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Home Secretary realises UK police are institutionally corrupt


This article by Simon Tomlin was written a week before  armed police raided his house seizing  any  possible evidence he had against the Nottingham and Derby police headed my Chief Constable Mick Creedon. 

Simon Tomlin  was arrested for harassment of Nottingham police officers?  He is on bail  and forbidden  by the Court to write about Nottingham police  

Simon Tomlin at New Scotland Yard investigating the Special Demonstration Squad
Simon Tomlin at New Scotland Yard investigating the Special Demonstration Squad and police corruption
The Home Secretary has finally realized the police are “institutionally corrupt” after the latest Lawrence report but her ‘surprise’ before Parliament was pure theater for anyone stupid enough to fall for such transparent pantomime.
Incorrigible liar Chief Constable Mick Creedon of Derbyshire Police has found no evidence of a smear campaign against the Lawrence family by the Metropolitan Police. This is the same Metropolitan Police who tasked him with Operation Herne and of course his tacit agenda was to find no evidence of a smear campaign.
The appalling arrogance of these police crooks and their inability to find evidence of their own corruption should surprise no one. “Institutionally corrupt” applies to all British police ‘services’ not just the Metropolitan Police and I have been making this point for the last 24 years, only to be vindicated at the final hurdle.
Creedon’s Operation Herne fantasy is the perfect example of the fiction produced by the organised criminal gang masquerading as a police ‘service’. He finds no evidence that undercover SDS officers took part in and/or organised street violence whilst operating inside left-wing and right-wing groups.
This is a monstrous lie and how do I know this? I was a senior political officer in the British National Party between September 1990 and November 1993 before I resigned in disgust. In the three years I was at the top of the BNP, active across the country, I was involved in or witnessed dozens of street battles with left-wing activists and the corrupt police.
I have made this point previously and the evidence supports it: Undercover SDS officers inside Combat 18 and Class War would not have lasted five minutes if they had not taken part in the street violence and its organisation. They have committed a string of public order offences and offences against the person, apparently to maintain their cover. This fact is admitted in UNDERCOVER by Paul Lewis and Rob Evans based on the evidence of whistleblower Peter Francis. 
Combat 18 was a vicious street gang and no one was allowed to run with them if they did not show a ruthless willingness to use violence and C18 activists routinely carried knives and later firearms. I was at the very epicentre of the action for over three years and Creedon’s fantasy cuts no ice with me whatsoever.
Class War was led by an undercover SDS officer and they routinely carried an assortment of weapons – I know this because I have fought them several times at close quarters, hand-to-hand combat across England, so close to them I could smell what they’d eaten for breakfast.
Undercover, page 128 - SDS officers were undercover in the far Right
Undercover, page 128 – SDS officers were undercover in the far Right
Naturally this banning comes as no surprise, Nazis and bent coppers have always been into book banning and Britain is now more akin to Nazi Germany than most people realise.
What chance did the Lawrence family have of getting ‘justice’ from the Metropolitan Police? The answer to that is no chance at all and during 1991-1993, I saw several uniformed police officers on Brick Lane in East London, reverse their ties to display a metal BNP badge pinned to the inside. One officer even said to me on demonstration opposed by the SWP: “We’re with you, don’t react to their provocation, leave us to deal with them.”
In 2002, I became a whistleblower in the Sunday Times and exposed some of the activities of the far Right and since then I have published a mountain of material on the far Right and police corruption and proved beyond doubt the appalling extent to which they have worked together.
Another reason the Lawrence family stood no chance of getting justice for the murder of their young son was because the Metropolitan Police Special Branch protected British Movement leader Danny Tolan from arrest for ordering Gordon Jackson to kill me on 20 January 1990.
Derby Telegraph, 8 September 1990 - it never happened?
Derby Telegraph, 8 September 1990 – it never happened?
Yet again Derbyshire Police were forced to back down when DS Jim Skinner, the original investigating officer came forward to admit he tried to investigate the gang attack but was stopped by Derbyshire Police Special Branch.
At the time of the attack, Gordon Jackson was already a police informant, his boss Danny Tolan was protected by MPSB and Searchlight Magazine had an agent Tim Hepple inside the British Movement attack gang. The glaring lies of Derbyshire Police are too obvious to be ignored any longer and the majority of people have lost trust in the police.
On the grounds of what they have done so far, Alison Clarke should be charged with perjury and conspiring to pervert the course of justice and CC Mick Creedon, DCC Alan Goodwin and DCI Jim Allen should all face charges of conspiring to pervert the course of justice. The hard evidence against them is incontrovertible but instead these uniformed gangsters tried to lure me into an arrest ambush in August 2013 at Little Eaton in Derbyshire but of course I did not accept their invitation to commit suicide.
The police have NOT changed in the slightest, in fact they are more despicable and corrupt now than ever before and the concrete evidence proves this beyond doubt.
The possibility of getting a credible and open response from Commander Walton is impossible and as a result I will not bother to waste time on contacting a senior officer involved in an illegal undercover operation against the family of a murder victim.
Danny Tolan has lived a charmed life since January 1990 and because of his protection by MPSB and DPSB, who shielded him from arrest and he has never had to worry about being prosecuted for his leading role in my attempted murder. Whistleblower Susan Stringer who knew Tolan revealed in writing last week that he had admitted to shooting a man with a sawn-off shotgun because the alleged victim caused Tolan to have an accident on his Harley Davidson motorbike.
The police are not just corrupt, they are running a TERROR GANG using neo-Nazi proxies and other useful idiots to do their dirty work for them and the incontrovertible evidence proves it. Hence the reason they teamed-up to ban TERROR GANG on 5 March 2014. I have sent the relevant email correspondence with my publisher to Inspector Deborah Regan.
I fully intend to apply to testify at the Public Inquiry into the Special Demonstration Squad because I am qualified to speak about the reality of their shady, illegal covert operations against political activists. But the public should be in no doubt that I will be blocked at every stage because HM Government does not want to know the truth about the SDS.
Instead they want to focus entirely on the Lawrence family – to score political points – and three SDS officers who had relationships with female political activists and wrecked their lives. The Government always goes for the soft option but Theresa May and her gang can be in doubt that I will be the ghost that haunts them to the grave and beyond.
I will never stop until justice is done in the public interest and to hell with the threatened “consequences”. Let the enemy worry about Operation Nemesis and their impending downfall in spectacular fashion before the world.


  1. Ciaron Joseph Goggins17 March 2014 at 03:41

    I am behind Simon all the way on this.

  2. I bloody glad the plods haven't got their hands on my computer that would prove really embarrassing.

  3. experienced it today, very corrupt

  4. Simon was framed and he only published the truth. We are behind him 100% and most people support his fight for freedom of speech...

  5. I began to learn that all of our institutions including politicians, the police and so called 'justice' system are all hopelessly corrupt, in 1990 and in 2008 I began my blog. in which I write about it all and my experiences at their hands.
    In 2010 I wrote a book called 'Justice Denied' about my case against the government department; the Intellectual Property Office. Today at 74 I feel I have wasted my whole life in the UK and wished I had been born elsewhere. Says it all, I believe. Anyone who tries to expose it all is on a hopeless journey, but we have to keep trying.

  6. Last year i what turned out as a simple incident turned into being told by a police officer he had assualted his wife earlier to failing to carry out their duties in securing evidence and even tried to charge me for dealing drugs that the officer seen me get from the shed abd hand to thwm and notify them exactly whos they were. This was of no concern only being corrupt. They then arrest for for apparently strangling my partner i had adkrd them to check for eclvidence which they did not want to do and asked my partner if this is what she had said she denied saying it. And even contactes the police station to tell the sergeant. He was just as hopeless and corrupt as the officers at our place. When i put in a complaint it wasny carries out nor did they send anyone out to interveiw my partner and the investigating person juat took the lying officers word for what ever tripe they came out with. It was then claimed i was un co operative and was this bad person when all i did was ask questions into what they were doing and why and why were they not doing their job whilst sittin down not being agressive in any way. To my shock fthe solicitor said just accept it and get on with your life. Its quite can imagine my response.he also said chasing the police with complaints is a waste without propper evidence. I can see where he was coming from but in not gonna lie down and take not quite sure what the next step is i.e judicial reveiw or solicitor or what. I was also quite concerend how he wasnt interested in doing hes job properly. He said the police have to be seen to be doing somethinh to which i replied opressing people violating their rights and corruption is not the stuff people wanna sre the police doing its their job we want to see them do after all they are trusted with a lot. And all they do is show incopetence and immaturity


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