Spinks was  caught on secret camera offering to supply a video in which a 10 year old boy was killed and another  featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy.

When Spinks was sentenced in 1995 at Lewes Crown Court for a string of offences against under-age boys, the court heard how he drugged a 14 year old boy and 'sold him' to a gay brothel in Amsterdam.

So why had it taken the authorities so long to recapture him when he was a well-known figure in the Czech Republic and hardly appeared to be in hiding?
Why had he been allowed to escape in the first place?
Could it be that, as evidence was emerging of a large-scale VIP paedophile ring, the UK government wanted him under lock and key to ensure his silence?
Could it be that Warwick Spinks has information that could blow the lid on who’s really involved in the horrifying organised child-abuse, snuff films and trafficking that’s taking place to satisfy VIP filth?
According to reports, Spinks is linked to the notorious Elm Guest House.
We sincerely hope Operation Fernbridge officers are questioning Spinks about what he knows.
Why wouldn’t they?

 Most wanted: Warwick Spinks, a violent paedophile who was on the run for 15 years, has been arrested at Heathrow Airport after he was found in the Czech Republic

” A team of detectives in Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit is investigating historic allegations that powerful individuals linked to Buckingham Palace, the Conservative Party and the legal profession routinely abused children at the three-storey property in the early 1980s.”
” The most infamous alleged visitor to Elm Guest House was Warwick Spinks, a violent paedophile who in 1995 was jailed for a series of sexual offences on boys, including serious sexual assault at knifepoint, taking a child without lawful authority and taking indecent images of children. Lewes Crown Court heard that he had he drugged a 14-year-old boy and “sold him” to a gay brothel in Amsterdam.”
Nick Davies first reported on scumbag Spinks in 2000:
” We have uncovered an international paedophile ring whose roots spring from Amsterdam, where, in the late 1980s, a group of British paedophiles set up a colony, exploiting the freedom of the city’s gay community as cover to make a business of their fantasies.
One of the first to do so was Alan Williams, the “Welsh Witch”, who already had a vicious history of abusing boys in south Wales. Williams arrived in Amsterdam in 1988, aged 21, and soon set himself up as the manager of a gay brothel called Boys Club 21 at 21 Spuistraat, near the central station.
Across the road at number 44, another British paedophile, a chubby Londoner named Warwick Spinks, then aged 25, was running a similar club called the Gay Palace.
Both clubs had a legal business, running a bar and offering the services of adult male prostitutes.
But Williams and Spinks had much crueller interests. Williams had fled to the Netherlands after being convicted in Britain of indecent assaults on boys.
In Amsterdam, he boasted of the day in south Wales when he had seen a 10-year-old boy on his bike, grabbed him, raped him, and, when he cried, strangled him.
From Boys Clubs 21, he organised the importing of boys from Cardiff and London, inflicting intense violence on any who defied him.
Spinks had been running a mail order pornography business from Brighton, before he moved to Amsterdam, where he pioneered the trafficking of boys as young as 10 – first, from the streets of London, and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, from the poverty of eastern Europe.
Having brought them to Amsterdam, he used these “chickens” himself, sold them into the brothels or through escort agencies and put them in front of the camera.
Some resisted, some ran away, but most were made to comply through the removal of their passports and doses of drugs and violence.”
A paedophile informer called Terry made these horrific claims:
“One boy had simply been shot through the head, Terry said: he had been causing trouble and had been executed in front of several paedophiles.
Another, he believed, had been thrown into one of the canals.
But the one about whom he spoke the most was a boy who had been tortured and killed in the most painful fashion in the course of producing a pornographic video.
Terry said he had seen most of the video himself and had vomited before he could reach the end.
The few detectives who specialise in the investigation of child abuse invariably say the same thing about “snuff” movies: they have often heard of them, sometimes pursued them but never found one.
The videos remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of the burgeoning underworld of international sexual exploitation.”
“Soon, other informants were offering more detail – each new fragment of the picture a little more alarming than the last.
One man, who was close to Alan Williams, said he had seen Warwick Spinks selling a special video for £4,000.
It showed a boy whom he thought was only eight or nine years old being sexually abused and tortured by two men.”
Spinks made the following claims to undercover police officers:
I am good at picking up stray chickens… I have been all over the world, I’m an international slut.”
He described how he picked up boys in Dresden, in Bratislava in the Czech Republic, and in Poland where, he claimed, they cost only ten pence.
All those chickens with no money, ” he chuckled.
In London, he said he was particularly keen on the hamburger bars around Picadilly Circus.
And he was full of excitement about Hastings.
The chickens down the coast are very bored, they have got no money, they are not streetwise like Londoners and they spend all of their time in arcades… ”.
Why was Spinks given a reduced sentence for his crimes?
Why was Spinks able to escape from a low-security bail hostel?
Why was Spinks allowed to spend 15 years living freely in Europe?
Why was Spinks rearrested only when VIP abuse allegations have gained so much publicity?
Why do the authorities want Spinks silenced?
As Spinks himself said to an undercover officer:
I know I’m a fat old queen, but I get away with it.
I get away with murder.”
Isn’t it about bloody time we found out why?

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