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Leon Brittan QC child rapist, who like Savile was protected all his life by Police, Mi5 and UK PLC is dead

Leon Brittan long known by investigators and survivors and journalists to be a serial child abuser and torturer died  last week. Few grieve his passing, but some co-conspirators like William Hauge breathed a sigh of relief.   It is the survivors of child rape and torture who have now lost the chance for justice

by Simple Simon

The Press felt free to publish the stories they were prevented from doing so  becase of legal restrictions.  Stories emerged  about the former home secretary being involved in the cover-up of a secret Westminster paedophile ring that operated   from the 1970's
Days after Brittan's death, Labour MP Tom Watson said he spoke to several people who allege they were raped by the late politician. One male victim was a child when he was allegedly raped by Brittan.  Survivors also say children were murdered and the police are investigating this.
"Many have urged me over the past two years to reveal allegations against Brittan using parliamentary privilege," Watson told the Mirror. "This allows MPs to say things that are not subject to libel laws. Some will ask why I’ve waited until his death to speak out. The reason is simple. I didn't want to prejudice any jury trial he might one day face."
Brittan's death also underlines how slowly and ineffectually the British police are moving in their investigation of the Westminster child-abuse ring. The prime suspects are literally dying. Former MP Cyril Smith — another accused child abuser — died in 2010. Peter Hayman, the former deputy director of MI6 who was convicted of gross indecency, died in 1992.
In December, a man who says he was raped as a boy at a child sex party in London said he saw a Conservative member of cabinet strangle a boy to death in front of him in the 1980s. Although Brittan was part of the Thatcher cabinet at that time it is not clear whether he is the same person. Three child deaths have been linked to the Westminster ring.
Scotland Yard has been handed a document that contains names of 22 high-profile figures, including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords, alleged to be involved in the suspected Westminster paedophile ring during the 1970s and 1980s, The Daily Telegraph reports.
In the Mirror, Watson compared Brittan's case to that of Jimmy Savile, in which similar claims of sexual abuse became known only after the BBC television personality died. 
Watson told the Mirror:
Today, one survivor said to me that Brittan "showed me no kindness or warmth." That Brittan was "as close to evil as a human being could get in my view."
This survivor said that Brittan and the others "took my childhood, they took the very essence of who I was and finally he's taken away my right to see justice done."
Brittan remains the subject of an investigation into the disappearance of a 40-page dossier naming eight senior civil servants and politicians who were allegedly involved in a secret paedophile ring. 
In 1983, Brittan was handed a dossier written by conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens while serving as home secretary in Margaret Thatcher's government. Dickens died in 1995. In July last year, Brittan was surrounded by allegations that he failed to properly investigate the claims. Brittan maintained that he handled the documents correctly. 
Last year, he told the Daily Mail that he gave the names to the Director of Public Prosecutions. 
He remembered the events like this:
As I recall, [Mr Dickens] came to my room at the Home Office with a substantial bundle of papers. As is normal practice, my private secretary would have been present at the meeting.
I told Mr Dickens that I would ensure that the papers were looked at carefully by the Home Office and acted on as necessary. Following the meeting, I asked my officials to look carefully at the material contained in the papers provided and report back to me if they considered that any action needed to be taken by the Home Office.
In addition, I asked my officials to consider a referral to another government department, such as the Attorney General’s department, if that was appropriate. This was the normal procedure for handling material presented to the Home Secretary. I do not recall being contacted further about these matters by Home Office officials or by Mr Dickens or by anyone else.’
Labour MP Simon Danczuk says Brittan's death is a blow to the investigation of the child-abuse ring. He told The Guardian: "Sir Leon is someone who should have faced questions and been compelled to give evidence to the inquiry over his role as home secretary in the 1980s when a dossier containing allegations of establishment child abuse was handed to him."
Don Hale the well known investigative journalist wrote that the legendary Barbara Castle MP told him Leon Britain used Special Branch Police unit as his own personal Gestapo.  Many whistel-blowers  have died or been jailed. Jill Dando the BBC presenter of crime Watch tied to expose Jimmy Savile and the BBC pedophile ring but was executed by a single close range shot to the head outside her home. Buli Forsythe a social worker from Lambeth was about to expose the Westminster Pedophile ring when he was beaten to death.  Willie McCray MP was murdered  after he said he had the evidence against VIP pedophiles.  In all these cases, as with Daniel Morgan, the murderers are never found. That is because the murderers are Police Officers from Special Branch or Government contract Killers ex forces.

Leon Brittan should not be allowed to rest in peace and there are calls for his assets to be frozen, as was done with Jimmy Savile's fortune.  


  1. Accused pedophiles like Brittan, Sylvain Kustyan, Jerry Sandusky, Jimmy Savile and their enablers, must be apprehended before they have decades to prey upon our innocent children. Sandusky is safely behind bars. Brittan and Saville are dead. But unfortunately, Sylvain Kustyan, who has been formally charged with two counts of 1st Degree Sodomy of a ten-year-old little boy, fled to avoid imminent arrest. Kustyan, formerly of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Hermin/ Mazingarbe, France, is now a fugitive from the law.
    As an English teacher in his native France, Kustyan has led numerous groups of school childrens on trips to the UK, the US and Ireland, Victims of Child Sexual Abuse often suffer lifelong physical problems as well as the psychological and emotional trauma from their horrifying experiences. Male victims have 3x's the heart attack risk and 10x's the suicide rate. Since the average pedophile has 300 different victims in their lifetime and since the recidivism rate among pedophiles is virtually 100% they must be stopped ASAP!

  2. I don't belive he's dead. Living in luxuary in Israel along with Robert Maxwell who fell of his boat shorlty before he was due to be arrested.

  3. Articles from Scallywag magazine that directly relate to the Westminster Paedophile Network:


    'Lord McAlpine and the paedophile ring'

    'The glitterati of the Conservative Party gathered in Dolphin Square for debauchery with young boys'

    ‘The Beast of the Valleys’ [Lord McAlpine]

    ‘Author James Rusbridger was on the point of disclosing paedophile material from within the royal family'

    ‘Shame and scandal in the family’ [Peter Lilley MP]

    See also: 'Peter Lilley's wife says he is not gay'


    ‘Why McAlpine could never be thrown to the wolves’


    'Child abuse: The Waterhouse report'

    1. Deletion notice

      "The document 'The glitterati of the Conservative Party gathered in Dolphin Square for debauchery with young boys' has been deleted."

      Aye ... I'll fucking bet it has.

  4. Michael john carroll after leaving Lambeth in 1991 fled to North Wales and ran the Hand hotel where he offended yet again
    Whilst in North Wales He setup ozanam center with the aid of St vincent de paul soceity of catholics

    One of which Michael Joseph Kennedy was awarded
    MBE for services to families and children

    Also whilst in North Wales He was with N.E.W.N the north east Wales network. ( the hotel gang)

    Associations with spooks and special branch involvement

    Michael John Carroll prior to North Wales lived in Norwood se London
    So did lambeth paedo
    Jason Hoyte who was connected to Bertie Caleb Headley and Deborah Headley
    Headley and Hoyte ran accapella Records and Hoyte used his music connections to bbc executives and fame academy
    Deborah Headley ran the Elizabeth Claire Child care homes and many other business which failed
    But most all had a child theme attached to them
    Hoyte was connected to Ruach Ministries

    Also connected to Ruach Ministries was pastor Dennis Scotland who had been director of Orchard lodge child secure unit in Anerley se London
    A place that had histiory with Daniel swales a paedo who worked there and two boys placed there the previous years after they were in danger from PIE member Ralph Alden who had been questioned by catford police with regard to Brighton Beasts case in 1983 where six year old boy had been abused in a public toilet

    1. Jason Hoyte is my cousin and he abused me. He was initially found guilty but in an appeal he was allowed to have all cases seen separately (with no mention of the other cases in each case) and voila, he is now allowed to work with children as all charged were dropped and he was released. No register, free to abuse again. It took a lot to stand up in court and tell THE TRUTH. Children are just not cared for in this world.

  5. I would love to share my story. Jason hoyte abused me for years ans gpt away with it. He is allowed to work with kids. We fought for justice and e was found guilty of multiple cases of csa. Now he is free with all charges dropped.... I guess he knew the right people!



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