Wednesday, 27 August 2014

ex Minister James Purnell BBC executive and Child abuse images

Freemason James Purnell is now the BBC’s director of Strategy.  The former Labour Minister for work and pensions was  found with  child rape images on his computer  

In 2003 when the child abuse images were found Purnell blamed his researcher labour councilor and school governor Paul Diggett, 35, who lives with his parents in Cheadle.

Diggett pleaded guilty to making and distributing indecent pictures of children. Despite the fact that they  were not on his own computer but on Purnells. His punishment was to be expelled from the labour party and to be put of the sex offenders register.

Diggett, who stood for Labour as a Parliamentary candidate for Cheadle in 1997.
He then resigned from the governing bodies of Kingsway School and Brookhead Primary, Cheadle, the favourite job for PIE affiliates.

Questions arose to why anybody would allow another person to use their computer, let alone to download Child Pornography on it. It is unclear for how long the CSA had been being  downloaded!  The questions the deliberately incompetent police never asked was why Paul Diggert did not delete the images, knowing that his Labour comrade would easily be able to see them.

Freemason and Labour friend of Israel James Purnell was questioned about the Child rape images but was never  to be charged.  It was Paul  Diggett who carried the can for Purnell, clearly  both men should have been charged with possession of child pornography.

In 2009, Purnell was involved in the expenses scandal. Purnell told the
parliamentary authorities that his main home was in Manchester and
claimed the "second home" allowance for his flat in London.

 In October 2004, Purnell sold his London flat but told HM Revenue and Customs it was his "principal home", not his "second home". A spokesman on behalf of Purnell said that "Any allegation that James avoided capital gains tax is
completely untrue. When he bought his constituency home, the sale of his London flat fell through, but it was sold within the period that HMRC continue to treat it as not being liable for CGT ... This would have been true for any taxpayer – there was no special treatment".

Also in 2004 Purnell claimed £395 for an accountant's bill which included "tax advice provided in October 2004 regarding sale of flat".

Whilst renting a flat between 2004 and 2006 Purnell claimed £100 a month for cleaning expenses and £586 for repairs. At the end of the lease the landlord kept the £2,520 deposit, claiming the flat to have been in a poor state. A spokesman for Purnell stated: "James felt frustrated that the landlord refused to return the deposit. He initially pursued the matter through legal channels but let it rest as the costs of fighting it further would ar outweigh recouping the deposit"

Allegations were made by a Sunday newspaper that Purnell claimed more than £1,500 a month rent for the flat  although he was paying only half of the £1,820 a month rent and his fiancée was  paying the rest. A spokesman for Purnell said

"Despite being entitled to  claim in full for the whole rental cost incurred by him and his partner, James claimed less than the amount he himself spent. The rules of the House of Commons make it clear that an MP is entitled to be reimbursed for the rent or mortgage paid by the MP and their partner. Nevertheless, James went out of his way to ensure overall he claimed less for accommodation than he himself paid".Purnell also claimed £247 for 3,000 fridge magnets. Even  he could not think up a trite excuse for this.

So in 2003 he was found with child abuse images on his computer, In 2009 he was found to have defrauded the Tax Payer. In 2013 he is rewarded for his criminal activities by being made head of strategy at the state owned BBC. Or maybe the appointment is the price of his silence?


  1. It had not to say what you think of Purnell and then adding a few name calling so I will leave it, sadly this is another of those politicians who come in fail and move on to better things. So the sooner the BBC becomes pay for view the better.

    1. What?? We already are forced pay for the bbc!! Purnell is as scummy as many politicians are, it's no wonder that many more refuse to vote than take part, Tories only got in with 24%!

  2. What?? We already are forced pay for the bbc!! Purnell is as scummy as many politicians are, it's no wonder that many more refuse to vote than take part!


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