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Was BBC celeb Clement Freud a key player in Child Abuse Network

Was BBC celebrity Sir Clement Freud,recently exposed as a serial child abuser, part of an elite child abuse network ? 

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Given the networks surrounding him, there is every potential was a key player in the vast web of organized abuse that somehow manages to avoid media scrutiny.
Before I go any further, I should make it clear that I never began researching these avenues to be popular... though I try to remain as objective as possible, much of what I write is going to piss people off; of course, at times, this will create tensions and backlash, but in the long run, hopefully anyone who takes offence will come to see that I'm doing what I can to try and make the world a better place.
Many key witnesses have withdrawn from the current inquiry into abuse at the Kincora Home in Northern Ireland as they have no confidence in the inquiry as it stands[2][3]... exposing the truth at Kincora is key to removing the power of those who use vulnerable children as fodder for blackmailing prominent people, using hidden cameras and acts of extreme child abuse, a tactic long used by several intelligence agencies around the world.
Given Richard Kerr's testimony of being trafficked from Kincora to other locations within the UK [4], there is a clear case for bringing Kincora within the remit of the more powerful Independent Inquiry set up by the UK Home Office, though my doubts surrounding the 3rd chair to be appointed to the inquiry, Justice Goddard, remain, especially given her interviewer Keith Vaz's ties to Nadhmi Auchi (explained in further detail below).
Therefore, more pressure is required on Her Majesty's Government on this matter, especially as the Kincora Scandal is said to involve Lord Mountbatten[5], who introduced Jimmy Savile to The Royal Family. No doubt many of the bright and creative minds out there can devise ways and means to increase the pressure...
Now, I'll try to avoid too much waffle, as there's a hell of a lot of ground to be covered, and I'm attempting to simplify some very complex networks and provide leads for further research... here's some key points:
Clement Freud shared an office with Cyril Smith [1]
Cyril Smith and his friends Jimmy Savile and Leon Brittan associated with Keith Harding, a key member of the Paedophile Information Exchange. [6] Jeremy Thorpe, a close associate of Clement Freud was also involved.
Keith Harding was based in Islington, an area with deep ties to Organized Child Abuse, with extensive links to abuse in both Lambeth and Jersey.[7][8]
Keith Harding went on to become Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Masonic Lodge closely associated with GCHQ[9]
Clement Freud's Son, Matthew Freud[10] is involved with the 'Notting Hill Set'[11], many members of which including David Cameron are in the close circle of former Home SecretaryMichael Howard
In the mid 1990s, whilst Michael Howard was Home Secretary, the Home Office received a dossier detailing abuse by Greville Janner, on which no substantial action was taken. This was at least the 4th warning they had received. [12]
It's worth noting that around this time that current Prime Minister David Cameron and Patrick Rock, who has recently been found guilty of making indecent images of children[13], were working together as Political Advisors to Michael Howard[14].
Michael Howard is a member of the highly secretive organization 'Le Cercle'[15], which has deep ties to many intelligence agencies and has a long history of links to many of those involved with organized child abuse, along with shadowy covert acts such as media propaganda, arms dealing and on the ground military action, generally funded by offshore shell companies.
Michael Howard is a long time friend of Jonathan Aitken, global arms dealer and one time head of Le Cercle.[15]
(for more on Aitken and his ties to the current speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, see here:
Another previous head of Le Cercle, and mentor of Jonathan Aitken, Julian Amery [16]was deeply involved in the 'Bank of Credit and Commerce International' an extremely shadowy bank which was set up with participation by George H. W. Bush and members of the Safari Club.
The BCCI was heavily involved with US and Saudi funds during Operation Cyclone and the early stages of Al-Qaeda... Osama Bin Laden had extensive investments in the BCCI.[17]
When the terms for the Al-Yamamah arms deal [18] were set up, Michael Howard was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Trade and Industry with responsibility for regulating the financial dealings of the City of London. This junior post became very important, as he oversaw the BigBang introduction of new technology in 1986. [19]
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the City of London are both heavily involved with the covert arms trade, as detailed in Gerald James' book, regarding his time as chairman of AstrA Holdings PLC, an Arms Company built into a global concern with the help of the intelligence services, then dismantled from within by those same interests to consolidate control elsewhere. It's worth noting that at the time George Kennedy Young approached Gerald James via the Monday Club, he was a director at Kleinwort Benson, who dealt with the privatisation of British Aerospace [20]
Whilst on the subject of Astra Holdings, it's worth noting that Julian Amery, one time head of Le Cercle and key player in BCCI was linked to the South African Nuclear Weapons Program, along with one time Deputy Head of MI6 and Merchant Banker George Kennedy Young. [21]
Given the allegations surrounding David Cameron and his 1989 trip to South Africa involving Nuclear Weapons and Astra Holdings, along with alleged links to the death of Dr David Kelley, this is an avenue worthy of further investigation. [22]
Another avenue for investigation is George Kennedy Young being a key figure in dossiers regarding VIP abuse, as mentioned by John Mann MP[23]... GK Young had long associations with his contemporaries in the CIA, including Allen Dulles, who had extensive involvement in Project MK-Ultra, a sub program of which involved training children as prostitutes, involving hidden cameras for blackmail purposes[24], however the majority of documents were destroyed around the time of Watergate
The dossiers detailing abuse by prominent people within the UK were passed to Leon Brittan, whilst he was Home Secretary... aside from multiple survivors alleging violent abuse by Brittan and his involvement with Keith Harding and the Paedophile Information Exchange, it should be noted that when the Al-Yamamah deal was 1st set up, as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Brittan was in charge of the DTI. [25]
Kenneth Clarke was Paymaster General[26] when the Al-Yamamah deal was set up, a key role involved with the finances of the deal, especially important given the unconventional oil for arms aspect... how much of this money made it's way via the BCCI under the supervision of members of Le Cercle remains to be seen. Ken Clarke himself has multiple allegations of involvement in abuse[27]... this may bear some relation as to why a member of the The WhiteFlowers Campaign who set up a survivors hotline, East Midlands survivors based around the Nottingham Area was prevented from a role as a core participant in the Child Abuse inquiry[28]... that's before you take into account Ken Clarke's involvement in Jimmy Savile's posting at Broadmoor Hospital. Also worth noting at this point Clement Freud's links to Rolf Harris, who visited Broadmoor with Savile [29]
But back to Al-Yamamah for a moment[30]:
'According to legal sources familiar with the records, BAE Systems made cash transfers to Prince Bandar every three months for 10 years or more.
BAE drew the money from a confidential account held at the Bank of England that had been set up to facilitate the Al-Yamamah deal. Up to £2bn a year was deposited in the accounts as part of a complex arrangement allowing Saudi oil to be sold in return for shipments of Tornado aircraft and other arms.
Both BAE and the government's arms sales department, the Defence Export Services Organisation (Deso), allegedly had drawing rights on the funds, which were held in a special Ministry of Defence account run by the government banker, the PAYMASTER GENERAL.'
Norman Lamont happened to have a key role when the Al-Yamamah deal was set up, as Minister of Defence Procurement[31], which among other responsibilities meant he was in charge of the Defence Export Services Organisation mentioned above and also oversaw defence exports... convenient then that he should go on to become head of Le Cercle[15].
Convenient also that David Cameron was special advisor to Norman Lamont when he was Chancellor[32]
Without going into too much detail at the moment, it's worth noting that Norman Lamont has extensive business ties with Le Cercle Member Nadhmi Auchi[15], most notably:
'Lamont was not only close to Auchi through Le Cercle. After leaving government he joined the five-member financial board of Auchi’s General Mediterranean Holding, a Luxembourg-based holding company for more than 120 companies. Anno 2011 Lamont still sits on the board. Jacques Santer, a former finance and prime minister of Luxembourg who is known to be sympathetic to Opus Dei sits on the six-member main board of General Mediterranean Holding.
In 2009 the Belgian Marc Verwilghen joined the main board, which is rather puzzling. Verwilghen headed the independent Dutroux Commission and was among the few officials that were open to the information in X-Dossiers which implicated Belgium's elite in various child abuse rings.'
Now by some accounts Leon Brittan was involved in abuse and abuse images during his time in Brussels, which may be the reason I attractedNick Clegg's attention... it could also be regarding the Privy Council meeting last year where key Le Cercle member Julian Lewis was sworn into the Privy Council:
Back to Clement Freud, the link to Belgium provides another possible lead in the Madeline McCann case, as detailed here:
It's also well worth noting that along with the head of the (very iffy) inquiry into the Dutroux affair in Belgium, General Mediterranean Holdings board of directors has also included Keith Vaz [33], who chairs the Home Affairs Select Committee and has been pivotal in determining the suitability of candidates as chair of the UK independent inquiry into Child Abuse.
Of course, questions still remain about Vaz's time on the councils of Richmond and Islington whilst abuse was occurring, as well as his prior support of Greville Janner.
I'll expose further ties soon, along with showing how this all ties into the very same networks involved in the Contra Affair which led to N.W.A Musicgetting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the careers of Dr DreIce CubeSnoop DoggEminem50 CentJAY ZBeyoncéRihannaKendrick Lamar and many others...
We'll also work towards taking a look at Aegis Defence Services, who along with ties to Le Cercle, appear to have several links to a great deal of suspicious activity... on that note, this previous post regarding Aegis' Chairman Nicholas Soames, Equerry to Prince Charles during the period he, Lord Mountbatten and Jimmy Savile were rubbing shoulders.


  1. Our under age child was targeted by a sex gang. Our family were gagged in order to suppress all information.

  2. Our under age child was targeted by a sex gang. Our family were gagged in order to suppress all information.


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