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So many Survivors of State child abuse are prosecuted by the Police for speaking out whilst their abusers go free

Kaz  a veteran fighter for justice for herself and other survivors of state sponsored  child abuse has been threatened with prosecution if  she does not  keep quiet.  Kaz  is not alone   several  other survivors from Skircoat Lodge, Halifax   have also been threatened with prosecution.  The police and CPS  are trying to protect their  abuser Malcolm Osric Phillips from coming to trial.    To achieve this the police have to silence his victims.  Halifax is now currently operating under the Yewtree banner.

The threat of prosecution is sadly not an empty one. There is a long list of victims and whistle blowers who have ended up  being maliciously pursued by the police and charged by the CPS.    Even when abusers are prosecuted they receive derisory sentences whilst the same judge gives heavy sentences to any victim  or whistle blower accused even of  a minor offences.

When it comes to systematic state sponsored  child abuse the Police use their power to silence victims and whistle blowers  by inventing charges against them.  Whilst wherever they can they protect the abusers  and   the lucrative child porn network .
The criminal justice system is  now so corrupt  and in the hands of  those without any respect for justice. It is now  used  as a tool of oppression  against the vulnerable.   Only those who can afford to pay privately for legal help  have any chance of proving their innocence because the state has endless resources to  use against the poor. Legal Aid  has devolved into a farce  where it only ' appears'  that the accused has an opportunity  to defend themselves.  Juries need to wise up to the States tactics.

It is the corruption of the criminal justice system that allows  child abuse victims who complain to the police  to be threatened with prosecution if they do not shut-up.

One victim who shared her  experiences on Kaz's   Blog  Is also suffering from persecution for speaking out. Her is her story:-

"As some are aware, a friend of mine has chosen in the past to share some of her experiences, very bravely, with the use of this blog.
Today she has found the courage to do so again with her take on Police Attitudes  toward historic Child Sexual Abuse.

Why I wont engage with pallial

November last year was a scary time for me, emotionally and physically and mentally. One Sunday morning I logged onto the BBC website, and there it was, the breaking news of the scale of abuse in North Wales Children's Homes. I was at first shocked that finally it was out there, and upset at the same time because I knew what lay ahead.

As someone who has been through the care system my experience of sexual abuse is different from yours, my abusers were paid to take care of me, as well as sexually abusing me, they physically and mentally abused me also. My abusers all knew each other and protected each other. As a 12 year old I had worked that out. I accept abuse is abuse, rape is rape, if you haven’t been in care, you wont have been made available to paedophiles, and when you were older and you felt brave enough to confront not only what happened to you, but to inform the police, they disbelieve you. The Police in my opinion in 1999 starting point was that your lying, that your to damaged to be believed. Add to that, what people like me have been saying since the 1960’s this abuse was organised, wide spread, and as our abusers told us, we would never be believed., I knew I was the victim of state sponsored child abuse, because the authorities knew and did nothing about it, therefore my abuse was expected.  I was told in 1999, when one of my abusers was still alive, that as I had been given cigarettes by one, this legally was judged to me a contract between us, he had paid me for raping me, I was 12 years old. So I then, for me any justice would have to wait, attitudes would need to change, and maybe the law itself would change. So when I read those headlines that Sunday, I thought the time had come.

So I did what  I was advised to do and contacted my Local Police Force to report yet again the abuse I have experienced. They didn’t see it as a priority and I respect that to them its is not, but I feel with the ramifications of my abuse each day, I have learnt that you have to wait for justice and a chance to be heard. An appointment was made for an officer from Warwickshire Police was made to come out to my home and interview me. Im a well educated product of the system, what our  abusers forgot was that we grow up, and despite they best efforts I manage to live a reasonably normal life.

On the evening the police attended my property, I was interviewed by a policewomen with the interpersonal skills of  idiot.  When I detailed my abuse whilst in the care of Byrn Alyn, the response I got was ‘that happened to you?’ I felt I had to defend myself. If that wasn’t bad enough when I further detailed other abuse, I told that my chances of prosecution were none, that the CPS didn't act on these cases, they were a waste of police time, and I was wasting my time. The Police women asked my partner how I was coping, did she think I was fit for a police video interview. When I challenged her on what she was saying to me, she told me she was telling me as it was. It was all about putting me off making a statement. This was a very upsetting experience, and the filth was asked to leave.  Even though I was given an incident number, Warwickshire Police have never contacted me to take this further. I did speak to the Officers Sargent, even though the officer took no notes she managed to write about 6 pages. Apparently according to the officer I had previously made allegations about my time at Bryn Alyn, I hadn’t, that I do know. For me this was my final opportunity to get justice, I had previously tried and failed.  Here we go again I thought, if its previously been investigated why bother? You know what, all this made me feel that I would rather kill myself than ever deal with people like that again. Well done Warwickshire Police, your service to me was immense. Like I have said, they have never come back to me about this.

Being ex byrn Alyn, I pushed the issue and after a period of recovery after the Warwickshire police incident I contacted operation Pallial. After a quick are you reporting sexual or physical abuse, I advised that whilst one of my abusers was based at Bryn alyn in wrexham, I was at Cotsbrook Hall in Shropshire. This home was named in the Waterhouse Report. They took my details and told me that I didn’t fall within there remit. They told me they would forward my details to West Mercia Police. Very quickly, after less than half an hour West Mercia Police called me, asked me specific questions, who when, any witnesses, can anyone else confirm this etc etc, West Merica advised me that I either needed to go to Telford Police Station to make a statement. I advised that Telford and Shropshire were not my favorite places and I declined, they said they would be in touch with my local force to arrange an interview.

Great the professional people from Warwickshire, don’t waste you time, we don’t believe you, you ex care scum bag. The scum from Warwickshire called me to make an appointment for me to go in to make a statement, I was advised I would be interviewed by trained people. I advised I wanted to take legal advise as from what I was being told, I would be involved in multiple investigations, spanning Coventry to North Wales, anything upto three different Forces, indeed, technically an incident took place whilst on an outward bound course in Cumbria, would that single incident be dealt with my Cumbria Police?

I decided against at that point making any allegations about my time at Bryn Alyn, for me the real damage lay elsewhere. I advised Warwickshire Police about this, they phoned me almost daily to make a statement. I was told that I needed to sign a statement stating that I at this time didn’t want to proceed, but when ready I would. This was not a nice meeting, I was told that the Police had chanced, they were not the same police they were in 80’s. This I found is statement to be very ironic. Same old, same old if you ask me. The following day West Mercia police called me, I was shopping and the police man was prising information from me, it hard they just keep on asking, keep on pushing answers out of you, demanding names, so they can have the full details for when they do interview me.

The following day, I was arrested by Warwickshire Police! I am currently being maliciously prosecuted for something I can prove I didn’t do. My abusers will never face justice, or even a police interview. They got away with killing a 12 year old (metaphoric), and they are still killing the same 39 year old, slowly and with complete contempt. Simply by being in care, my rights were and still are very much less than anyone else.  What Warwickshire Police have done is to undermine me and my credibility, simply because they value their public image more than protecting vulnerable children. My Abusers are still out there, and because just one was based in North Wales, and I was abused in Shropshire, I don’t come under Pallial.

E has now been told she cannot get legal aid to assist her through these charges falsely laid by her ex employer, as her money gets paid into somebody elses bank account (she has no account in her name) and that her financial assessment is taken from the bank records at the time of application.
Legal representation is estimated to reach £1000 for a day in Crown Court, that is without any prep work etc.
She finds herself facing the mercy of the Courts this Friday, undefended as things currently stand.

Free the Telford One!!!

 And one  pertinent comment

Wow, I am sickened to hear what you have been through and kind of surprised to find that some of it is similar to what happened to me. I reported abuse in 2008 and was treated like dirt and within a year was a criminal after 28 years of clean record and having never done anything wrong.
I have been ruined, because I reported abuse. I am sorry that they did this to you as well. I know the nightmare of cover ups and police corruption and I hope that you get justice. Don't give up.

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 Child abuse solicitors  for Skircoast Lodge


  1. Stafford Police have treated me in a disgusting way, very similar to this, I think they just wanted me to commit suicide the way they've treated me (which I never will as I am as stubborn as hell) thats the only conclusion I can come to.

  2. This is my blog, and at times I feel like I just want to run away and hide, only there is nowhere to hide, you just have to plod on

  3. dont give up zoom
    you are Not alone

  4. Thank you for sharing your stories. Luckily I have not been in your position and can hardly begin to imagine what you suffered and how this has affected you. One thing I am puzzled about is: what are the police charging you and others with?

  5. I was falsely accused of having Parental Alienation Syndrome (which was invented by an American paedophile called Richard Gardner) in the Secret Family Courts, and I showed Bill Cash my MP proof of what they were doing to me, but he didn't lift a finger to help me. They tried to make out I was a child abuser for simply wanting to protect my own child. Over £100,000 was wasted in persecuting me in the Secret Family Courts, they were calling me a bad woman because I was frightened to send my son to his father, but the whole thing could have been stopped in a flash, all they did was make me, my son and even his father suffer, they did nothing except line their pockets from the Secret Family Court gravy train. I was threatened with prison if I committed Contempt of Court virtually every time I set foot into that court, it was horrible and they wore down my health so much that I was overeating (comfort eating) and got really run down and ended up seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia. They did so many illegal things to me in that illegal court case, and Stafford Police knew damned well what they were doing, not just to me but to other child abuse victims as well, and they let it happen - I think they were hoping I would just sod off and commit suicide - and so did Bill cash - he let it all go on and on and on, he let me be persecuted to hell and back

  6. Also they sent me for child abuse "therapy" but that was also abusive, they deliberatly sent me to one of the places I was abused at and I ended up having a massive panic attack and ended up in A and E (Stafford Hospital) and got thrown off a trolly by the staff when they realised I wasnt a road accident victim but just a stupid "time waster" mental health case, and then Robert Francis blocked me from complaining about that, he said my case "was not cost effective", what the hell he meant by that I can't think! Also Stafford Police failed to investigate a death threat made to me, instead of dealing with it properly they sent a briefed WPC round my house to threaten me, to stop blogging or else. Its disgusting what they have done, basically the police forces are being used as a private army to protect criminal gangsters, and victims of crime are bullied into "forgiving and forgetting - or else"

  7. "One thing I am puzzled about is: what are the police charging you and others with?"

    I can tell you what has happened in Staffordshire, because my solicitor Richard Wise who is now dead (and he didn't die how the local newspaper said he died, from long term cancer, he definatly was not ill until about 2 weeks or so before he died, he was bounding up stairs two at a time and running marathons up until then, so its very suspicious to me how the local newspaper said he had long term liver cancer that killed him, because thats blox)he was helping us Pindown childrens home victims, and he found out what they were doing to us, which was deliberatly criminalising us with poverty crimes ie non payment of BBC TV licence fees (which are a rip off anyway as the BBC are putting propaganda and lies on their news channel and using the television as a way of brainwashing people into believing lies ie that Pindown cover up and whitewash documentary with Niel Morrissey in it Care Home Kid, they knew I wanted to be on any program about Staffordshire Pindown and they wouldn't let me be in it or any of the other child abuse victims and they got Niel Morrissey to pretend it wasn't that bad, YES IT WAS IT WAS HELL ON EARTH FOR SOME OF US, MAYBE NOT YOU NIEL MORRISSEY YOU WERE LUCKY THEN, THATS ALL I CAN SAY SOME OF US OTHER POOR SODS WEREN'T SO LUCKY)and non payment of Poll tax, and he was getting victims of really serious crime out of jail and helping them get compensation for the crimes committed against them. Well, that didnt go down too well with the masonic gangsters so pretty soon Richard Wise was leaving this world in a wooden box. He was a good man, and he was helping us Pindown victims, but he only got a tiny weeny microscopic bit of the newspaper when he died, funny that seeing as to how he was Human Rights Solicitor of the Year and did so many good things in Stoke on Trent, and stood afainst Mark Fisher MP (corrupt as hell) in the election, yet they gave him such a microscopic obituary after his VERY SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED death!

  8. hello, Im being charged with theft from my employer, a dodgy ambulance chaser VAT and TAX dodger who I made the mistake of telling him I was in care and had been in trouble. As he couldn't pay me he told me to take stock (bankrupt stock) A former employee saw the goods for sale and contacted the police. Being ex care scum, and making a song and dance about my treatment by warwickshire police, I was clearly guilty. I have emails confirming his doddgy dealings, however, I was still charged. Once care scum always care scum. I was told in the cells not to mention my IPPC complaint or I would be there longer, they also demanded to know who my solicitor was (remember in my story above I wanted to seek legal advise before making a statement) These people hit you financially, and any attempts at undermining you are fair game. I am innocent, im not scared of the courts, but my experience of the criminal justice system leaves me very scared. Im aware that others like me have had threats of benefit fraud made against them if they dont be quite. E

  9. Hi iv read these comments and would just like to say nothing changes ! I was forced to alow my then 3y old son to a family centre in scotland while social services attempted to get a supervision order on him he was seriusly emotinaly and sexualy abused there after being warned "no parents complain" by the educational psychologist in charge of 'looked after' childeren I was treated like a loonball by the local police for reporting the abuse the local authority whod lost the original case to gain an order over my son then proceded to spend months psychologicly abusing me and attemting to remove my son from my care the final straw came when I presented independent psychiatric reports relating to the damage done to my child after wich I was caught up in a bizare set up by the nhs whilst seeking medical care for my kids there medical needs we're then neglected in order to acuse me of having munchousens by proxy in an attempt to secure my childeren presumibly for paedophiles or the fostering/adoption racket wich the goverment is currently running this resulted in me having to escape the uk with my childeren not least so the youngest 1 culd get an inhaler that she required after I left the local authority changed my locks so family culd not retreive my belongings they then 'disposed' of around 30k of antiques appliences childerens toys ect we now have nothing! I have since learned the paedophiles accessing childeren at their lesure have harmed at least 1other little boy who's family have complained and he is now deteriating in state 'care' reporting child abuse in the uk is the worst thing u can do not just the police but the whole system will ruin you and your family for doing this the paedophiles past and present have evry protection whilst childeren have none


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