Saturday 5 March 2016

Andrea Davison exposes more about UK corruption and child abuse cover-up in her new Statement

Problem with justice in the UK is that the bad people can choose the Judge and so many judges are corrupt. So it's all too simple to set-up

    Known as Mr Establishment this man  LORD SIMON is a senior figure in the cover-up of the Westminster pedophile Ring

    UK justice is  run by criminals in wigs and ermine who are just stooges of a corrupt and failed State.  They head Inquiries like the recent whitewash into the crimes of Jimmy Savile at the BBC.  As barristers and lawyers they make fortunes no-matter if they win or loose for their hapless clients. They are the final gatekeepers of the corrupt system keeping in power arrogant and amoral masters.    All this is funded by you the Tax Payer.   Its time to stop the Legal Professionals gravy train ! 

    Below is the new Statement of Andrea Davison 


    In this statement I deal more specifically with UK CSAPT mandate described as   ‘dealing specifically with complicity/cover up or failure by the police (anywhere in the UK) and perpetration/complicity/cover-up by MPs.’

    This Statement aims to shed some light on the machinations of a group of VIP privileged criminals and a lower network who rape, torture and murder children in the United Kingdom. The top level of this group held and or hold key positions in the United Kingdom.  From their senior positions within the Establishment they have successfully subverted the Justice System, the Intelligence and Security systems and Parliament itself to protect themselves.  Their powerful positions allowed them to continue to rape, torture and murder children for pleasure and profit.  Whilst the perpetrators are few, those who have aided and abetted them to cover-up these monstrous crimes are legion

    The criminal cabal members have included Prime Ministers, Home Secretaries, Ministers, Judges senior and minor, Queens Councils, senior Police officers, senior Security and Intelligence officers.  All backed by a proliferation of civil servants who obey their edicts.  Promotion was guaranteed to anyone who actively supported the Cabal and it is because of this that those the cabal trusted rose up through the ranks to be placed in key positions. Whistle-blowers on the other hand are anathema, to be ruthlessly persecuted and ruined using the power and resources of the State.  Whilst the public purse has borne all the costs. 

    The decades of cover-up must be laid bare and those who have profited from it removed from office, otherwise nothing will change and children will remain at risk.  


    1.1  As Background I refer to my Statement to the Macur Review dated 14th  July 2013  and contained herein in Appendix  document (1)    For ease I may repeat some statements  and evidence  previously made where appropriate.  Further and other details relevant to this statement are elucidated herein where applicable.  There are some matters I deliberately do not wish to expand upon at this juncture.


    1.2 For myself as for other children caught up in the Juvenile Criminal Justice and Care System which led to abuse, the Police and the Courts were an integral part of the persecution and abuse.   Like many abused children I attempted suicide, this is a recognized symptom of abuse because of the helplessness of the child against its adult abusers. When the abuser is the State itself the extremes of helplessness and worthlessness are compounded.

    1.3 My first experience of police involvement came early in 1963 when I went to visit my family in Yorkshire I had just turned 13 years old.  The Mecca in Leeds was a haunt for young teenagers and I went there with friends. That night I was attacked and then arrested, I cannot remember the reason given for my arrest.   Following my arrest I was taken to Leeds police station and thereon parts of what happened to me are crystal clear but other parts are hazy.  I was tortured by one male officer and one female. The male dragged me down the police corridor by my hair and the female cut my nails with scissors until they bled.  The officers yelled at me a lot and I remember being stripped and thrown into a cold cell.  I was assaulted by both the male and the female.   The next day I was put into handcuffs and delivered to the police in Dunstable.  I remember a police man in Dunstable was horrified that a battered and bruised child was delivered in handcuffs.  This was my first experience of the British Police and from the reports of how children are still being treated in the North of England little has changed in 50 years.

    1.4 A month or so later in 1963 I was arrested again for being drunk. The men who plied me with drink were not arrested or interviewed.  I was remanded in custody to an extremely abusive establishment where I was subjected to physical and psychological abuse.  Later I was sentenced for being drunk and disorderly.  

    1.5 As I recall my parents appealed and I was moved to a less abusive Remand Home where I was compelled to take an IQ test with a result of IQ 158.  Eventually I was taken to Court where the judge upheld my conviction and sentenced me to two and half years in an Approved School.  The Judge chose Duncroft Approved School because of my high IQ.

    1.6 This State run children’s prison became infamous because it allowed the serial pedophile Sir Jimmy Savile to rape children. The School also allowed entertainers and members of the Royal family the run of the Approved School for example Princess Alexandra whose husband Angus Ogily was a known pedophile

    1.7 Arriving at Duncroft I still had spirit so I was drugged, stripped and kept in Solitary confinement in the punishment cell.  Perhaps they wanted to brake my spirit before allowing me to integrate with the other children in much the same way they do with juvenile elephants, destined for the tourist trade, in Thailand.   Whilst at Duncroft I was fed a cocktail of drugs to which I had adverse reactions and this makes exact recall difficult. 

    1.8 Duncroft was part of an abusive State system, but certainly not in itself the worst establishment. My only thought was to escape and one night helped by the other girls I did.  We knotted bed sheets together to make a rope and I descended from a third floor window to freedom.   Duncroft was not very far from London City.   I had been given an address in London by one of the girls at Duncroft as a place of safety from the police. This turned out to be frequented by people who preyed on children and I became aware of a pedophile ring involving important people. 
    Duncroft Approved School

    1, 9 I never returned to Duncroft, as a child I was petrified of the Police who in main supported the abusers and an even more abusive Justice system designed to silence children. “No-one will believe you” I was told and no-one did. This system had thrust me from the shelter of my family and forced me to live on my wits. But I survived and turned these hard early experiences into a fighting spirit.

    1.10 It was these early experiences which meant it was impossible for me to turn a blind eye when as an adult in the 90’s  I became aware of the continuing systematic exploitation of vulnerable children. That is how I became a whistle-blower as I tried to open the door for the light to shine on the murky world of systematic child exploitation and abuse.


    2.1            During the 80’s and 90’s I was based in North Wales working for and with the Intelligence Services mainly on investigations concerning the illegal supply of arms and technology to Iraq Iran and the Former Yugoslavia. I was involved in an investigation into the transfer of Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) technology to Iraq. At one point I was working with a strictly military intelligence section and when the Gulf war started all the reserves were called up and I became involved in detecting sabotage and other matters.

    2.2            During the course of the investigation clear links were identified between illegal arms sales, drugs trafficking, support for terrorist groups and the sale and distribution of child pornography, including snuff videos. The illegal arms trade is connected to a much larger organised criminal network. The fact that sections of the Conservative Government, the Police and government agencies were involved made it more perilous and destructive to the fabric of society. No-one knew who is working for whom!  I was later to give evidence of these matters in secret to Lord Justice Scott’s Inquiry into ‘Arms to Iraq’.

    2.3            I became involved in the investigation of child abuse in 1989 whilst carrying out a search of a suspect xxxxxxxxxxx  premises. We found hard drugs and child pornography in video and photographic form. Some of it looked ritualistic. The suspect was involved with a company called Orbit Technology. Which was engaged in research at a building connected with Bangor University. The investigation concerned tech transfer of biological weapons data to Iraq. XXXXX  lived close to and was associated with xxxxxxxx       who ran the Workhouse gym in Bangor High Street. Following further investigation it was discovered that Lee was distributing pornography on a large scale including child porn videos and highly priced snuff videos, where a child would be sexually abused and murdered on film.  Lee a former mercenary was involved with another mercenary xxxxxxxxx  who had been in mufti in Angola.   BothXXXXXXXg were protected by the Police and certain shadowy sections of the intelligence community for which they worked, I understand, on contract.

    2.4          For years the police as a body denied snuff videos, now re-named necro porn, existed. Which poses the obvious question why when there was so much hard evidence easily obtainable.   The   North Wales Police certainly protected suppliers, of snuff videos involving children and this situation is I believe repeated around the country.   Supported by the fact that senior people within the Justice System are involved in the criminal exploitation of children. Where Judges, Home Secretaries, Prime Ministers, Barristers and senior Police Officers are either pedophiles or cover-up for pedophiles the whole system becomes corrupted.
    2.5   Following the discovery of the child abuse images, mentioned above I decided to run an unsanctioned parallel investigation into child abuse... This included an investigation into ‘snuff’ videos. I discovered some of the children exploited were from local children’s homes where there appeared to exist a ready supply of children.
    2.6 This investigation quickly led to connections with Islington and Lambeth and Dolphin Square. The investigation revealed a network of Pedophiles around the country with high level contacts. It transpired that this network of dangerous criminals who exploited children were protected from exposure and prosecution by the very organs of State which should have protected the victims.


    2.7 Around this time I secretly met DC Nick Lewis from the North Wales Drug Squad in a car park in Seiont Manor.  My friend xxxxxxx owned Seiont Manor at the time and this was the reason I chose to meet the Police at that location.

    2.8 I later secretly met Nick Lewis and DI Maldwyn Roberts of a Bridge in Caernarfon at the request of Nick Lewis. They asked me to help them with the an investigation into child abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse they told me it was a Home Office Directive and asked for my confidence. I agreed to assist them and did so and did share some information with them and passed them evidence. I kept detailed notes in my diary. This diary was later stolen in July/august 2012 by two thieves Robert Ostler and Mathew Pike and turned up in the hands of Andrew West of the Crown Prosecution Service who has buried it.

      2.9 When the opportunity arose I asked colleagues to check the Home Office Directive and they came back with a negative. Following this I was briefed about The Pedophile Information Exchange hereinafter called ‘PIE’, who’s magazine Magpie had been printed in the Home Office.  I was also briefed about and the use of pedophilia by section of M15 to control influential people. The briefing included information about the abuse of children in local Care homes, the extended elite paedophile network and the lucrative child porn sex trade. I was firmly told not to trust anyone in the North Wales Police because they were deeply involved.  This was an apt warning.


    2.10    I was forced to accept the unpalatable truth that I had been used by the North Wales Police.  They had asked me to investigate Child abuse and Ritual Abuse in order to identify threats, destroy evidence and cover-up that abuse and I had been used.   So amongst other actions. I arranged to see my MP Davith Wigley MP.

     2.11   In September 1990 Davith Wigley was my MP and I had several meetings with him about child abuse in North Wales.  Davith Wigley knew my Mother, and both my mother and I knew him to be a caring man who loved children.   I passed details to Davith which included details from victims and a Reverend about Ritualistic Abuse and details of North Wales Police corruption and their involvement in the cover-up of abuse against children.   Davith Wigley told me he would talk to the Home Secretary and he did try to raise this with the then Home Secretary David Waddington but Waddington refused to see him.

    2.12 Evidence that Waddington refused to See Davith Wigley to discuss child abuse in North Wales has recently emerged from documents disclosed by the Cabinet Office. Why the Cabinet Office felt in necessary to keep secure this matter is yet to be determined. In a supplement to the Wanless/Wittham review it says  “A Written Statement made by the Minister for Cabinet and Paymaster General on 4 February 2015 [Annex A] announced that the response from his Department was flawed. As a result we were invited to examine further material at the Cabinet Office on 16 February and 24 March this year.”One section was marked 31712 4/10/90 HS decision not to meet Davith Wigley 
    See Appendix Document (2) or follow this link


    2.13 it was clear that the cover-up was actually more revealing than the actual abuse itself and more complex, convoluted and insidious. Without the systematic and organised cover-up of the abuse by the Police and Parliament the abuse could not have continued. It became clear to me that the abuse and cover-up was supported by a network of paedophiles and a wider criminal network involving elements within Police Forces, State Agencies and Government itself.

    2.14 Decades of cover-up had led directly to children being sexually, physically and psychologically abused by protected paedophiles since at least the 1960’s

    2.15     From 1990 to 1996 I worked with Journalist xxxxxx on Scallywag Magazine and its successor Spiked Magazine exposing child abuse. Where details could be verified or affidavits taken from the victims Scallywag and its successor Spiked published regardless of the consequences. Articles were published about PIE of which Peter Righton and Jimmy Savile were members, and about the Jillings report and Spiked called for a Public Inquiry into child abuse in North Wales.

    2.16        There was a dedicated group of journalists from HTV, The Independent and Wales On Sunday and freelance journalists such as Eileen Fairweather who from about 1992 started to write and broadcast about the child abuse and the Paedophile Ring.


    2.17 Having either personally, or via information from others who had done so, interviewed former residents of Bryn Allyn and Bryn Estyn a number of police officers were named. Affidavits were also taken.  Nineteen officers were named from the North Wales Constabulary.  Amongst these officers was a Freemason and senior North Wales Police officer Chief Superintendent Gordon Angelsea.

    2.18 The North Wales Police were protecting Angelsea from investigation but Scallywag Magazine published the story about Angelsea.  Following this several newspapers and HTV equally keen to expose the child abuse cover-up ran stories.  The Observer, the Independent on Sunday, Private Eye and HTV (the holder of the ITV franchise in Wales) all ran stories. 

    2.19 The Police Federation took exception to having police complicity in child sexual abuse and exploitation exposed and funded Angelsea so he could bring a libel action against The Observer, the Independent on Sunday, Private Eye and HTV.   Backed by the Police Federation Angelsea could afford Queens Council Lord Williams of Mostyn, Gareth Williams QC.  Williams would terrorize the vulnerable witnesses with great expertise.  He accused the victims of being liars and deceivers dismissing the truth about State paedophilia. As Simon Regan Editor of Scallywag wrote “I watched it in the now famous Court 13 at the High Court during the libel action between former Supt. Gordon Anglesey and Private Eye (and others) when, despite the fact that under cross examination, Anglesey had to admit that his evidence did not correspond with his own notebooks, the ‘other side’ subsequently tore the five main prosecution witnesses to pieces in a monumental act of judicial harassment. Like the whole story of child abuse in North Wales and elsewhere, it broke my heart.”

    2.20 The Judge presiding over Angelsea’s libel action was fellow Freemason Sir Maurice Drake QC, could he have prevented the vulnerable witnesses being badgered?  In the event Lord Williams of Mostyn QC secured for his guilty client hefty damages of £375,000.  Later in 1999 Williams was made Attorney General.  He was certainly a gifted facilitator in the cover-up of the elite paedophile network and appears to have been amply rewarded. Had Angelsea lost his action would the cover-up would have crumbled?

    2.21 Following his successful win in Court Angelsea then sued Scallywag. By these maneuvers the Police Federation and Angelsea managed to silence those who were at the forefront of exposing the elite pedophile network and the child abuse cover-up.  Angelsea was later called before the Waterhouse Inquiry where the Chairman Sir Ronald Waterhouse, friend of serial pedophile Lord Janner QC, and the Tribunals Council fellow Freemason Gerard Elias, QC exonerated Angelsea.
    2.22 In 1997 Judge Waterhouse placed draconian restrictions on the Media, particularly preventing publication of persons named during the Inquiry, unless they had already been convicted. This meant that investigation and reporting into the VIP and State supported pedophile network and was snuffed out.  Allowing protected child rapists to continue without fear of exposure.   

    2.23 Eighteen years later we await the review into the failed Waterhouse Inquiry by Mrs. Justice Macur. Whilst  former Chief Superintendent Gordon Angelsea has finally been charged for sexual crimes against children.

    2.24 Gordon Angelsea who had been protected by the North Wales Police and the system for more than 25 years was arrested by a Police task force from outside of North Wales code-named Operation Pallial.  The Pallial task force however are choosing their targets carefully as despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary they concluded that the North Wales Police are innocent of assisting in a cover-up of child abuse in North Wales.   "No evidence of systemic or institutional misconduct by North Wales Police officers or staff in connection with these matters has been identified” They conclude in their report Published on the 29th of April 2011.  The truth is that evidence exists in abundance to support the opposite conclusion.

    2.25 Operation Pallial refused to take any evidence from me concerning the North Wales Police.  To my knowledge the North Wales Police have been protecting pedophiles and involved with child abuse image producers from 1990.  In 2014 the IPCC announced it was to investigate North Wales Police's delay in looking into allegations of child sex abuse uncovered by Canadian police.  plainly a proper investigation into Police complicity and involvement in Child abuse and the child sex trade is necessary. But the investigation must be truly independent of the State and cannot be conducted by the IPCC which has itself been accused consistently of cover-ups


     2.26 Members of Special Branch in North Wales visited my home on a number of occasions where we had several vague and guarded conversations along the lines of   “ I thought we were all working  together”  My investigations into the pedophile network was extremely unpopular with the Police.   Special Branch however took a more cautious approach and actually protected me from the excesses of their colleagues in the Police.  It is my view based on my experience that North Wales Special Branch whilst being totally complicit in the cover-up of VIP pedophiles were not involved like their colleagues in profiting from the child sex trade.  





    2.29        In the 90’s the NWP tried to silence me and I suffered concerted and obvious persecution. Arrested several times and interrogated, the NWP tried to find out who I was working for and repeatedly asked me who I was working for!

    2.30    The lady next door to me Mrs Edna Simms disappeared and I was questioned by Chief Inspector Gareth Luke told me confidently they would find blood and hair in the boot of my vehicle and he would charge me with her murder. The Police seized my vehicle, documents and other property some of which has never been returned. Theft of personal property seems to be habit with North Wales Police. Months later Mrs Simms was mysteriously found dead.

    2.31       Whilst I was assisting the Select committee during the inquiry into ‘Arms to Iraq (document 3) and was due to visit Parliament to brief members of the Select Committee I was arrested again and quickly prosecuted for a fraudulent car tax disc on my car. An out of date tax disc had been mysteriously moved from one of my cars to another.

    2.32       I visited the Attorney General’s office at the request of Sir Patrick Mayhew. I made it clear I was being persecuted by the NWP who were involved with organised crime. I also made it clear that his Government would stop at nothing to cover-up their illegal sales of arms and technology to Iraq and the involvement of Conservative politicians in paedophilia. I made a case that these false arrests were counter-productive as they did nothing to prevent the exposure but in fact made the cover-up more obvious. Following this all charges was dropped by the Prosecution.

    2.33       Due to my prominence in the ‘Arms to Iraq’ affair, the Conservative Government and those involved in organised crime decided they could not simply silence me. Had this not been the case I am quite certain my life and liberty would have been in serious danger. In fact I was under close protective surveillance.

    2.34        Undaunted by the arrests I continued to liaise with the Press and a growing number of concerned parties who networked.   I campaigned along with Politicians, the Press and concerned others to have an all reaching Public Inquiry set-up. We sort a Public Inquiry that would investigate the sexual, physical and psychological abuse of children from Care Homes. The abuse was alleged to be by the Directors and staff of the Homes, members of the extended paedophile network which included famous names, police officers, politicians, businessmen and members of the legal profession including judges. We also wanted specifically an investigation into the on-going cover-up and the targeting of investigators, whistle-blowers and victims.


    2.35 Amongst others in 1990 I contacted Geoffrey Dickens MP because of his keen interest in exposing the child abuse image network and VIP involvement.   Geoffrey Dickens stands out as a truly honourable politician and a man who deeply cared about exploited children.  He fully investigated the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) members over many years and I was able to benefit from his knowledge. He passed to me documents to help with my investigation into PIE and the National Paedophile network, including the Westminster Paedophiles.  These documents formed part of what has recently become known as the ‘Dickens Dossiers’.  These dossiers were presented to paedophile Sir Leon Britten QC, when he was Home Secretary. It is claimed by the Home Office that they are missing. Reference to them has recently been discovered along with other missing documents There are over 2000 missing files concerning child abuse and a number of  entries concerning these missing files  mention Dickens.

    2.36 Newspaper Editor and respected investigative journalist Don Hale was threatened with jail by Police and paedophile MP Sir Cyril Smith if he published details from a dossier which exposed VIP paedophiles. The dossier was given to him by Barbara Castle MP but originated from Geoffrey Dickens MP. Many pages from this dossier are most likely to be the same pages stolen from me the UK Police.


    2.37 Spurred on by public speculation over the missing Dickens Dossiers.  On 7 July 2014, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced a review into the handling of historic child abuse allegations, to be led by Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC.  On 11 November 2014, Peter Wanless and Richard Whittam QC published their findings into the disappearance of the Home Office files, saying that they had "found nothing to support a concern that files had been deliberately or systematically removed or destroyed to cover up organised child abuse". They also reported that they had found no evidence to support allegations that the Paedophile Information Exchange had been funded by the Home Office. However, their report acknowledged that Home Office filing procedures had created "significant limitations… It is, therefore, not possible to say whether files were ever removed or destroyed to cover up or hide allegations of organised or systematic child abuse by particular individuals because of the systems then in place”

    2.38 Firstly:  Wanless was not given the correct clearance  It would be a criminal offence under the Official Secrets Act for anyone to even mention the existence or contents of classified documents to him.  Wanless would have needed the correct clearance and he would also have had a ‘need to know’ before the documents could have been disclosed to him. The Home Secretary omitted to give Wanless the correct Clearance and so the review was entirely pointless and costly exercise.

    2.39 Secondly: Crown Advocate Andrew West in cohorts with Craig Law the West Yorkshire Police and two thieves had possession of all or part of the Dickens Dossiers. Because these documents was amongst the documents stolen from me by the said two thieves who delivered them into the hands of the West Yorkshire Police, who handed some or all of them to the CPS. So the West Yorks Police and or the CPS have a copy

    2.40 Thirdly: Barbara Castle MP  had been looking into the ‘Westminster paedophile Ring’   said she had been given copies of classified documents from the Home Office which included all or part of the Dickens Dossier. Barbara Castle collated the dossier and handed it to Don Hale, the editor of her local newspaper, the Bury Messenger.  Don Hale later told how a “heavy mob” of Special Branch officers raided his office and confiscated the dossier a day after paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith had visited him to demand he bury the story. So Special Branch had a copy.

    2.41 Fourthly: the fiction that sensitive and explosive files of documents concerning VIP paedophiles would simply go missing is not credible. In the world of government and intelligence documents with important intelligence in are not lost.  In those days the files would have been given a number and if very important each page would have been numbered. Like every security service in the world MI5 have extensive files and retain all evidence. MI5 would certainly have a copy of the Dickens Dossiers.

    2.42 It is a game of obfuscation, disinformation and illusion.  They rely on the publics gullibility and willingness to believe they are telling the truth, when actually they are perpetrating a deception out in the open with the full glare of the spotlights upon them. It is an art, but it does not benefit the Tax payer who funds the whole show.


    2.43 In the early 90’s I also communicated with Tony Blair, who was Shadow Home Secretary at the time, and who appeared keen to root out and expose Police participation in child abuse and the cover-up of child abuse in North Wales.

    2.44       Tony Blair wrote to the then Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke QC but Clarke was dismissive and refused to consider the child abuse cover-up.

    2.45 More recently Kenneth Clarke QC has been justice secretary in Cameron’s Government.  Then In August 2015 a trail took place of an actor Ben Fellows who had made a statement to ‘operation Fairbank’ a unit launched by the Metropolitan Police to investigate VIP pedophiles.  This statement claimed that Kenneth Clarke QC had sexually groped him.  To protect Clarke the police investigated Ben Fellows.  Then the Crown Prosecution Service took the truly shocking decision to prosecute Ben for ‘perverting the course of Justice’ because he had made a statement about Clarke QC to operation Fairbank.    

    2.46 The prosecution made a concerted effort to ban all reporting of Clarkes name during the trial but this was unsuccessful because of media opposition to the censorship. Justice prevailed and Ben Fellows was found not guilty of perverting the course of justice on 30th of July 2015. 

    2.47 Had operation Fairbank and the Crown Prosecution Service succeeded many victims of VIP pedophiles would have been too frightened to come forward fearing they may be prosecuted if they accused a Politician of abusing them.  

    2.48 Although Ben Fellows won we may never know how many victims now consider it too risky to name their VIP abusers to Police units allegedly convened specially to bring VIP pedophiles to justice.   Once again we see the organs of State pull out all the stops to protect VIP abusers whilst they pursue relentlessly their victims and accusers.

    2.49 Meanwhile Kenneth Clarke QC has not been arrested or charged with perverting the course of justice for any statements he made in the Crowns failed prosecution of Ben Fellows.  And so the cover-up continues.

    2.50 When former Shadow Home Secretary Tony Blair MP became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. To my knowledge he was fully aware of the Westminster Pedophile ring, he most certainly knew all about Peter Morrison the former MP for Chester and Leon Britten QC.   Tony Blair also was aware of Police complicity in protecting child abusers and exploiters. As Prime Minister Tony Blair had an opportunity to expose the cover-up and stop children being abused and exploited but he did nothing. And so the cover-up continued.


    2.51 From 1990 to 1996 I did research and investigation together with journalist xxxxx for Scallywag Magazine and its successor Spiked Magazine. Scallywag published where others would not and where details could be verified or affidavits taken from the victims Scallywag and its successor Spiked published regardless of the consequences. Articles were published about Dolphin Square, the trafficking of children from State Care homes and the Westminster pedophiles. I co-wrote  an article about the Home Office the Pedophile Information Exchange and the use of child abuse by MI5 for blackmail.  We called for a public Inquiry into the horrific child abuse and child trafficking in North Wales.

    2.52 As previously stated. There existed a dedicated group of journalists from HTV, the Independent and Wales On Sunday and freelance journalists such as Eileen Fairweather who from about 1992 started to write and broadcast about the child abuse and the Paedophile Ring. It is now widely recognized that what Scallywag published in the 90’s about the Westminster pedophile ring, Dolphin square and the VIP pedophiles was mainly correct. Sadly publication did not stop the crimes against children. Publication just made those Politicians involved in the cover-up determined to close Scallywag down.


    3.1 These pedophile child traffickers are amongst the most powerful people in the UK. They inhabit the halls of Westminster, they are Police chiefs and Intelligence chiefs, Judges and Barristers and despite their terrible crimes not even one has been brought to justice,  So effective is the protection they receive from every branch of the Establishment they have been able to rape, torture and murder children with impunity. They rely on secrecy, deflection, obfuscation, deceit, spin and a gullible public. They are often some of the most well educated people in the land and combined with their inherited and or other wealth they are formidable enemies, especially pitted against deprived and vulnerable children.  These ‘us and them’ circumstances have allowed the cover-up to continue and without the cover-up the abuse would have stopped years ago. 

     3.2 But the Public seem now ready to strip away the veils of illusion and peek behind the curtain at the broken bodies and minds of innocent children which the system, they paid for, betrayed. 

    3.6 The late Sir Jimmy Savile and Sir Cyril Smith MP are among those so far publically named, the full extent of their deviancy exposed only after their death and after numerous sexual assaults on innocent children had been perpetrated by them.  Both Savile and Smith were child procurers.  They preyed on the most vulnerable children in society those in State Care and profited from delivering these children to their masters in Westminster to be raped, tortured and even murdered.

    3.7 Margaret Thatcher, who was very close to Jimmy Savile, did everything she could to protect the Westminster pedophiles which included many powerful people in the Conservative Party. To name a notable few Sir Edward Heath. aaaaaaxxxxxxx, xxxxter XXX, xxxxxxxxxSir Peter Morrison, Sir Leon Brittan QC, Lord Boothby, Sir Nicholas Fairbank, Michael Havers, Earl Victor Montague, XXXXXXX  and on.

    3.8 Former conservative Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath also had a close friendship with Jimmy Savile. Savile would go Yachting with Heath.  Heath and Thatcher shared their Savile friendship with Prince Charles and other members of the Royal Family.  This ageing disc Jockey from the backstreets of Leeds had friends in very high places simply because he was an excellent procurer of children and without compunction could silence anyone who complained.

    3.9 Heath recommended Savile for a royal honour, and Thatcher recommended Cyril Smith for a knighthood.  Honour and prestige was the reward for child procuring.

    3.10 Bringing the cover-up into modern times David Cameron recently described child abuse campaigners as “conspiracy theorists” and so the cover-up continues

    3.11 Meanwhile all this was and is known by Police chiefs, senior people in MI5 and MI6 and was an open secret in Parliament itself.  Where could a vulnerable abused child go?  Those children who would not be silent about their abuse, were often silenced permanently

    3.12 While many are postulating and portraying these crimes against children as ‘historic’ this is a deflection because the child exploitation network is alive and flourishing. As is the campaign to silence victims and whistle-blowers like Melanie Shaw


    3.13 MI5 and the Home Office are directly responsible for at least 50 years of child abuse. Leading to countless broken lives and damaged adults. Home secretary Willie Whitelaw and Leon Britten were serial pedophiles. The positon of Home Secretary was not awarded to anyone who might rock the boat and want to protect children from rape, torture and murder.

    3.14 Does anyone seriously believe the Home Office, Police, Special Branch and MI5 do not know who is behind the child sex trade and have no mechanism to curtail it and prevent children being sold, raped and murdered in the UK?  Of course they know and the evidence is all carefully filed away and classified as Top Secret with each page neatly numbered. 

    3.15 Peter Righton was a Home Office approved child expert and founding member of PIE. He traded in children for rape, torture and murder.  Like Savile and Smith he was a procurer of children and supplied children to the VIP paedophiles using Dolphin Square. Unusually he was convicted by a magistrate’s court in September 1992 of importing child pornography magazines and photographs after Customs and Excise intercepted material being sent to him from the Netherlands.  He was fined £900 with £75 costs for importing child abuse images, had the magazines destroyed, and was otherwise unimpeded from continuing to profit from the abuse of children.

    3.16 Elite paedophiles and their network knew each other and protected each other.  In the 70’s and 80’s they formed the PIE organisation. PIE magazine MAGPIE was printed in the Home Office and the Home Office gave unprecedented support for this organisation which advocated sex with children as young as 4.

    3.17 PIE set-up in 1974 had a well-structured set up with key people in positions of authority including children’s services across the UK.  PIE had a number of levels and it had its political wing, which is better known, and led to the criticism of National Council of Civil Liberties to whom PIE was affiliated. Its other levels were more sinister and included international child trafficking and a child rape and torture business.

    3.18 Barbara Castle MP explained: “There were lists of MPs actively involved in supporting this paedophile network, together with other lists of wealthy backers, and of more than 1,000 people who took the Magpie magazine”.
    3.19 Today we have a similar organisation operating, Insiders have noticed a pattern of key individuals moving around authorities which seem to turn a blind eye to exploitation. A lot of people are now raising the question as to whether or not the cases of CSA that we have seen recently evidences a ring that is similar to the PIE network and just as far reaching and influential,  because it  stretches across tiers of government?

    3.20 The paedophile network which organised PIE did not simply die. It lives today harboured within the State agencies such as Police, Intelligence and Security, the Courts and various Government bodies and Parliament itself. 

    3.21 The Government propagated fiction that child abuse is historic and organisations like PIE were dealt with is just that fiction.   The more pertinent question is why the Government continue to harbour and protect paedophiles and criminals involved in organised crime which is what the child sex trade is?

    3.22 MI5 also recruited many low level paedophiles and assassins such as Beat Mier  Anglo Swiss heritage.  Mier was responsible for producing snuff movies and is deemed to have been behind the now infamous “London Tape”  The Metropolitan Police were sent two copies of this tape firstly by the French police and secondly by the Thai Police. The Met Positively identified the child victim but buried the evidence.  And so the cover-up continues.

    3.23 The Guardian revealed in October 2000 that Great Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile snuff films in which children are murdered on film after being sexually abused. The investigation includes many snuff films obtained from many countries across Europe with the origins coming out Russian and Israel. The most shocking category of sex and snuff films made was code-named ‘Necros Pedo’ in which children were raped and tortured until they died

    3.24 The best place for a paedophile is in Parliament or the child protection services, the best place for a criminal is in the Police and Security services.  And so it goes on year after year until the very places where children and whistle-blowers should be able to go are peopled with the perpetrators

    3.25 Governments of course are made up of individuals with individual personal interests and agendas. Where damaged individuals with psychopathic tendencies, and or various personality disorders are placed in positions of power their influence has a very negative effect on the fabric of society.

    3.26 These people are very bad law makers because they have zero empathy.   Sadly these are the very people the United Kingdom has at the heart of its lawmaking process and Justice System.  Nothing is more indicative of psychological disorder than powerful people who rape, torture and murder children whilst posing as upstanding members of society.

    3.27 Former Government minister Malcolm Rifkind who was implicated in Arms to Iraq  the Cousin of notorious pedophile and Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan was elevated on the 6th July 2010 to head of the Intelligence and Security Committee.   These insider appointments are designed to make sure every avenue is closed for genuine inquiry. And so the cover-up continues.


    3.28 The very nature of intelligence is secrecy, so the use of secret societies to hide behind is a natural tool .The occult society of Freemasons is one which has been deeply implicated and is often named.  To be fair many run of the mill members have no idea how the Freemason brotherhood is used or the real agenda.

    3.29 The idea of the brotherhood was formed thousands of years ago to protect secrets. It has existed in every great nation from Sumeria down to the present day.  Meeting in secret, performing strange rituals and having a code of omerta is a perfect way to conspire against the public at large without them being aware a conspiracy is afoot.

    3.30 In the 1600’s John Dee Queen Elizabeth the first’s necromancer and occultist started a secret society of occultists and demon worshipers which was the precursor to the MI5 we know today. Simply secret societies have been used for centuries to plot and plan and cover-up the crimes of their members, and they still are.  The abuse of poor children by the rich and powerful is nothing new.  But in a modern world we have the opportunity to expose the evils of the past and reframe our system so that all children are protected and important.


    3.31 The purpose of the UK Security Service is to control the internal population and protect the elite and their business interests. The purpose is not as is widely believed to protect UK citizens and UK interests.  For MI5 there is no-one more dangerous than a whistleblower or activist.  The System, which includes the criminal justice system, is cynically abused to protect the elite and persecute those the elite fear.  All this is done at the Tax Payers expense.  Insiders are aware that agents, officers and operatives within the Security and intelligence services are not at risk if they have a slice of the salami and keep quiet.   Those the Elite really fear are the few who can “put it together”.


    3.32 The Police are used now as an adjunct to prop up a corrupt system, they recruit bullies of low intellectual capacity. Making them easier to be used by a corrupt political elite as thugs and cover up squads.  The ‘good cops’ with investigative skills are weeded out or not promoted. Daily the police devolve into an organisation of criminals.  The drug squad run drugs, the fraud squad commit frauds, the terrorist squad run terrorists.  

    3.33 Both the Police and the Security services are used as political tools to protect the interests of Politicians and ‘important’ people. They also protect a fraudulent financial structure and organised crime, which is designed to personally benefit a very few Top people.

    3.34 The destruction of the fairer criminal justice system with Courts and prisons being run for the profit of some very dubious companies like SERCO, and G4S. With profits being funnelled through offshore companies and into the hands of foreign interests which effectively leaves Government Ministers, movers and shakers who provide the structure for the lucrative contracts to appear to have clean hands which they do not. It is a neat little game

    3.35 The elite  rule using fear, deception  and secrecy, the secret family courts, contempt of court, onerous libel laws, which only work for the rich  because no-one else can afford the costs, and their final tools the Official Secrets Act and D notices. All these protect a totally criminal and corrupt structure which works against the interests of the Nation and her people.


    3.36 One of the functions of MI5 is to vet people for sensitive positions.  The BBC being a useful tool and propaganda organ of the State meant its staff needed vetting. The Telegraph revealed that MI5 vetted at least one third of the workforce in the BBC.   This vetting is used not to protect the country from outside threats but to weed out and identify potential whistle-blowers and threats to their system.

    3.37 MI5 vet everyone who will be given access to their secrets and access to the top politicians and the Royal family.  Jimmy Savile of course was judged to be very safe to move in these circles and have access to secrets because being a serial pedophile and procurer of children for the rich and famous he could be guaranteed to respect the code of omerta.


    3.38 Kincora has a special place in the Child Abuse cover-up and this had led it to be excluded from Inquiries. This is not simply because Lord Mountbatten and head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield were involved. There are wider concerns that the whole truth about the ‘troubles in Northern Ireland’ might surface.  Some of the names associated with abuse and cover-up in Kincora are:-

    BOURNE William
    Civil Servant
    BOYSON  Rhodes
    MP Conservative
    Cabinet Social Security
    CAMERON  Ian
    MI5 chief
    Chief Northern Ireland MI5
    MP Conservative
    PP secretary to Harold Macmillan
    HAVERS Michael
    MP Conservative,Barrister LP
    Cabinet Attorney General
    HOGG  Quinton
    MP Conservative Barrister QC
    Lord High Chancellor  QC
    HUGHES William
    Barrister LP
    MI5 chief
    MI5 chief
    JOSEPH Keith
    MP Conservative
    Cabinet Education
    MACMILLAN Harold
    MP Conservative
    Prime Minister
    MCGRATH William
    Senior agent
    Armed forces
    Chief off Staff
    OLDFIELD Morris
    Intelligence Officer
    Director  of MI6 1973 to 1978 and Ulster Security Co-ordinator 1979.
    PRIOR James
    MP Conservative
    Cabinet NI Secretary
    WALKER Gary
    Politician Sein Fein

    3.39 An article about Kincora article (22 April 1984). Exposed that Michael Bettaney was going to reveal at his trial that Sir Maurice Oldfield, former head of MI6 and Ulster security coordinator, was heavily involved in Kincora. This failed when, on orders from Sir Brook Richards, head of the Joint Intelligence Committee, it was arranged to hold the trial in secret session. And so the cover-up continued.

    3.40 There is an argument that senior Civil Servants, members of the Government, the House and Lords and senior Judges should not be prosecuted for serious crimes because it brings the Country into disrepute. For this argument to hold up   the offenders would have been removed from office and prevented from being in a position to harm more children. What actually happened was that the offenders were fully protected, often honored and allowed to continue in office and continue to harm children.


    4.1 On the 13th of January 2010 the Derby and North Wales Police raided my home stealing all moveable valuables and documents from both myself, my friend and tenant. (As I do not have permission to use his name so I will call him W)  The Police set in motion on that day a campaign of persecution designed to discredit, intimidate and terrorize me into silence. I believe this was because I had knowledge of corruption and pedophilia within the highest levels of Government, within the security and intelligence services the Police and Justice System. The Police seized/stole almost every documents from the three stories of my house this included evidence concerning Governments involvement in covert and or illegal arms deals and over 20  years of evidence and research of organized child abuse. Fortunately many of the child abuse documents had been copied and these were kept elsewhere.

    4.2 In January 2010 after being interviewed by the police I was released without charge as an experienced intelligence operative I was immediately aware of the surveillance.   They waited in white Vans, they hung around the street. They tailed me wherever I went.  The telephone was tapped and my computer interfered with.

    4.3 Car tyres were slashed, the rear plastic window on my sports car hood was torn. Then the burglaries started first on my land. (6 and half acres I kept as a wildlife sanctuary)  Almost everything was stolen, even the metal gates and the wood from my barn. The Police had taken copies of all the keys to my house and flats used them to enter my house illegally and remove documents and any item that took their fancy.   The state has started a reign of terror causing increasing and continuing financial loss in an effort to intimidate and demoralize. I had no-one to complain to.

    4.4 W, who had top secret nuclear UK eyes only clearance, took charge of the evidence and documents and kept them hidden in a highly secure Government establishment. Later I asked W to also look after evidence needed in the current police action against me. All the evidence and documents were moved only in May 2012 to his secure lock up for security reasons.

    4.5 When I fled the UK in June 2012 to seek asylum in South America the truth about the extent of child abuse of the cover-up was about to surface and flare into a public campaign for Justice by survivors of systematic sexual abuse. 

    4.6 I believe the State was aware of this and began targeting those whistle-blowers and activists who would be instrumental in organizing the public campaign for Justice.  I believe everything that has happened has been aimed at destroying my ability to expose corruption and pedophilia within the highest levels of Government, within the Police and Justice system.

    4.7 Despite their best efforts the Government failed to silence me and with the protection afforded me in South America I have been able to be assist with the campaign to expose the cover-up of crimes against children and expose those who committed those crimes.


    4.8 When I left the UK in June 2012 I could only take with me one suitcase and I had to choose carefully what items I could salvage from my life.  The rest of my property and my little cat I had to leave. When I closed the door on my home of 12years I knew I would never see it again.  

    4.9 After I left two thieves Mathew Pike and Robert Ostler who were known to me gained access to my empty house.  They stole documents and property from the house, the keys to my two vehicles and took the keys to W’s lock up.   

    4.10 In possession of my vehicle keys Mathew Pike of Anglesey North Wales and or Robert Ostler of St Albans Herts stole my two taxed insured and MOT’s vehicles (a) a Land rover and (b) an MGF Abingdon car.

    4.11 They then went to the lock up and stole thousands of pounds worth of property from W and all the files of documents and evidence which were there in safe keeping. The Derby North Wales and West Yorkshire Police and CPS have supported to two thieves and still protect them. They allowed the thieves to keep all the property and the vehicles they had stolen but not the documents and evidence.

    4, 12 the extract of my statement to the ‘Macur Review’ which deals with this theft 
    2.32.11 fortunately some of my diaries, letters and other documents had been saved from the Police raid. A substantial amount of these were stolen, along with my two vehicles, both of which were restrained by a Restraint Order, and other property and my cat, Miss Kitty from North Wales around September 2012.
    2.32.12            The thieves Mathew Pike and Robert Ostler, whom I knew as we were once all members of Bangor Gun Club, admitted the theft of my property. They knew that the vehicles were on a Restraint Order and stealing the vehicles or dealing with then whilst on a Restraint Order made the theft more serious. I made a formal complaint to the NWP and was provided with incident number N207229.
    2.32.13            Following this I received an e-mail from one of the thieves Robert Ostler who stole my Land Rover and he wrote to me saying “All of any property Mat may have of yours will be placed in the Land Rover which I have been advised NOT to release to you by Craig Law at RART North Yorkshire” Craig Law of the prosecution appears to have bizarrely authorised the thieves not to return my two vehicles, my property, my documents or my cat.
    4.13 I am sure that it was not lost of the Yorkshire Police that this theft would cause me extreme distress.
    4.14 Having been set-up and wrongly convicted on a number of false charges. Where even the prosecution had to admit no-one had lost any money and no-one had complained.   For the Police to then fully support two thieves to steal thousands of pounds worth of property, my little cat, my two vehicles and an important collection of documents was scandalous. They were letting me know they were above the law and I had nowhere to turn for help. It was a carbon copy of my experience as a child at their hands.
    4.15 Evidence now exists to show that DC Craig Law of RART North Yorkshire seized the documents and took possession of then.  They then appear either in part or in whole to have been obtained by Andrew West of the CPS Fraud Group North. 
    4.16 The stolen evidence consisted materially of a number of documents concerning police corruption, systematic child abuse, the child image and exploitation network, corruption and the cover-up of same


    4.17 In February 2014 my solicitors were given a scan of some of the stolen documents which DC Law claims to have ‘recovered’ from my Land Rover. Although none of the documents scanned by the CPS were left in the Land Rover but were mostly stolen from the secure lock up belonging to W.  (Appendix Document 4 samples)
    These scanned documents stolen by Mathew Pike and Robert Ostler appear to have then been delivered to and held without legal basis by the Crown Prosecution Services/Asset Recovery.     

    4.18 The documents comprise confidential correspondence mostly between various members of parliament and myself, journalistic material, intelligence reports, evidence concerning covert arms deals, terrorism and child abuse.

    4.19 Whilst from W they stole personal documents including confidential letters from his solicitor.  These are also being held without any justification by Crown Advocate Andrew West.

    4.20 The CPS also confirmed to my solicitor they hold my diaries and an A-Z notebook containing bank and other passwords for my online bank and credit card accounts. The One Dairy is particularly important and was kept in a secure location because of its evidential value. It details undercover meetings and names police officers and others involved in child abuse and or the cover-up

    4.21 All my documents were kept neatly in files. The CPS scan shows that documents have been selected from the different files and scanned at random


    4.22 It is normal when working with M'Ps to write agreed letters and or publish stories which they can then ask questions about from the appropriate departments or table questions to raise in Parliament.  This was standard procedure in the 80’s and 90’s Because of this I carefully kept files for the different MP’s

    4.23 The stolen documents and material disclosed by Andrew West or admitted to be in his possession to my solicitors fall into the following categories

    1.               Investigations and research into systematic child abuse, exploitation and      trafficking.
    2.               Covert arms, terrorism
    3.               Letters from and to MP’s
    4.               Journalistic material
    5.               Privileged and other material belonging to W
    6.               Dairies with contemporaneous notes, about meetings and conversations who I met, when and what documents and other evidence were passed to me concerning child abuse covert arms and terrorism investigations
    7.               A-Z book with my banking and other passwords in



    4.24 The selection of documents disclosed by the CPS and scanned to my solicitors named ‘Material recovered from Land Rover’ demonstrated that these documents have been extracted from complete files.

    4.25 The complete files which were stolen comprised:-
    a)    The Tony Blair file contained notes, documents, research and correspondence with Tony Blair and Alun Michael when in the 90’s Tony Blair (then shadow Home Secretary) was involved in gathering evidence of police corruption, child abuse and exploitation. This file included information and evidence on VIP paedophiles such as Morrison and Leon Brittan.   This files also contained correspondence with Tony Blair and Kenneth Clarke and myself.

    b)    Geoffrey Dickens file contained my correspondence with Geoffrey Dickens on NI terrorism, Gladdio   and child exploitation which was agreed to be connected, contemporaneous notes and documents this file included all or part of the so called ‘missing’ Dickens dossiers’

    c)     Project Babylon and the select committee notes and correspondence. Much which has never been made public.

    d)    Legal file of W concerning the property seized from him by the Police in January 2010 and not returned. Included lists and receipts for Gold Jewellery plus his Rolex and Brieitling watches sized by the police. Letters from his solicitors.

    e)    Legal file. Andrea Davison including letters from my solicitors about the on-going case. Evidence to assist with an appeal.

    f)      Gerald Kaufman, Neil Kinnock and Alan Rogers files including correspondence. Planning concerning the exposure of arms to Iraq before this became public. Meetings and intelligence reports. Including meetings with customs.

    g)    Scott Inquiry file. Containing letters to and from Sir Richard Scott’s Inquiry office. Copies of evidence presented to the Inquiry. Secret communications with customs and intelligence reports. All documents following the exposure of arms to Iraq. Meetings contemporaneous notes.
     h)    Children in Care file. Care Homes Approved Schools, Borstals and Remand Homes. Kincora, Islington, Lambeth etc. Investigation into the systematic abuse and trafficking of children in care.  It also included interviews with victims of abuse and copies of affidavits from victims of child abuse. Details of the investigation into the profitable child sex trade industry. Intelligence on Dolphin Square and the Westminster paedophile Ring and PIE

    i)       Various files with company headings such as Seacomsar concerning covert arms shipments and terrorism original documents and copies.

    j)      Police Corruption file. Documents and evidence concerning police corruption mainly dealing with terrorism, the child sex trade, child exploitation and the cover-up of same.

    k)     Security and intelligence and customs files including reports.

    l)       Mr Brock a senior NATO financial officer and the investigation into the fraud he committed

    m) Journalistic material in several files when I was researching/contributing to Scallywag, Spiked and Business Age magazines and producing a restricted magazine  which was distributed to MP’s.. Plus material gathered, work and unfinished manuscript.

    The thieves also stole my Diaries and a large amount of taped evidence and a small amount of video evidence. 


    4.26 On or around July 10th 2013 the CPS made an application to the Court to sell my Land Rover without my permission.  My Barrister and solicitor told the court they would appeal and so the judge refused to make the order.

    4.27 On the 29th January 2014 the CPS wrote

    We write to request you contact Craig Law, Financial Investigator on 0113 260 7398 (EXT 245) regarding the defendants Land Rover, registered number H496 UAW.

    The vehicle is presently being stored on a farm in St Albans. The farmer now wants the vehicle moving.
    Please respond at the earliest opportunity. “

    4.28 On the 30th January I sent my solicitor the statement about the thefts I had made on the 15th December 2012 to the Police and the Court and he wrote back saying

    Dc law asserted you never made a statement and only made a email complaint. Send me the email complaint too and how did you send the attached statement? “

    4.29 On the 6th March 2014 a court order was obtained which amongst other things ordered the return of my Landover but omitted to order the return of the contents.   However the police refused to say where my Land Rover was exactly located despite the court Order.  The thief Robert Ostler had the keys to my Land Rover and refused to co-operate with my lawyers or return the keys.  The Police and CPS assisted him to avoid contact and continued to refuse to say where my Land Rover was.   Eventually the police admitted my Land Rover was at Hammonds Farm in St Albans.

    4.30 The reason the Police did not want me to find my Land Rover became clearer when Ian Puddick, well known campaigner against police corruption, finally went to look for my land Rover. After many hours of searching Ian Puddick finally found my stolen Land Rover it had been stripped, trashed and all the contents removed.  My taxed tested and insured  Land Rover   had been stolen from North Wales and driven to Hammonds Farm in St Albans where it had been stripped of everything of value for example the new wheels and tyres. All the tools and equipment in the back had been stolen. My beloved Land Rover was then left to rot at Hammonds Farm.



    5.1 One day in January 2010 the Police broke into XXX home whilst he was at work and seized/stole everything he owned. They have to date not provided a list of their illegal haul, contacted or interviewed him or accused him of a crime. Five years later they still retain his property and documents.
    5.2 Over the period September 2010 to the present, the Police encouraged two bloggers to publish absurd libelous allegations against him, xxxxxxxxxxxx.
    5.3 One of the most worrying things for him  was that the police seized all his keys and spare keys (other than those he had on his person).  They did not return his keys for three months   during which time he was deprived of the use of his workshop, second car and access to his tools and equipment locked in his tool cabinets.
    5.4 He is certain the Police copied his keys and told me that for a number of months he would return home to find things had been moved. His car was repeatedly moved, left open and car windows left down. This he believed was done deliberately to intimidate him.
    5.5 I also found things moved and on one notable occasion we both discovered a books which had been on an upstairs bookshelf left in view by the front door. The book was entitled “Friends” (an insiders’ acronym for the British Intelligence  Services about which the book was written). Nothing had been taken from the house but leaving this “message” was clearly intended to frighten xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    5.7 Following the police raid in January 2010 the surveillance increased dramatically and was almost continuous. The surveillance was rarely covert and by its obvious nature was very disturbing.
    5.8 When  XXX  bought a computer to replace the one illegally held by the Derbyshire police he became aware that on frequent occasions his computer would be controlled remotely with his emails and other documents being read. He found this both alarming and surprising as the internet connection was encrypted. He complained to the local (North Wales) police. The North Wales police told him to complain to the Derby police, confirming their involvement. He noted that immediately after his complaint the interference stopped.
    5.9 Since then the Police have:-
    a)         Not replied to letters from his solicitor requesting the return of his large amount of gold jewelry
    b)         They visited his employers demanding that they trace his emails.
    c)         Harassed and threatened his friends saying they would be arrested if they helped him in any way.
    d) Refused to return any of his property including his computers and documents.

    5.10 The UK State in  has broken the International Human Rights Law, European Human Rights Act and UK laws on various occasions.
    (a)    Link to United Nations Humans Rights Act The UK State clearly broke articles 10, 1, 12 and 17. It is also arguable that they broke articles 2, 3, 5, and 8
    (b)   The European Human Rights Act. The UK State broke section (1) articles 5,6,7,8 and 13 and arguably article 3
    (c)    Production Order. The Police failed to obtain a Production order so that W could have produced any documents he held or had his Lawyers explain they were not held. The Police had no contact with W prior to seizure of his documents. The law states a Production Order must first be presented and the suspect must first refuse to comply with the Production Order before a warrant can be issued.
    (d)   Search Warrant issued on the 5th of January 2010 DC Winnard obtained a search warrant to search the Flat1A and Flat 1B -------- Gwynedd and under section 352 Proceeds of Crime Act (money laundering).   

    (e)     XXX was  NOT named in the Search Warrant issued under s352
    A search and seizure warrant under s352 is a warrant to seize material likely to be of substantial value to the investigation.  It does not allow carte blanch seizure no-matter how valuable it might be. The material seized must relate to the particular investigation for which the warrant has been granted! “.
    (f)  The Seizure not only included a large amount documents and items not related to the investigation but also included documents subject to legal privilege and excluded material.  None of this material mentioned has any bearing on the investigation or prosecution the police and CPS were allegedly engaged on.
    (g)        Although a properly issued warrant in  XXXX  name was not issued the State seized over GBP £20.000 of property and every document and computer and data storage devises W owned
    (h)        Contrary to the Law a full and list of the documents and property seized was not and has not been given.
    (i)         5 years and 7 months later the UK State continues to hold W’s property and documents without any legal justification.
    (j)            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     (k)            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIn
    the UK State has:-
    i)          not at any time prior to seizure of his documents and property or following the illegal seizure did the Police or CPS contact or interview xxxx
    ii)         Not at any time was xxx arrested.
    iii)        Failed to give a reasonable reason for the seizure of his property.
    After five years, without explanation they retain his valuables, the major part of his documents, his computers and memory devices


    5.11 Some of the perfectly legal documents seized from  XXX  were in July 2012 presented to the Court as being found in my possession. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    5.12 These documents included:-
    i)          Company records  from his company xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) including company annual returns correspondence).
    ii)         Notarized copy of  his passport taken from his house sale solicitors files, His solicitors file are privileged material and should not have been seized. Documents from these legal files have not been disclosed or returned.
    iii)        Evidence of his purchase (by credit card) and valuation of a Diamond and sapphire bracelet which he purchased xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
    iv)        Letter from P&O Cruses and other documents taken from his holidays files.
    v) Computers
    5.13 All of  his computer equipment was seized by the police. The Police had no legal grounds to take them and have no legal right to keep them. The Police and CPS are fully aware that these computers and memory devises belonged to him and not me..  Because the police have not disclosed any computer or data evidence to the Defence It is not known if the Police and CPS have used any data from his computers against me.  Disclosure which is a prime requirement by the CPS to the Defence has not been properly made despite my new solicitors  asking from proper disclosure numerous times.
    5.14 He had no contact with the police before the warrant was executed. At no time before the trial did the police contact him or his solicitors to discuss what documents belonged to him.  My solicitors, Garstangs, refused several requests from me and xxx  to take a witness statement to support my defence.  He should have been a major witness at my trial but both the CPS and Garstangs refused to call him as a witness. Both the CPS and Garstangs did not disclose to either the Court or the Jury that these documents did not belong to me and were not in my possession.
    5.16 In summation the UK State walked in one day and removed everything  XXXX  owned,  from his mother’s gold jewelry to his family photographs and have not at any time given him or his solicitors a reasonable explanation.  Five years and 7 months later they continue to hold all his valuables in excess of GBP £20.000, most of his documents all of his computers and memory devises and refuse to return them


    5.17 The UK State in my case has broken the International Human Rights Law, European Human Rights Act and UK laws on various occasions.

    5.18 Link to United Nations Humans Rights Act  The UK State clearly broke articles 10, 1, 12 and 17. It is also arguable that they broke articles 2, 3, 5, and 8.  European Human Rights Act. The UK State broke section (1) articles 5,6,7,8 and 13 and arguably article 3

    5.19 UK LAW POCA link to law concerning the Proceeds of Crime Act
    In January 2010 the Police obtained a search warrant on the basis I was suspected of Money Laundering in a specific fraud involving millions of pounds. In 2012 they admitted I was not involved in this fraud and made no money from the Fraud. So the very basis on which their alleged investigation began was false.
    (a)  Search Warrant was issued 5th of January 2010 by Judge Burgess. . DC Winnard of Derby Police obtained the search warrant to search the Flat1A and Flat 1B  at my property  under section 352 Proceeds of Crime Act (money laundering).I was not  named in the Search Warrant
    “A search and seizure warrant under s352 is a warrant to seize material likely to be of substantial value to the investigation.  It does not allow carte blanch seizure no-matter how valuable it might be. The material seized must relate to the particular investigation for which the warrant has been granted! “
    (b)  The Seizure not only included a large amount documents and items not related to the investigation but also included documents subject to legal privilege and excluded material.  None of this material mentioned has any bearing on the investigation or prosecution the police and CPS were allegedly engaged on. In fact the seizure significantly assists those involved in crime because the evidence has now in effect been buried by the Police and CPS.
    (c)    19 male police officers crashed into W’s flat on the ground floor at around 7am in the morning. I was asleep in the top floor flat on the third floor. They brake in on the basis of a search warrant which allowed them to search the premises but not detain any person.  

     (d) The Police illegally held me for 10 hours. Had they wanted to hold me they should have arrested me but they did not do so.
    i.   The 19 male officers kept me in my nightdress and refused to allow me to get dressed.
    ii.  Refused to allow me to make a telephone call to a solicitor or a friend
    iii. Refused to allow me to leave the property
    (e)  Production Order. The Police failed to obtain a Production order so that I could have produced any documents I held or have my Lawyers explain they were not held. The police had no contact with me prior to seizure of my documents. The law states a production order must first be presented and the suspect must first refuse to comply with the production order before a search warrant can be issued.
     (f) The Police seized  not only included a large amount documents and items not related to their  investigation but also included documents subject to legal privilege and excluded material.  None of this material mentioned has any bearing on the investigation or prosecution the police and CPS were allegedly engaged on. In fact the seizure significantly assists those involved in crime because the evidence has now in effect been buried by the Police and CPS.
    (g)  The Seizure also included GBP £100 and Euro 40 which is under the legal £1000 limit for seizure of cash. This money is still in the hands of the police.
    (h)  A full list of the documents and property seized has not been provided
    (i)   I was held against my will, without being arrested or charged from around 7am in the morning to around 5pm at night when I was formerly arrested. It is illegal to hold anyone more than 9 hours without arrest or charge and the police had no authority to hold me at all under the search Warrant.
     (j)  The Seizure also included GBP £100 and Euro 40 which is under the legal £1000 limit for seizure of cash. This money is still in the hands of the police.
    (k)  Contrary to the Law a full and list of the documents and property seized has not been given. Subsequently many valuable items have simply disappeared into police pockets.
    (l)   Restraint Order “It is the Duty of the Prosecutors to make full and Frank disclosure. They should put themselves in the position of the Defence.  This was not done to obtain the Search Warrant and it was not done to obtain the Restraint Order.
    (m) D C WINNARD an accredited financial investigator swore a false oath concerning matters material to a judicial proceeding to obtain a Restraint Order against me even though there was no chance of dissipation
    At Paragraph 3 he States “I have conducted a financial investigation into the financial affairs of Andrea DAVISON, hereinafter called DAVISON
    A large body of the witness Statement is false or fanciful and is designed to give a false impression there is no attempt to make full and frank disclosure. The Restraint order and Witness Statement mainly concerns Regal and Archer LLC and Quantum Holding LLC both companies Stated in the Restraint Order to be controlled by Andrea DAVISON.
         At Paragraph 5 the Restraint Order States AND IT IS ORDERED THAT:-
    The Assets of Regal and Archer LLC and Quantum Holdings Limited are treated as the personal assets of the Defendant and goes on to name two bank accounts in Cyprus.
     At paragraph 8 of the Restraint order  “the Defendant must within 21days after service of this Order upon her bring any movable asset in respect of which she has an interest, which is outside England and Wales, to a location within England and Wales.
    (n)   Contempt of Court.  The restraint order made it a Contempt of Court for me
    iv. To spend any money of my own at all. This meant it was a contempt of court for me to buy anything with my own money.
    v.  not to repatriate within 21 days of service of the Order money from 2 Cyprus Bank Accounts about which I had no Knowledge or interest in and which I believe DC Winnard knew I had no knowledge or interest in.
    vi. Made it illegal for me to pay for Legal advice or Assistance.

        5.20 Since April 2010 it has been illegal for I to pay for any legal advice or assistance and I was not entitled to legal aid.  Except that from February 2012 until August 2012 I was granted legal aid but later the Court refused to allow me to change to lawyers  and a barrister of my choice.

    5.21 Although the Prosecution failed to establish I had any connection with Regal and Archer or Quantum Holdings or the companies’ bank accounts no apology or recompense was made for the Restraint Order. In August 2012 The Court merely replaced the first order and substituted with a new and even more onerous Restraint

    5.22 During the trial in July 2012 conducted in my absence Judge Nic Parry allowed a number of new charges to be added this included count 27 converting criminal property

    5.23 The only evidence submitted by the Crown was a report made by a Mr. Dexter which detailed payments unto my bank accounts.   These payments had been taken from my bank 
    statements from June 2006 to January 2010 which the police had seized in January 2010.

     5.24 The crown did not make any disclosure at all not even of my own bank statements to the defense.   Particularly they did not disclose the documents they had seized which proved beyond all doubt that the payments into my accounts were from legitimate sources.

    5.25 The crowns case included outright deception and obfuscations and Judge Nic Parry was totally biased in favor of the crown. If 'they' can choose the judge, then set-up's are simple.
    Image result for judge nic parry
    Nic Parry BBC sports presenter and Crown Court Judge 


    5.26 The Judge placed in Charge of my Case was Judge Nic PARRY. Nic Parry was made a Crown Court Judge in March 2010 following the raid on my home.  Niclas Parry, then a solicitor, attended the 1996-1999 ‘Waterhouse Inquiry’ where he represented some of those accused of horrific child abuse.  At the same time I was an advocate for victims of his client.   Judge Niclas PARRY should have recused himself as the chance of prejudice against me by Judge Nic Parry was significant and even perceived prejudice would have been enough to make his appointment as a judge over me wrong.  He continues to exploit his position as a judge in my case even today.


    5.27 Control, financial deprivation, intimidation and harassment are methods used by corrupt States to prevent dissent and exposure of its crimes.  A State is made up of people, who because of their elevation or position have enormous power, funds and privilege.  Where a significant number of these people are also engaged in serious criminal behavior the effect on the citizens is detrimental and oppressive. Where those in power find pleasure in the rape, torture and murder of vulnerable children they present a very significant danger not only to the children but to any citizen who might expose them.

    5.28 In January 2010, although they had no evidence, the Derby Police claimed that I was suspected of Money Laundering in a specific fraud involving millions of pounds concerning two companies Regal and Archer and Quantum Holdings. In 2012 they admitted I was not involved in this fraud at all and made no money from any fraud. So the very basis on which their alleged investigation began was false.

    5.29 Since April 2010 I have been subject to two draconian Restraint Orders which made it illegal for to pay for Legal Advice or Assistance. For most of this time Legal Aid was not available. When Legal Aid was available I was not allowed by the Court to have lawyers of my own choice.

    5.30 The Court placed the first Restraint Orders in April 2010 which was placed on the basis that I was involved in an International Fraud and that the fraudulent companies Regal and Archer and Quantum Holdings and their bank accounts were mine. The Police and the Courts had no evidence whatsoever that these companies and bank accounts were I’s and the Restraint Order was wrongly made. Subsequently the Police were unable to present any evidence to back up their claims and after the trial in July 2012 the police wrote that they merely thought I might have been involved.  This unfounded suspicion could not legally justify a Restraint Order. The restraint order based on this “thought” not only prevented me from paying for legal assistance but  it was varied 10 months later, made it a criminal offence for me to use any of my savings or income to buy food, medicine or pay utility bills.

    5.31 Later that year one of the real fraudsters Paul Slack was arrested in December 2010. He was charged, pleaded guilty and sentenced to 2years and 6 months.  Had the Police had any belief that I was involved they would have charged me along with Paul Slack as a co-conspirator?  The Police knew I had no connection whatsoever with the fraud and yet continued to keep the Restraint Order claiming  the companies Regal and Archer and Quantum Holdings were my companies and the Cyprus bank accounts attached were controlled by me. This Police and the Court knew this was a complete fabrication

    5.32 The second Restraint Order was placed upon me in August 2012 after a trial in my absence. This Restraint Order was made by the Court following the Judge allowing a charge of conversion of criminal property to be added during the trial. Not only was I absent from the trial but I was in South America when this new charge was allowed and had no opportunity whatsoever to provide a defence against it. Disclosure was not made by the CPS of documents they still hold which would have proven my innocence to this charge. The State intended to and does intend to defraud me, a pensioner, of everything I own by this deception.

    5.33 The State still have a Restraint Order which prevents me from paying for legal advice or assistance and a legal aid certificate is not existent. The second Restraint Order allowed me to use £157 per week of my own money but the prosecution has refused to allow me to have the money the Court Ordered by freezing all my bank accounts and contacting my tenants and agents to tell them they could be prosecuted if they helped me or paid me rent.  Were it not for a benefactor I would not have any chance of a defence against the UK State funded prosecution.


    5.34 From January 2010 I was occasionally represented by the Legal Firm Garstangs.
    Garstangs had been recommended to me by my friend Club owner Steve Less, who was the best friend of publicist Max Clifford (later to be jailed as a child abuser for 8 years in 2013). Steve Less was a close friend also of Richard Cornthwaite a partner of Garstangs.  So after my arrest in January 2010 I paid Garstangs £2,500 to represent me.  

    5.35 Richard Cornthwaite contacted my friend Lord Douglas Hoyle, a former Labor Party Chief whip,   and arranged with him to write to the Chief Constable of Derby and later the Chief Constable of North Wales.   After this the Derby Police dropped the case against me in February and I thought that was the end of the matter.

    5.36 When the Restraint Order arrived in April 2010 I was totally shocked and telephoned Richard Cornthwaite. He acted very surprised and said he would help me until the money ran out.

    5.37 My friend Olga Petro Vic a partner in Linklaters offered to fund the legal costs to have the Restraint Order overturned but Garstangs told her it would damage her career if she funded my legal costs. After that, prevented by the Restraint Order from paying for legal advice and unable to get Legal Aid to overturn the Order I was forced by the State to represent myself.  I was being led like a sheep to slaughter.

    5.38 From the 10th of January 2010 until July 2011 I was kept on bail renewed every so often but mostly monthly. During this time I was in constant stress not knowing if the police would proceed or drop the case against me. My business and heath was being destroyed and past injustices experienced as a child and a whistle-blower came up to haunt me. I was being mentally and emotionally tortured

    5.39 My bail was renewed for one year and six month during which time I was in torment with a Damocles sword hanging over my head.

    5.40 In July 2011 they charged me with a number of minor offences and I was compelled to represent myself in the Magistrates Court. The Magistrates Court sent the case to the Crown Court for trial.  
    5.41 In January 2012 Garstangs applied for Legal Aid and this appears to have been granted. From that moment they refused to contact witnesses including W who several times asked to be a witness. Explaining it was a shared office and some of the documents used by the prosecution belonged to him.

    5.42 They refused to apply for disclosure and in the end the Prosecution disclosed only files that they used for the Prosecution and nothing that would help the defence. .  The basis of the prosecution case was that I ran a fraudulent business but refused to disclose any of my Client files, any of my computer records or any data used in the business. Fraud always complicated and relying on documents and data and witnesses was impossible to defend in these circumstances.

    5.43 In May 2012 I Approached Mary Monsons Solicitors who agreed to represent me r and said they could provide a good defence. I contacted Garstangs and told them I was unhappy with their representation and that they had failed to follow my instructions, contact witnesses and obtain disclosure from the prosecution. After many e-mails and telephone calls Garstangs agreed by e-mail they would not contest Mary Monsons application for a transfer of the Legal Aid certificate. Duly Mary Monsons made an application to the Court and sent a barrister at what was supposed to be an uncontested application.

    5.44 I went to Court to hear the application, the CPS sent their barrister Felicity Gerry QC and Garstangs arrived unannounced with their barrister and a team of solicitors to contest the application. Taken by surprise Mary Monsons had not prepared for a contested hearing. The Court ruled that I was not entitled to choose new representation and had to have Garstangs or no representation at all.

    5.45 The Court refused to transfer the Legal Aid certificate to Mary Monsons Solicitors. This effectively stopped any chance I had of a fair and just hearing. 

    5.46 I was devastated any hope of a fair trial disappeared. The Prosecution, my own solicitors Garstangs, and the Court were denying me the right to proper representation and I realized I had no hope of a Fair Trial. I was being railroaded by the State to plead guilty to charges when I was in fact innocent of those charges. It would have discredited me


    5.47 In the weeks coming up to the trial date my position was clear
    1)         The prosecution had not made disclosure of my computer data or my business files. Disclosure was essential for me to be able to defend the charges
    2)         Garstangs had not contacted any of my witnesses except character witnesses
    3)         The Court had denied me the right to choose a firm of lawyers who would properly represent me, apply for disclosure and contact witnesses
    4)         The Court had denied me the right to pay for lawyers of my choice so I was forced to accept Garstangs or represent myself in a complicated fraud trial against a well-funded State legal team who had chosen a Barrister soon to become a Queens Counsel who I was told would do anything to win.

    5.48 It is unusual for a trail to take place when the defendant is absent. The Judge disregarded this and the trail did take place. Not only did the trail take place but the judge allowed several new charges to be brought on the first day of the trail some are not even crimes in the UK as far as I am aware for example I was charged with making and selling novelty ID cards. I neither produced nor sold these cards but had I done so, it would not be a crime.  The cards were actually produced and sold by a former client of mine and the same cards are on sale today. The Police knew this.  The last charge ‘converting criminal property’ which the Judge allowed would deprive me of all my property, land, and savings and allow the State to keep everything they had previously seized in January 2010.

    5.49 Even had the prosecution made proper disclosure to enable me to defend these new charges, which they did not, I nor my legal team would have had the time necessary to formulate a defense or contact witnesses. The reason for this tactic of allowing new last minute charges to be brought is suspicious especially where it deprives a defendant of their home, property, land, savings and everything the defendant owns.

    5.50 The Old Restraint order was cancelled and a new Restraint Order made by the court which froze all my assets all over the world allowing me £159 per week to live on from my own money.   Whilst the Prosecution did freeze my assets they have refused to allow me the £159 the Court Order allowed. Contempt of Court was arbitrarily applied by the Court, it seems only to apply if I breached the terms of the Restraint Order but did not apply if the Prosecution breeched the terms of the Order.  This new restraint Order was made by Judge Niclas Parry despite that fact that even he had stated, during the trial, that no-one had lost any money.


    5.51 The BBC acts as the States well-oiled propaganda machine with the Security Services at the helm.

    5.52 Vetted by MI5 BBC staff can be effective in steering public opinion.  It has the added advantage of stifling real investigative journalists from damaging their system of manipulation. And the icing on the cake the State cynically make the public pay for a diatribe of government propaganda.

    5.53 The BBC has for decades been complicit in the cover-up of Government corruption and paedophilia and in fact the BBC harboured within it high profile paedophiles such as the now infamous, friend of Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles, Sir Jimmy Savile. Those incorruptible individuals within its ranks like Jill Dando from Crime Watch run the risk of being dismissed or as in Jill’s case murdered by the State.

    5.54 In October 2013 the Derby Police sent out a press release to the BBC stating that I had been convicted of conspiracy in the Boiler room fraud, although they were fully aware that I had not been convicted of conspiracy or involvement in the Boiler room fraud. This was a deliberate attempt to further discredit me and a clear indication that the State intended to continue their campaign of persecution. The BBC published the lies without question.

    5.55 The old saying the pen is mightier than the sword is so very true. He who controls what people believe controls the people themselves.


    5.56 The control of the rest of the Media is more complex and the system of control much looser, allowing unapproved stories to surface.   MI5’s traditional role of  the protection of the State has given way to the protection of Business interests, multi nationals, Serco, G4, Capita and the linked criminal networks involved in drugs, arms and pornography and in running the child sex trade. MI5 recruit journalists and help their careers by passing them excellent information which they can use to advance their careers.  The days of investigative journalism died in the 90’s and now most stories are fed to the press by government bodies. This makes mainstream media more unreliable because along with the true information journalists are passed disinformation and spin which they publish without investigation.

    5.57  MI6 and KGB double agent Kim Philby  worked for  both the Times and the Telegraph  Journalism and spookdom have walked hand in hand since Journalism was invented. It worked well in the French revolution through pamphlets and it has worked ever since. Journo/spooks end up with staff jobs on newspapers so they can spread propaganda or deflect and spin. 
    5.58 Into the mix today we have bloggers and trolls, the new breed of propaganda spooks to compliment the old school they are more removed from the centre and often work with the police. These tools are skilfully directed towards promoting half-truths and lies and discrediting those the State fears.

    5.59 In September 2010 the State elicited the help of a blogger Peter Eyre who also gave interviews to Russian Today and wrote for the Palestine Telegraph, and his sidekick Gordon Bowden, both from Derby, These two became stalkers and wrote e-mails saying they had done a “drive by” past my house. They began to write articles about me and Included in the articles was information that could only have come from the Derby Police such as advance notification that my bail was to be renewed.

    5.60 But spooks and trolls have been swamped by the genuine bloggers and activists in their search for truth.  At the heart of Social media is the deep desire to discover the truth. There is now much great information on the internet but along with it disinformation


    6.1 Even in the best of cases where the CPS have made disclosure and witnesses contacted a defendant  in a fraud case is at a great disadvantage if they are compelled by the Court itself to rely on Legal Aid and Legal Aid lawyers.

    6.2 1000 Legal Professionals Protested outside UK Parliament  to protest against Legal Aid cuts and access to justice Sir Ivan Lawrence QC, a former Conservative MP, told the demonstration he was “ashamed of the government's destruction of the justice system”

    6.3 A fair trial has always been impossible for those who are perceived as enemies of the State and recent changes to the legal aid system have meant that it is not possible to have a fair trial in cases involving fraud.  Even Prime Minister David Cameron’s Barrister brother has highlighted that a fair trial is not possible in fraud cases. Alexander Cameron QC the Brother of W Cameron convinced a Judge to abandon a fraud trial because the defendants could not get a fair trial in the current legal aid circumstances. Labor MP Sadiki Khan said:-
    “Because of Chris Grayling’s legal aid changes, a judge has been forced to abandon a serious fraud trial because he couldn’t guarantee the defendants a fair trial.”

    6.5 The Earl of Lyton said in a parliamentary debate that “Under anti-social behavior legislation, the police have virtually untrammeled and incontestable powers. They decide ab initio who they think is the guilty party. The rampantly one-sided exercise of these in a case involving a Sussex MP has been corroborated by cases in south Wales, Devon and Cornwall, Thames Valley and, in the most recent, from Hampshire, police evidence seems to have been total fiction.”  And “I learn of serious failure of prosecution to disclose documents as required, and of failure of defence teams and judges to ensure compliance. The Attorney-General’s recent guidance identifies this as a threat to a fair trial. I hear of documents that are unsigned or undated, possibly even forged, being accepted by the courts, and a failure to safeguard the interests of people under rulings from the Court of Protection.”
    Column 183 by the Earl of Lyton on police corruption and fair trial

    6.6 Former Government Minister explains how Police and CPS withheld evidence against him

    6.7 It is a fact that many people in the United Kingdom are unable to have a Fair Trial. This is not a radical idea in fact is it accepted by many decision makers. This is particularly so with fraud trials which are very complex.

    6.8 The situation means that for me to Appeal my convictions is impossible without private funding and because of the Restraint Order restraining my assets that funding must come from a rich third Party.


    7.1 I engaged new legal representation in January 2013 who described the charges brought against me as ‘rubbish’. These new team of lawyers are specialists in confiscation

    7.2 All of my property would not cover even a fraction of the fees involved in fighting the State’s attempt to steal everything I own so the funding has to come from third parties.  The Prosecution however are provided with unlimited funds to pursue me. The Court determined that in these confiscation proceeding each side must bare their own costs. This meant my Legal team were unable to recover their costs if they won. The State of course used the Public’s money to pursue me and so had no financial restrictions.

    7.3 Following my conviction the prosecution immediately launched an action to confiscate everything I owned.  As I was an absconder the Law states that the prosecution should have waited 2 years to do so but they did not. In fact they preceded immediately causing wasted costs which could not be recuperated.

    7.4 Because of an Appeal Court ruling, in another case, the prosecution were forced to delay proceeding against me   The law states that confiscation proceeding must begin within two years of the trail judgment. Or with an absconder only after two years.   Because the prosecution illegally began immediately after trail they were in fact given 4 years after the trial to peruse I and cause 4 years of costs to be accrued.

    7.5 In fact the Prosecution made every attempt to cause my third party funders huge costs even going as far as claiming it was an impostor (not Andrea Davison) that had hired my solicitors to represent me, this had to be disproved in court at great cost by my Barrister Ivan Krolick.

    7.6 My Solicitors have been subject to relentless intimidation and threats by the CPS but have not succumbed.

    7.7 The Court has determined that there will be no costs order in the current confiscation proceeding against me which they began in August 2012. The Court states that each side must bare their own costs.

    7.8 Because of this unfair situation the UK State has done everything it can to cause wasted costs to my Legal team.

    7.9 Letter from the CPS dated 19th December 2013 threatened my’ solicitors and said I was not entitled to legal representation
    Further, I have just prosecuted another case in which the defendant made himself absent from the proceedings. In that case the solicitors had acted for the same client in previous proceedings, and so had some knowledge of him. When these solicitors contacted the SRA they were told in no uncertain terms that they could not take instructions from an absent client. There were a number of ratios for this, none of which assist your position. Indeed, as you haven’t previously represented Ms DAVISON it can be said that you are in a worse position than they were.
    Please confirm, by return, that you and your counsel have contacted your respective professional bodies. I would also like the name of the person who was contacted. There is good reason for me to ask, as the proceedings are very likely to be invalid if you have not complied with your professional duties. Again, if I do not receive a satisfactory reply then I will have the case listed for this reason on 24 January 2014.”

    7.10 In a letter dated the 4th of February the CPS write that they knew all along they had no legal basis on which to bring confiscation proceedings against me or issue a Restraint Order.
    It is the intention of the Crown to continue with confiscation proceedings against Ms DAVISON. However, the legislation is less than clear how this is to be done with an absent defendant. Section 27 POCA 2002 is operative when ‘…” In short, the position in respect of defendants who abscond before conviction is unclear, and there appears to be a lacuna in the law as it is currently understood”

    7.11 On July 11th 2014 the UK State forced my solicitors and Barrister to travel from London to Mold in North Wales only to adjourn the proceedings. All this could have been settled administratively there was no reasonable need whatsoever for the CPS and the Courts to demand my legal team to be present simply to make yet another adjournment.  But it assisted their agenda to cause costs to the defence.

    7.12 My lawyers made numerous attempts to get disclosure from the prosecution without success. They wrote to the Prosecution and the Court just before the confiscation hearing advising them they had not made proper disclosure.

    7.13 On December 18th 2014 my Legal Team attended the Confiscation hearing. The Prosecution claimed that everything that went into my bank accounts over a period of 5 years was illegal.   My Barrister knew that I could identify almost every payment as legal and with disclosure every single payment.

    7.14 During the trial in July 2012 conducted in my absence Judge Nic Parry had allowed count 27 converting criminal property to be added to the charges.

    7.15 The only evidence submitted by the Crown was a report made by a Mr Dexter which detailed payments unto my bank accounts.  These payments had been taken from my bank statements from June 2006 to January 2010. The Police had seized all the bank statements I had kept neatly files in January 2010.

     7.16 The crown did not make any disclosure to the defence at all not even of my own bank statements which they had seized. The Crown particularly did not disclose the documents they had seized which proved beyond all doubt that all the payments into my accounts were from legitimate sources.

    7.17 The crowns case included outright deception and obfuscations and Judge Nic Parry was totally biased in favor of the crown.

    7.18 Below are three clear examples of the Crowns deceptions and use of the court system to attempt to defraud me. There are many more.

    Called by the crown  ‘Unidentified 23K’
    This payment was from my mother’s estate following her death.  It was not a large sum but represented a lifetime of saving for my Mother.
    In respect of this the judge said “That included one figure of £23,000 that nobody could explain, that might be innocent or not innocent”  he was referring to Mr Dexters report which at page 4687 he states.  “Reciept £23,052. 70 on the 28th August 2009 to the HSBC (MG/AD/02) which has not been identified” However on the same date there is a payment from the HSBC account in the name of the Executors of Hilda Margaret Davison (MG/AD/03) in the sum of £22,062.70 a difference of £990. Mr Dextor wrongly provided the date of this receipt of £23,052.70 as 28th August 2009 when in fact the date was the 28th of August 2008.   Disregarding this it was clearly a payment from my late mother’s estate and the “very substantial increase” Mr Dexter told the Court about in the year ending March 2009.

    Called by the crown   Unidentified 4K from FSCS
    Dexter claims in his witness statement at page 4698 in the bundle that “in real terms the actual income is the unidentified 23K plus 4K mainly from two businesses

    Mr. Dexter continues concerning the unidentified £23K he says “in real terms the actual income is the unidentified £23K plus 4K mainly from two businesses FSCS and Vela Business Limited ...” 
    The 23K was from my Mother estate as I have said and as to the 4K 2663.14 is in fact the ‘Financial Services Compensation Fund’ in respect of monies lost because of   the ICESave collapse. The remaining is also bona fide.
    Payment to my bank of £31,818.96  28th March 2008
    On the 28th of March 2008   my client made a mistake and  transferred to my bank account Abbey National (now known as Santander)   the sum of £31,818.96.  The Payment was referenced 0015 1260 696 000161.
    This sum of £31.818.96 was sent by mistake as it was an overpayment of £31, 201, 96.
    The said overpayment of £31,201,96 was refunded to the client bank by Abbey National following my written request on the   6th of May 2008. The crown refused to accept that the payment was legitimate or that the overpayment had been returned despite all the clear evidence to the contrary.  To prove the obvious my solicitors were compelled to ask my client for a witness statement. The client supplied a Statement from his bank detailing the repayment and later provided a personal witness statement.  Even with such clear and indisputable evidence the Crown refused to remove the amount of £31.818.96 from their confiscation claim against me.

    7.19 In December 2014 the crowns case to confiscate my assets went before Judge Nic Parry. The Crowns case was that all the monies which went in to my bank accounts over a 4 year period was the proceeds of crime prosecution save for certain excluded items.  In effect this would   confiscate everything I owned and had earned or inherited throughout my entire life. 

    7.20 In Court My Barrister asked Mr. Law of the Prosecution about the payments into my bank accounts. Mr. Law said that they had not investigated even one payment and did not know if they were legal or illegal.  My barrister was easily able to point out to Judge Parry that there was clearly no evidence whatsoever that even one payment which went into my bank accounts was illegal. Therefore he should dismiss the prosecutions claim.

    7.21 My legal team thought that this was the end of the matter and there would not be a confiscation. However they warned me the judge had some discretion.  In the end Judge Niclas Parry true to colour used his discretion and despite the Crown not having investigated any of the payments into my accounts decided that they were all proceeds of crime.  

    7.22 The next day Judge Nic Parry made a confiscation order for £170,000 which would deprive me of all the assets remaining to me after 4 years and 8 months of being under a draconian Restraint Order. It would also ensure that the prosecution could keep all the evidence of child abuse they had stolen from me.  Including all the date on my computers. 


    8.1 Respected newspapers are calling for some Police forces to be disbanded because of the level of corruption. Whilst honorable members of the House of Lords and Members of Parliament continually highlight the high level of corruption within the Police. As a result even a corrupt Government has to do something.   So the Home Secretary Theresa May has ordered an Inquiry into Police Corruption.

    8.2 The Daily Telegraph: Home Secretary Orders Inquiry into Police corruption and a new law is proposed of Police Corruption.

    8.3 Theresa May Home Secretary gave a speech in April 2014 about police corruption she told the police they had to change.
    In her speech she said:-
    “In the last few years we have seen the Leveson Inquiry.
     The appalling conclusions at the Hillsborough independent panel
    The deaths of Ian Tomlinson and the sacking the PC Harwood
    The ongoing inquiry by Independent panel into the murder it's Daniel Morgan
    The sacking of a Chief Constable for gross misconduct
    The investigation of more than ten senior officers for alleged misconduct and corruption allegations
    Altered recorded crime statistics
    The sacking the PCs Keith Wallace James Glanville and Gillian Weatherly after Plebgate.
    Worrying reports by the Inspectorate about stop and search and domestic violence
    The Herne review into the conduct at the Metropolitan Police Special demonstration squad  
    The Ellison review and allegations of corruption during the investigation at the murder of Stephen Lawrence
    Further allegations that the police sort to smear Stevens’s family and soon will be another judge-led public inquiry into Policing.
    Then there is the role of the Federation itself which as Sir W Normington said in his review needs to change from top to bottom.
    We've seen accusations of bullying, a lack of transparency in the accounts, questionable campaign tactics, in-fighting between branches huge reserve funds worth millions of pounds and a resounding call for change from your members with 91 percent saying things cannot go on.”

    8.4 The above Quote shows that even the Government is worried that the Police are out of control. This is further exemplified in the following media reports
    i)          ITV World in Action Documentary about Police Corruption and Government support for corrupt Police 1979
    ii) Police plot  of kidnap victim of crime and ransom them
    iii)        Organised crime infiltrated CJS
    iv)        Daily Mail: Simon Danczuk MP says that as long as the Chief Constable of Manchester stays Paedophiles and sex offenders would not be brought to justice (Appendix 18)

    8.5 MP’s now openly criticize the Police and public inquires have recently been instituted to inquire into Police Corruption and Police Spies.


    8.6 There have been numerous inquiries into Police Corruption or Inquiries related to Police corruption. All these inquires except Hillsborough were carried out by Establishment choices which has resulted in numerous allegation from MP’s  about police interference with the Inquiries and  from witnesses  who’s testimony of corruption has been ignored. Never the less the Inquiries could not avoid damming the Police and justice system

    a) LEVESON INQUIRY found Police colluding with the Press and taking corrupt payments and complicit in misconduct.

    b) HILLSBOUROUGH INQUIRY Damming report published September 2012 The Inquiry revealed the extent of official cover-up of the deaths of 96 people. Police deliberately lied and falsified statements.

    c) IAN TOMLINSON was unlawfully killed by the Police

    d) DANIEL MORGAN Inquiry into Private Investigator Daniel Morgan’s brutal murder with an axe whilst he was investigating Police Corruption. Police deliberately botched investigations into his murder  because, as the family believe, the police ordered him to be murdered,

    e) HERNE REVIEW Police Spying and Corruption at the heart of Lawrence case March 2014  and http: //

    f) ELLISON REVIEW On July 2012 Theresa commissioned an Inquiry by Mark Ellison QC to conduct a review examining allegations of corruption surrounding the initial, deeply flawed, investigation of the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Mr. Ellison found corruption. In March 2014 Police Spying and Corruption at the heart of Lawrence case

    g) PLEBGATE This is a strange case where three police officers lied about being insulted by The Conservative Chief Whip was then forced to resign. Andrew Mitchell as Chief Whip was the holder of many secrets about Paedophile MP’s. Later the Police officers were forced to admit they lied and one received a prison sentence

    h) SIR DESMOND DE SILVA'S REPORT on the 16th of January 2015 the report was made into the nature and extent of State collusion in the murder of solicitor Patrick Finucane.  Published on the Governments website and attested to by W Cameron in a speech to parliament. The report concluded “that employees of the state and state agents played “key roles” in the murder. He found that “two agents who were at the time in the pay of agencies of the State were involved”
    i) INQUIRY INTO POLICE SPYING In May 2015  the Home Secretary appointed a senior judge to lead the public inquiry into the police’s use of undercover officers to infiltrate political campaigns for over more than 40 years.
     This Police Spying came to light when the Crowns case against Ratcliff Power Station activists collapsed after alleged fellow activist Mark Kennedy calling himself Stone admitted he was an undercover policemen.
    Danny Chivers, who was one of the six successful defendants in the case, said Kennedy was not just an observer, but an agent provocateur. "We're not talking about someone sitting at the back of the meeting taking notes - he was in the thick of it."
    Kennedy admitted he had been a serving police officer at the time of the Ratcliffe arrests, but said he was not one now. He also told the activist "I hate myself so much I betrayed so many people...I owe it to a lot of good people to do something right for a change... I'm really sorry."
    Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) barrister Felicity Gerry was forced to withdraw the case against the activists after Kennedy confessed to the set-up, evidence which the CPS had withheld from the defence. The CPS also withheld the fact that Kennedy was giving testimony under the false name Mark Stone using a false passport supplied by the Police. Secret tapes recorded by Kennedy were also withheld by the CPS. The Guardian Reported that "Kennedy's tapes were secret evidence that could have exonerated six activists, known as the "deniers" because they claimed not to have agreed to join the protest" and "evidence gathered by the Guardian suggests it was the Crown Prosecution Service rather than the police that withheld the tapes. 

    This is the same Felicity Gerry QC who did not make disclosure in my case and who helped to set-me up and defraud me of all my assets. As an aside. Felicity Gerry QC also wrote an article called the ‘Jimmy Savile: case for the defence’


    I have been investigating systematic child sexual abuse and the child sex trade for 25 years. The rape and torture of children from State Care by the Westminster pedophile Ring in Dolphin Square, London was first published in 1995.  To date 20 years on not one of the elite criminals who raped, tortured and murdered the most vulnerable children in our society have been prosecuted. In fact for over 50years these dangerous pedophiles have been protected by the power of the Establishment. It has to stop.

    I understand that this submission is being used for judicial evaluation by the panel of the People's Tribunal. Further details of the above, and where available evidence, is available on request. I confirm that the above facts set out in this statement are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. 

    Andrea Davison  on the 11th August 2015

    read more on Lord Simon 'Mr Establishment; 

    update: March 1st 2016 there are redaction's which may be revealed at a later date.

    Andrea's  legal team applied to the Court of Appeal for leave (permission) to appeal the decision of Judge Nic Parry. Lord Justice Simon  known as ' Mr Establishment ' together with Mrs Justice McGowan and Judge Munro QC  refused leave to appeal despite the prosecution saying they did not know if any payments Andrea received were legal or illegal. They  admitted they had not investigated even one payment. 
    Appealing to the Supreme Court is specifically forbidden if leave to appeal has been refused by the Appeal Courts.  Justice Simon  knew that and outed himself. 'They must believe it is worth exposing an Appeal Court Judge to silence a whistle-blower :- And so the corruption and cover-ups continue:-

    But like the Birmingham 6, the Guildford 4, Colin Wallace etc etc etc  the fight goes on for truth and justice.

    Original Andrea Davison Statement

    Maur review statement of Andrea Davison

    Lady Justice Butler -Sloss  supports a pedophile Failed police investigaation Lambeth

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