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Judge Niclas Parry, then a solicitor,  spent years being well paid to defend some of the paedophiles named below  at the infamous 'Waterhouse Inquiry'.  The Inquiry looked into the horrific physical and sexual abuse of children in more than 40 Children's Homes and Approved Schools in North Wales. 

  Judge Niclas Parry told the BBC at the beginning of the Inquiry  that

"Our concern at the start of this major inquiry is that perhaps public opinion has swayed the balance far too greatly in favour of those who make allegations of abuse and the understandable anxiety to look after their needs and care may outweigh justice." read more


Nic Parry on the Sgorio set


He then spent the next three years defending some of the evil paedophiles below.  At the Inquiry he met Andrea Davison  then a mental health advocate and  child abuse whistle-blower who was  on the opposite side representing the victims.  Herself the survivor of  child abuse at the notorious Duncroft Approved School she deeply empathised with the abused children. She also exposed Judge Parry's clients in the Magazine Scallywag,  perhaps he could not forgive her for this.

In 2012  Judge Niclas Parry met Andrea Davison again when as a Crown Court Judge he jailed her for  two and half years after saying  although  no-one had lost any money they could have done.  He did not declare that he knew  Andrea Davison and had opposed her years ago when he represented the paedophiles she exposed.  

In 2012 David Cameron was forced to order an inquiry into the Waterhouse Inquiry when it  became clear the inquiry failed the abused children and protected the paedophiles. Judge Niclas Parry was part of this cover-up.

Judge Niclas Parry is not just a Crown Court judge he is also a sports presenter for the BBC and other TV  and  radio stations together with his friend Stuart Hall a well known North West  sports presenter Read More    It was in this capacity  he is believed to have met and become friendly with  Jimmy Savile. The same Jimmy Savile  who abused children in North Wales and in Duncroft Approved School  and who also procured children for the rich and famous.

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Click this for : Victims tell of horror inside North Wales care home where gang rape, strip searches and vicious canings were a way of life… and Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor

They were involved in a paedophile ring network that had spread the length of the British Isles : Includes – Sir Peter Morrison, LORD/MP Greville Janner, EX PM Ted Heath, Lord Leon Brittan, Sir Ian Horobin, MP/Lord Boothby - Click this link to read more

It was systematic and organized – 650 children in 40 childrens homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused over 20 years

A Public Tribunal heard damning evidence of how a number of children’s homes supplied a paedophile ring over a 20 year period  ! Hundreds of children were subjected to physical and sexual abuse (rape), by those who were entrusted with their welfare. Policemen, church ministers, local authority executives, senior businessmen and politicians, have all been identified.

Sexual abuse against children was uncovered at the Bryn Estyn home, near Wrexham, North Wales. It was systematic and organized

As the police investigation continued, newspaper articles,beginning with the Independent on Sunday, linked a former police superintendent, Gordon Anglesea, to child sexual abuse. He successfully sued for libel, receiving damages of £375,000, in 1994. The tribunal heard evidence alleging that Mr Anglesea did commit serious sexual misconduct at Bryn Estyn, but were not persuaded that the libel jury’s verdict was wrong.


MP Tom Watson has already suggested in the House of Commons that a powerful paedophile network may have operated in Britain, protected by its connections to Parliament and Downing Street. He has refused to publicly name the abuser

Rod Richards, a former Conservative MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Tories, made the shocking allegation that he had seen evidence linking Sir Peter Morrison to the North Wales children’s homes case, in which up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused over 20 years. 

Morrison with Baroness Thatcher in 1990

Judge Niclas Parry


Mr Richards also linked a second leading Tory grandee – now dead – to the scandals at homes including Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn Hall, both near Wrexham. He said official documents had identified the pair as frequent, unexplained visitors to the care homes. 

Children in care in North Wales endured years of “appalling suffering”, the UK’s largest child abuse investigation has revealed.The report condemns social workers, children’s home staff, police and local councils and makes 72 recommendations to protect 4,000 children currently cared for by local authorities in Wales.

Individuals named in the report who were still working in childcare had been traced and risk-assessed, said Mr Murphy. Efforts continue to trace others who have left the child-care system.

The Waterhouse tribunal at Ewloe in north Wales heard evidence from more than 650 people who had been in care from 1974. The three-man panel sat for more than a year. It cost more than £12m and took almost two years for its report to be completed and published.

Much of the abuse took place at Bryn Estyn Children’s Home in Wrexham, where paedophiles like Peter Howarth (pic below) – a former housemaster – sexually abused boys as young as 12.

  Howarth was jailed in 1994 for 10 years. He died in prison. But for one of his victims, Andrew Teague, the repercussions of Howarth’s attacks are relived almost every day. “They are the scum of the earth,” he said. “They can paint it any way they like – psychiatrists, psychologists – they can say what they like about them, they are scum.”  Four staff at Bryn Estyn have been convicted of either sexual or physical abuse of children.

However, Bryn Estyn was not unique. Complaints were made to the tribunal about 40 homes throughout Gwynedd and Clwyd. Not all the alleged abuse was sexual. Much was physical – children being thumped, kicked and hit for minor misdemeanours. Some children did complain, but according to Chris Walby – a social services expert helping with another child abuse investigation in Merseyside – their word counted for little in an atmosphere where they were not listened to or believed.  He said people in power abused their positions.

In harrowing evidence, a seemingly never-ending stream of witnesses repeatedly broke down in tears as they recalled how they were raped, beaten and bullied by carers whom the world praised for apparently devoting their lives to the welfare of children.

Boys and girls as young as ten were raped and sexually assaulted by male and female staff and used as sex objects by carers; youngsters were beaten and forced to lick the shoes of their attackers or cut grass with nail scissors the Inquiry heard.

Bryn Alyn

Children who complained had their home leave cancelled, suffered more beatings or were transferred to even harsher homes.

At least a dozen victims have committed suicide and countless others have led damaged lives, unable to cope in a world which totally betrayed them when they most needed help. Now adults, many are still struggling to come to terms with the years of abuse they endured.

Deprived of a childhood, their adult lives too have been blighted by broken relationships, crime and mental illness.

Youngsters were trapped in what the inquiry’s QC called “a twilight world of bewildering inconsistency” – abused by the people they were told would care for them, unable to make their voices heard beyond the walls of the homes. Those whom they should have been able to confide in – or complain to – were often their attackers.

Even when concerns reached the outside world, complaints were dismissed, damning reports swept under the carpet, police investigations conducted half-heartedly, appeals to government ministers ignored.

Suspicious murders !

Another unresolved mystery surrounds a fire in a flat in Brighton which killed five people in April 1992. It broke out in the third-floor flat in Palmeira Avenue, Hove, during a Saturday-night party attended by about 20 people, drawn mostly from the town’s gay community.

Several former Clwyd children’s home residents are thought to have been among the guests: two who have been positively identified had been Bryn Alyn residents and knew John Allen very well – Adrian Johns and his brother Lee (also known as Lee Homberg).

Adrian Johns died and Lee Johns (found dead in 1995 after testifying in John Allen’s trial) was badly injured in the blaze, which another party guest, Trevor Carrington, a formerairline steward, admitted starting as a prank. (He himself committed suicide shortly afterwards.) Rumours continue to circulate about the fire, although at the time a link with the Clwyd scandal was not made.

The ‘whole truth’ for 12 dead

The children placed in residential homes in Clwyd, North Wales, in the 1970s and 1980s, were not, for the most part, delinquents, juvenile criminals, or uncontrollable. They were the innocent victims of domestic problems, sometimes four and five years old, who had been abused in their own families, or youngsters who had simply been abandoned.

What they needed was love and protection. But the world they went into, as described in the report, was no safe haven. It was a brutal, abusive regime.

“The history of allegations of serious abuse of children by staff was frankly appalling in its extent and persistence down the years,” says the report by three leading and independent child care specialists – which has so far not been published.

Most damming of all is the list of 12 young men who have died and whose deaths were linked to their lives in care.

Most of these deaths were not when the abuse was occurring, the report shows, but took place around the time of the investigation and trials of the men found guilty of abusing children in Clwyd.

The list reveals that nine of the 12 died after the police investigation and in some cases after men had been charged. Some of the young men who died had been involved in making statements or giving evidence.

The team says: “We are of the opinion that perhaps insufficient thought has been given to the psychological or psychiatric stress of appearing in court as a witness in high-profile cases.”

The stark list of those who have died appears on one page of the 300- page report and the inquiry team says that even this list “is not comprehensive’.

R1: Fell to his death from a railway bridge. Former resident of Bryn Alyn Home.

R2: May, 1978, committed suicide aged 16 by taking an overdose of pain killing tablets. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

R3: March 1985, was found dead in a flat in which he was living in poverty, aged 21. Former resident of Little Acton Assessment centre.

R4: April 1992, died in a fire aged 32 in premises in which he lived in Sussex. The inquest verdict – unlawful killing. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

R5: June 1992, found dead aged 18 in a bed-sitter. Cause of death, acute respiratory failure due to solvent abuse. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

R6: January, 1994, committed suicide by hanging, aged 27.

R7: April, 1994, died aged 27 from alcohol abuse. Allegations that he had been the subject of a serious sexual offence. Former Bryn Estyn resident.

R8: July 1994, found dead in a car, aged 18. Former foster child in Clwyd where he allegedly suffered from maltreatment.

R9: November, 1994, committed suicide aged 16 by hanging.

R10: February, 1995, died from and apparent heroin overdose aged 37. Former resident of Bryn Alyn where it was alleged he had been sexually abused.

R11: February, 1995, hanged himself aged 31. Allegations of sexual abuse against care workers.

R12: May, 1995, found hanging aged 27. Allegations that he had been sexually abused by a senior care worker. Former resident of Bryn Estyn.

THE names of the “missing” 28 care workers in Britain’s worst child abuse scandal

Some are among the most dangerous paedophiles involved in the scandal to rock North Wales. Others are still being checked out to see if they harmed kids or were wrongly accused. These are some of the 28 who local authorities are desperate to trace following the damning Lost In Care report by Sir Ronald Waterhouse into abuse at 40 carehomes in North Wales:

Paul Bicker Wilson, 49, residential care officer at Bryn Estyn. He was given a suspended sentence of three years and two months in 1994 at Knutsford Crown Court for assault and bullying.

Stephen Norris, 63, (pic above) former residential care officer at the Bryn Estyn home. He was sentenced to a total of seven years jail in 1993 for sex offences against boys. Norris was released after serving half the sentence.

November 1999 - Home-owner child abuse conviction - A former supervisor at two children’s homes in north Wales has been jailed for five years for indecently assaulting boys in his care in the 1970s. Richard Leake, 58, (pictured below)  sexually assaulted boys in his care while working as a supervisor at Bersham Children’s Home in Wrexham and later as principal at Ystrad Hall in Llangollen. 

Richard Leake

Joseph Dodd, 63, officer in charge at Ty’r Felin. He was investigated, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to take him to court. He later retired

Cyril Samuels – Penarth -

A care worker at a South Wales children’s home has been jailed for seven years for 15 sex attacks. Cardiff Crown Court heard father-of-three Cyril Samuels was arrested as part of the massive police investigation called Operation Goldfinch into abuse in children’s home

Samuels was employed for five years at the Headlands National Children’s Home in Penarth between 1969 and 1974. At least Six boys, aged between 10 and 15 were sexually abused. Samuels, of Penarth, was found guilty of a total of 15 charges – including four of indecent assault and 11 of serious sexual assaults.

Leslie Wilson, 48, sentenced to 15 months in prison for gross indecency and attempted Buggery in 1977.

Michael Taylor, 58. In September 1993 he had four cautions in relation to indecent assault.The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to pursue to court.

Derek Brushett – Bryn-y-don - Brushett (pic below) was convicted in November 1999 of a catalogue of sexual and physical abuse on 17 boys, aged between 11 and 16, at Bryn-y-don approved school, Dinas Powys, near Cardiff, between 1974 and 1980.

Derek Brushett

In 1997 – A BOLTON man says he feels “devastated and let down” after watching the sex beast he claims abused him as a child being sentenced to 12 years in jail. Noel Ryan, aged 66, admitted 14 charges of sex abuse on boys in his care at a residential special school in North Wales. At least 17 boys were buggered at Clwyd Hall School from 1970 to 1981 by a houseparent, Noel Ryan, who was jailed in 1997 for 12 years.

But the Bolton man who says he was abused after being referred to Clywd Hall in the 1970s where Ryan worked as a house parent said: “He was evil and should have got life.” Full conviction write-up here

David Gillison, 48. As with Jacqueline Thomas, he was convicted of sexual offences in 1986. He was a social worker not then employed in residential care.

Kenneth Scott, 48, sentenced to eight years in prison in 1986 for buggery and gross indecency.

John Allen , 58,(pic below) founder of the Bryn Alyn community.  He was jailed for six years in 1995 for indecent assaults on boys in his care over an 11-year-period. See John Allen working at a Premier Inn (November 2012)

Anthony Taylor ,71, convicted in 1976 of two offences of indecent assault on boys and fined pounds 20 for each offence.

Deputy officer in charge of Little Acton Assessment Centre, near Wrexham

Worked at the same centre. Accused of assaulting girls.

Junior officer in charge at Bersham Hall, near Wrexham, 1972-3. He was
convicted of indecent assaults against young boys.

Teacher at Bryn Estyn. A weight lifter and body builder who was accused
of slapping youngsters.

Norman Roberts, 66, and son Ian Roberts , 42, were both convicted at Mold Crown Court in 1993 of horse-whipping a boy fostered by the family at the age of seven.They were both given conditional discharges and ordered to pay pounds 100 each in costs.

Malcolm Scrugham, 54, described by Sir Ronald Waterhouse as being among the “most serious offenders”. MALCOLM IAN SCRUGHAM, 54:
A foster parent. Sexually assaulted young girls in his care. Jailed for
ten years in 1993 for raping a girl of 11 and indecent assault on a boy. 2012 – Now living in nr Great Yarmouth 

Brian Ely – Bryn-y-Don/Forde Park - A teacher jailed for sexually abusing boys at schools in Wales and Devon has begun an appeal against his conviction. Brian Ely, 71, was sentenced to 15 years at Exeter Crown Court in 2001 for 26 sex offences against boys dating back 40 years.

Arthur Stephens, 71. Co-defendant with Cook and pleaded guilty to buggery and indecent assault. Sentenced to three years.

Never employed by social services. Convicted in 1980 of three counts of
indecency against one boy in care at Bryn Estyn. Jailed for 18 months.

Warden at Ystrad Hall, Llangollen. Convicted in 1978 of three indecent assaults on two pupils at the school. He got probation for 12 month on condition of hospital treatment. Also given a sentence of 160 hours of community service.

A house father at Little Acton Assessment Centre, Wrexham. Suspended on
July 15, 1977 and convicted of indecent assault, gross indecency and
other offences. Jailed for 15 months.

A full-time residential care worker employed at Chevet Hey children’s
home, Clwyd. Received a three-month suspended sentence for indecent
assault on a boy of 15. She was one of five people grouped together in the report who were convicted of sex offences against children in 1986 at the Chevet Hey home after an investigation which spanned 1981-89.

REGINALD GARETH COOKE (also known as Gary Cooke), 49:
Pleaded guilty in 1980, to two serious sex offences and one of taking an
indecent photo. Jailed for five years but released in November, 1981. Also named among the most serious offenders.

Co-defendant in the Cooke proceedings and jailed for three years.


Worked as a housemaster at Bryn Estyn between 1974 and
1977. In 1978 he became Officer in charge at Ty’r Felin. Physically
abused kids at both homes. Children were physically abused at Ty’r Felin local authority home in Gwynedd while Nefyn Dodd was officer-in-charge between 1978 and 1990. Gwynedd County Council promoted Dodd to a position of control over all the county’s community homes.

Worked as a social worker with Clwyd County Council until 1987. Pleaded
guilty to two offences of gross indecency with a boy of 16.

Deputy Officer in charge of Cartrefle from 1980-1990. Resigned after
admitting a sexual relationship with an under-age boy.

Officer in charge of South Meadow Community Home. Reported to have
slapped a girl of 13 and spanked other kids with her shoes.

While deputy head of Bryn Alyn in 1986, he was convicted of underage sex
with a girl resident. PETER STEEN, age not known: Worked at Bryn Alyn
from 1976-1993. Alleged to have repeatedly punched and kicked boys.

At Gatewen Hall, the proprietors Roger Griffiths and his then wife, Anthea Roberts, persistently sexually abused boys.Griffiths was jailed for eight years and Roberts for two. 

At Gwynfa residential unit, an NHS psychiatric hospital for children, ten former residents complained of sexual abuse. A former staff member was convicted in 1997 of raping a 16-year-old girl resident.

Febuary 2000 - Approved school teachers jailed for abuse

Two men who abused young boys when they worked in an approved school in Monmouthshire have been jailed for a total of 23 years. 

A judge at Newport Crown Court jailed 66-year-old Barrie Alden, the former deputy principal at the Ty Mawr School near Abergavenny for 15 years after being convicted of 10 offences against young boys. 

Ex-housemaster John Wright, 56, from Talgarth in Powys was sentenced to eight years after being found guilty of six counts.

July 2000 - A social worker who abused two boys at an Islington Council children’s home in the 1970s was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment earlier this week.

December 1997 - A former scoutmaster and youth worker, David Stanley,(pic above) from Telford, has been jailed for 18 years for a series of sexual attacks on young boys in his care. The offences were committed while Stanley worked as a scoutmaster and then as a care assistant at a privately-run residential children’s home in Shifnal, Shropshire. The home was part of the same company which owned the Bryn Alyn home in north Wales

Michael Taylor pleaded guilty at London’s Snaresbrook crown court to seven counts of indecent assault at Gisburne House. When he left Gisburne House he became deputy superintendent of Bersham Hall children’s home in North Wales where he repeatedly assaulted two 11-year-old boys in his care.

Taylor was arrested after the people he abused, now adults, went to the police. He was previously convicted of two indecent assaults in 1980. His name will be added to the sex offenders’ register.

Few children complained and staff were strongly discouraged from voicing concerns. The worst “cult of silence” was at Bryn Estyn, where there was suspicion and gossip for many years about Howarth’s “flat list”. He compiled a list of boys invited to his flat for the evening, who had to wear pyjamas with no underwear, and were then subjected to all manner of sexual assault. The principal, Matt Arnold, threatened staff with dismissal if they gave currency to the rumours.

There was isolated sexual abuse at two of Paul Hett’s private children’s homes, Dol Rhyd School and Ysgol Hengwrt. Five men on the staff abused a victim each. Roger Saint, a foster parent, was jailed for 6½ years in 1997 for indecent assaults on nine children. North Wales Police were at fault for telling social services in 1978 there was nothing detrimental about him; he had indecent assault convictions.

Children in some Gwynedd foster homes were sexually and physically abused. Malcolm Scrugham was jailed in 1993 for ten years for raping a foster child. A foster father and his son were convicted in 1993 of physical assaults.

Febuary 2000

Over the 15 years following the Taylor trial in 1975 nine other care workers were convicted and further allegations surfaced. Between 1978 and 1992 there were 20 police inquiries into allegations made by residents at a number of homes in both Clwyd and Gwynedd involvingclaims of rape, indecent assault and physical assault.

Homes investigated included Cartref Melys, Ty’r Felin, Y Gwyngyll, Hengwrt, Bersham Hall, Pentre Saeson, Tapley Avenue, Ysgol Treborth, Bryn Alyn, Cheviot Hey, Talfryn, Gatewen, and Park House.

Care workers convicted before 1991 included:

  • David Taylor (indecent assault at Bryn Tirion);

  • Leslie Wilson (indecent assault, gross indecency, Little Action assessment centre);

  • Bryn Davies (indecent assault, Llangollen school);

  • Ian Muir (unlawful sexual intercourse, Bryn Alyn);

  • David Gillison (indecent assault of a 16-year old at Cheviot Hey);

  • Jackie Thomas (indecent assault of Cheviot Hey teenager);

  • Stephen Norris (indecent assault, Cartrefle);

  • Frederick Rutter (rape and indecent assault, Bryn Estyn).

Between 1974 and 1996, there were 12 internal inquires by Clwyd Council involving children in its care homes and no fewer than seven different management structures for children’s services within its social services department.

The following allegations formed the basis of the police investigation that began in 1991. More than one allegation of abuse were made at a series of homes:

  • Bersham Hall (41),

  • Berwyn Hall (seven),

  • Bryn Alyn (96),

  • Bryn Estyn (138),

  • Bryn Tirion (15),

  • Cartref Bontnewydd (four),

  • Cartref Melys (two),

  • Cartrefle (30),

  • Cherry Hill (two),

  • Cheviot Hey (34)

  • Clwyd Hall (four),

  • Dol Rhyd (two),

  • Gatewen (36),

  • Gwynfa (24),

  • Hengwrt (nine),

  • Park House (18),

  • Pentre Saeson (20),

  • Queens Park (13),

  • Rhiwlas (three),

  • South Meadows (13),

  • Tanllwyfan (13),

  • Ty Newydd (12),

  • Ty’r Felin (85),

  • Ucheldre (two),

  • Upper Downing (12),

  • Y Gwyngyll (18),

  • Ynys Fechan (four),

  • Ysgol Talfryn (19),

  • Ystrad Hall (39).

    Children in care

    It is usual within establishments like childrens homes were abuse has occurred that a system has developed and allowed to continue were the abuse is widespread and commonplace and being committed by more than one individual. In some cases those who are not abusers turn a blind eye to the abuse which leaves vulnerable children having no where to turn and no escape.

    Residents live in an environment of fear of the next incident of abuse. Children may run away from these homes only to be returned by the Police upon discovery creating a feeling of hopelessness. On some occasions even if the child did disclose the abuse to external sources they were not believed. These systems can develop into establishments were even the residents turn to abusing other residents sometimes at the order of staff involved with the abuse.

    The evidence shows that the widespread sexual abuse of children in care has been occurring for decades and those paedophiles involved, include some “high members” of UK society but their abuse has been largely ignored or hidden. WHY ? One simple answer – they were protected. They were involved in a paedophile ring that had spread the length of the British Isles. 

    Hundreds of children were subjected to physical and sexual abuse, by those who were entrusted with their welfare. Policemen, church ministers, local authority executives, senior businessmen and politicians, have all been identified yet “let off the hook”.

    Those named to the Waterhouse tribunal included:

    A man who bears the same surname as a prominent Conservative supporter. Two witnesses have told the tribunal of a rich and powerful man who belonged to the alleged ring.

    The son of an influential peer who admitted to police that he had been having sex with an under-age boy from one of the homes. Despite his admission, he vas never prosecuted.

    A powerful public official who has previously been cleared of abuse. Six witnesses have given separate accounts to the tribunal of his alleged rape of young boys. Another has reported him attending parties in Wrexham which were supplied with boys from a children’s home.

    Two social workers and two police officers, one of whom was accused of abuse on four separate occasions and exonerated each time, another of whom has since been jailed in another part of the country for gross indecency with a child.

    More than a dozen other local men, including an executive with a local authority, a senior probation officer and a director of a major company.

    All those named as members of the alleged ring have denied the charges, either in evidence to the tribunal or through their lawyers.

    Wales child abuse scandal: key questions answered – The Guardian


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  9. Hi, Thank you for your excellent portrayal of how terrible this world is, in looking out for our children. I was in the care system in Enfield, Middx in the 70's. And as the oldest there i even had to rob the safe of the NUNS home to buy food to make a shepherds pie for them all. As the dinners they gave us would not satisfy a mouse. We were starving. Shocking, i was 15 the kids were from 6yrs up. They were cruel, as a very angry so called delinquent teen, which i became after years of sexual abuse, which no one even bothered to see the signs, at school or when i went into care. As i was to scared to say it to anyone. I was placed in many homes. And the cruelty was very bad in Bush hill park. The kids were terrified in that home. No one did anything to me as i would have kicked off and they knew it. But a lot of things went down in all the homes i was in. This needs to get into the public domain. I have added link for a petition for royal commission to get theses scum bags investigated properly to hopefully stop the cover ups, PLEASE SIGN IT

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    This petition is by royal commission to investigate thoroughly all abuse allegations stopping cover ups.

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  21. I really thankful to you for this great read On Childcare Hills Area!! You did a very great job, keep it up.

  22. British Police Officers trafficked British Children as sex slaves:

  23. I was in Clwyd hall school and was abused by two male members of staff was bullied also by a mr Williams who became headmaster, I was bullied and abused for several years,,,, yet these convicts get silly punishments because they were government approved, myself I have not had a successful place in life, as im to defensive of myself in life as no-one was defensive of me during school life.... things were so bad when I turned 16 I changed my name by deed poll (and i'm now 47), so nothing would come back to me!, but now I see this and think its about time I came forward and help try and reconvict certain people, on behalf of all the poor lost souls who took there life because of there traumas,,, ( LET US ALL PRAY AND FIGHT FOR THE LOST SOULS THAT THEY ARE IN PEACE NOW)....I'm sorry im late with this but I've only just come across this problem, and thought I should voice my concerns..... the convictions that were given by the so called judge should be looked into as they were too lenient, maybe he was involved some way, as o know a father who hit his kids once and got 18 months sentence ,, so this was once , yet the abusers was constant for years and get silly sentences
    anyway if theres anyone from 1972 to 1978 who would like me to contact them please leave email here and I'll contact you... please leave opinions regards mysterious

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for comming forward. mysterious. Justice Denied is grateful to you.

      We all have to fight to stop Judges like Niclas Parry giving evil peadophiles slap on the hand sentences whilst persecuting victims and whislte-blowers like Andrea Davison who harmed no-one and caused loss to no-one.

      The system that has protected paedophiles for decades whilst it persued victims for minor offences has to be broken and it is only by survivors comming forward that this will be achieved.

      If survivors prefer to use our e-mail to contact each other in confidence please do so. We will put you in touch with each other.

    2. im so sorry to here what you have written I can also understand what it is like growing up with sexual abuse it is very hard to open up completely and see these people face to face and go into court with the allegation's as you feel that no one will believe you and in some way you feel as though its your fault as you are taken over with guilt justice is one thing but living with its another. all I can say is go with your heart and do what you feel is right for you. you are stronger and more determined now to beat them than ever take care

  24. Thank you guys for working on this controversial subject. The only way to get rid off this darkness is to shine light on it. More exposure everywhere is the key. Link and discuss this homepage everywhere you can think. After many years the mainstream media had to deal with this subject(like Jimmy saville) because the evidence and exposure became critical in the alternative meida an among the people.

    Stop ALL abuse now.

    Keep on shining!

    With love


  25. Read Andrea Davison's explosive statement to the Macur Review

    and see

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    Childcare Seven Hills we should think about our children and taking suitable steps

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  29. Judge niclASS parry.. You are a dirty rotten PR**K i hate you soooo much if i had the chance i would rip you head clean off your shoulders you WA**ER . I swear if i ever see you walking past me i will take your head off. Not a threat but a promise.

  30. I was physically abused on a couple of occasions at Gwynfa, Colwyn Bay in 1983. My time in so-called care was no where near as bad as what many others experienced within this setting but I felt I had to get it off my chest & report to PALLIAL after the passing of my mum in 2012. From the start, it became apparent to me at Colwyn Bay police station that this would be yet another half hearted investigation. I had to give my statement to a so-called police officer known for lack of integrity & she seemed to have great difficulty getting what I said, straight, whereby I had to correct what she had written many times. The statement sheets consequently looked messy, which wouldn't impress the "decision makers" I'm sure & would no doubt influence their decision of whether to investigate properly or not, as they could claim that it was my fault by changing mind but that was NOT the case. I was clear in my mind & consistent in my account & description of offenders. Surely, this is a BENT & corrupt tactic used to discredit witness statements, when it suits, by a well & truly bent & discredited police service - the NWP? Apparently the infamous North Wales police should never have been involved with my statement due to their historic conduct, SOCA as it was then should have been involved from square one. A couple of SOCA officers did eventually come to see from London & sounded hopeful that the culprits I reported would be arrested. However, around 9 months later I got a phone call stating that my case would not proceed & that no-one had been arrested, even though I was told in a previous "update" phone call that arrests would take place in the new year ie 2014. I demanded that they put their reasons in writing to me & their written response begged more questions than it answered.

    Only some of the most serious offences against children are being pursued under PALLIAL, letting many culprits off the hook for their crimes. I thought that there was now a ZERO tolerance of ALL abuse against minors, but sadly the public face of this investigation does not match its actions away from the public gaze. So, WHAT'S changed? Nothing, it's a complete WHITEWASH!

    1. I was at Gwynf mate, I know exactly what you mean. I was there from 1980 to 1982 then sent to Talfryn which I found even worse. I left shortly after that DR Barry Keen arrived, but obviously He didn't stop the abuses occurring. In Gwynfa I knew some staff were engaged in sexual activities with some Children. Dave.

  31. abuse in ty mawr school still have nightmares to this day 36 years on down the line now

    1. Thanks so v much for sharing this. We keep fighting to stop children suffering the horror of systematic abuse again.

  32. its ok for a judge to say u have got 15 years but they only do half of that sentance but the abused child or should i say adult now suffers with ptsd 36 years on down the line for being put in the care system and abused by people whos job is to care for u and the abused child got to live with it for the rest of their lives

  33. I was at Gwynfa in Colwyn Bay from 1980 to 1982 Aged 12. I suffered Mental & Physical abuse, I also knew that sexual abuse was going on. From 1982 I was transferred to Ysgol Talfryn & that place was an even worse place of misery. An absolute Nightmare of indescribable horror. I am now 51 & them horrific memories still persist. My nicknames were Gobbo in Gwynfa & Binx in Talfryn. To the fellow Residents I knew who were also suffering I remember you all so Please remember me too. David Peter Morris-Jones (I only used the Jones Part of my name back then)

  34. Gwynfa & Talfryn wew places of absolute misery


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