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 For more than 30 years children have been sexually and physically abused,

traumatised  and  abandoned by a system designed to provide easy meat for paedophiles.   The clever High Level Paedophiles have developed a perfect system  using organisations designed to protect children as a means to procure them.  And the icing on the cake it is all  paid for by the tax payers.



By Sonia Poulton  from the Express

FOUR weeks after David Cameron announced ­Operation Pallial, “an ­independent review and investigation into historic abuse in care within the North Wales police area”, I have come to understand the severe limitations of this inquiry, due to report its findings in April 2013.
As a journalist and following the Savile revelations, which opened up this repugnant can of worms, I have interviewed dozens of abuse victims from care homes across the UK and from over a ­period of 30 years “in care”.
I am left in no doubt that the abuse of children in the system is neither historic nor limited to the Welsh border.
I have been shocked by the ­extent of abuse I have discovered. Much of it I have corroborated with social services reports and court documents as well as online government records.
Over the past 30-odd years there has been an increase in children abused or “missing in care”. Some are drafted into sex gangs, others simply vanish.
Last year in Kent 25 children aged 12-17 disappeared from care homes. It was suspected they were trafficked across the UK for labour and sexual exploitation. read more

the article ends:-

So I implore David Cameron to set up a national inquiry into care home abuse, beyond the narrow perimeters of Operation Pallial.

Failing vulnerable children once, without the knowledge it was happening, is under­standable. Failing them twice, when we know the situation, is nothing short of mass neglect.


  1. This abuse is taking place at all levels of society.

    My own abuse, and that of many others, tok place within the public school system. The chaplain at Radley College went on to become chaplain at Eton.

    Cameron & I were contemporaries at school & I regard the attitudes of soem public school educated people to child molestation as a major problem.

    Please publicise the attempted cover-up of crimes against me by Thames Valley Police & my message to David Cameron on Utube

  2. I have a blog here where you can read CID Statements and medical commentaries which corrobaorate them:


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