Monday, 17 March 2014

UK Police worse than the Stasi

We must keep  aware  that the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) is not 

'now disbanded'  as the media keep saying. These same people and same 

organisation which used the identities of dead babies to father children with 

environmentalists, smear the Lawrence family and jail  environmental activists 

 are now operating under the less snappy title of National Public Order 

Intelligence Unit, NPOIU
They've rebranded and continued to do the same.

mark kennedy former undercover policeman
Mark Kennedy  a married Police Officer who had a 6 year relationship with environmentalist Lisa. His job was to work with Police and Crown Prosecutors like Felicity Gerry QC to set-up activists.   

They also have the Domestic Extremism Unit which has a database of 'domestic extremists' running into 10s of thousands.

Did you ever go  on a demonstration? Ever attended a community meeting objecting to council plans for sewage pipe? Ever written a political blog with radical ideas? Union organiser? You are on it, along with thousands of others.

Political spies and political enforcers are working under-cover to disrupt *any* politics that takes place outside the centre' of politics. Outside mainstream media, political parties and the accepted NGOs.

The UK is a political police state  worse than the Stasi in East Germany 
We have more spy cops than any other western nation and the most sophisticated political surveillance infrastructure anywhere in the world.

Activists are set-up and thrown into jail. Child abuse whistle-blowers  and potential whistle-blowers and campaigners are targeted and even murdered.  People like Jill Dando and  Princess DIana.

They  have jailed ex Jersey  minister Stuart Syvret,   jailed Holly Grieg campaigner Robert Greenexiled  ex spook and child abuse whistle-blower Andrea Davison now a refugee in South America. It is no coincidence that  Andrea  and was set-up by the same CPS barrister Felicity Gerry QC who set-up the Rathbone Powers Station activists using police spy Mark Kennedy above.

These are just a small sample of well known people they have targeted.  But if you ever wanted something better for your kids, protested against injustice or even campaigned to protect  bees or wildflowers you will  be on their list  and could be next.

Isn't it time we all got together and brought truth and justice back to the UK  before it devolves into the horror of a Police run State.  A State  which protects the few at the top at the expense of the millions at the  bottom.  Oh and you can be sure 'They' will read this !!

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  1. UK Stasi tortures people through electronic harassment. It is run by the banking establishment.


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