Monday, 23 February 2015

Live Recording as Police raid Pedophile Ring Whistle-blower kids mum's home

The now notorious Hampstead Pedophile ring which includes, a school, police officers, lawyers from Cafcass, and Social Services all members of  a quasi religious sect which includes the rape of children and the murder of babies.

What do the Great British Police do they try to arrest the whistle-blowers mum and her lay advisor Sabine McNeill?  Both Ella and Sabine have been forced to flee persecution  in  the UK and are in hiding.

Live Recording of  police raid on the Whistle-blower kids home Finchley Road, Hampstead. Mother Ella  escaped out of the window and fled abroad to escape from police persecution. Police are protecting the quasi religious pedophile  ring 

You can also listen and read a transcript at

The target of the raid was Ella Draper. Ella escaped the British Gestapo via a rear window and made a hazardous escape across neighboring buildings. Sabine McNeil, the prominent blogger and child abuse activist, has also fled the country following threats to her liberty. It is now expected that the authorities will issue European Arrest Warrants for the two women.

1. Why did the police seek entry to the premises on the pretense of wanting "to talk to Ella" in the first instance.

 2. It was not until later that the police started to mention they were there to arrest her. That is when they threatened to force entry.

 3. The police confirm in the recording that they did not have a warrant either to search the premises, demand enter, or to arrest Ella

 4. The complaint the Police talk about is from the Papa (who kills babies)

 The Father Ricky Dearman  currently residing in 47 Hollycroft Avenue,London, NW3 7QJ. is  the complainant, he feels harassed by being exposed as the leader of a cult that rapes kids and kills babies.   Dearman is also the owner of a company called Lighthouse Media Group Ltd  believed to be a front for the distribution of videos of child rape and torture and snuff movies. Lighthouse Media  listed address is 244 Fifth Ave New York New York a Maildrop Lighthouse Media Group Ltd industry is listed as providing Media Advertising Srvcs.

UK Police are too under resourced to arrest named pedophiles  and investigate a snuff movie criminal business but they can send  9 police officers to arrest one Russian lady because she complained that her children had been raped and tortured by a British quasi religious Pedophile Ring

Meanwhile the school at the center of the scandal 'Christchurch Elementary'  has revamped their website  and changed a lot of their staff. McDonald’s in Hampstead London  named by the children has also closed.

 Ella Draper , a Russian national, has now  fled the UK  and can seek the protection of her native Russia from the Persecution of the British State. But what will happen to Ella's beloved, tortured and desensitized little children.

Ever since notorious pedophile  and child trafficker Peter Righton, a child expert employed by the Home Office, was exposed  it has become clear that pedophiles and child traffickers  are attracted to professions where they have power over innocent children.

Listen to the children  (this video of children talking about what happened tp them has been removed by the UK police and courts to protect pedophiles )

The Whistleblower kids


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  5. Chrome doesn't make the link clickable. Explorer says: Invalid Source. Firefox: first empty space, refreshing the screen shows a bar that then disappears again...

    1. Recording FIXED again! Sabine our web person has re-hosted the recording. We do not know why it stopped. Take Care of yourself

    2. Recording FIXED again! Sabine our web person has re-hosted the recording. We do not know why it stopped. Take Care of yourself

  6. Thanks. We've re-uploaded this live recording and credited you here:

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  7. this whole thing is an intelligence diversion operation REALLY wake up

  8. Cube Satanists control this. ALWAYS six steps: con, double bind, interposition agent provocateur (IAP), MERC, criminalization and rendition.

    CON= whatever bait they use to gain your confidence, usually some pseudo/pretext humanitarian enterprise.

    DOUBLE BIND= contravening circumstances that prevail in allegedly misunderstood intent.

    IAP= politicians and advocates for the "party" and it's pseudo motivations.

    MERC= mercenary/felon cohorts recruited to populate the satanized agenda with shills and trolls.

    CRIMINALIZATION= political and institutional degradation of those of character and lawful behavior.

    RENDITION= disappearance.

    People standing around watching the authorities issue "official" records that exonerate "felon" leadership and their scum affiliates is an incorrect and neurotic response to the charm offensive of predators. I these circumstances, they are willing to by preyed upon, so it goes without saying, "We are our choices."

  9. Interesting to note when I was harassed by my landlord he police were powerless think they may have sent one guy round to have a quiet word.. The more they do this the more i believe this outrageous story...

  10. BIG Thank you!
    "Normal" ppl need to be aware of the vile, disgusting, evil crap that is goin on NOW in the UK.
    Our babies need protecting.

    Stay Strong E, A+G

  11. this woman deserves everything she gets.

  12. Do you have proof of the accusations your making, except the word of this woman and her criminal partner

  13. She doesn't deserve to be in hiding after what she put her kids through, not to mention all of the innocent people's lives she ruined

  14. Polygraph tests have a 100% accuracy rate when done properly. Google "The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects"


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