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George KennedyYoung MI6 , John Mann MP, Le Cercle and plots including industrial child abuse, wholesale disinformation and cover-ups

By Andrea Davison and others 

John Mann MP stood up in  a near empty parliamentary room and dropped a bombshell. He revealed the name of the man behind industrial scale child rape, torture and murder. That name was  George Kennedy Young  MI6 chief.  GK Young was a close friend of MI6  officer, Times and Telegraph Journalist and Russian agent Kim Philby.  Philby’s great friend  was James Jesus Angleton CIA head of counter intelligence.  Philby was put in charge of the 'stay behind units'  for the intelligence Organization now  referred to as Gladdio  which ran parallel to NATO’s official intelligence  organization. 

 This clandestine intelligence organization  via its 'stay behind units'  ran groups of terrorists, which also included the  Provisional  IRA. These terrorist cells  headed by former SS officers committed terrorist atrocities  throughout  Europe, blaming them on the far left.  Gladdio also ran illegal arms to  its terrorist groups and embargoed nations. It worked closely with the Mafia through links established during World War II  and  was involved in the trafficking  off drugs arms and pornography. 

GK Young was also a close associate of  Anthony Cavendish MI6 officer, journalist and banker. Cavendish was a lifelong friend of homosexual MI6 chief Maurice Oldfield a principle perpetrator involved in the abuse of boys in the Kincora scandal.   Oldfied was  a close friend of Julian Amery MP  who was the mentor of Jonathan Aitken MP.  John Major made Aitken Defence Minister  a position he used to facilitate the sale of  illegal arms and bolster the profits of his private Bank Aitken Hume.  Both  Aitken and Amery were involved in selling arms to Iraq illegally and  Amery was  up to his neck in the BCCI scandal along with Callahan.   Aitken was close to Geoffrey Tantum MI6  and  associate of Alan Clarke MP.  Clarke was also involved in arms to Iraq and shielded by  convicted pedophile Max Clifford. Clifford said he had evidence on Clark of  child abuse but this did not save Clifford from prison.

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What is notable is that all the above  were involved in a shadowy intelligence group called Le Cercle  which group is even today responsible for coordinating various deceptions, terrorist outrages and cover-ups.  It was le Cercle behind the recent grotesque cover-up of the cover-up. Using their old corrupt media friends, BBC- Panorama, the Telegraph, The Times and the Mail.  Le Cercle organized the persecution of  Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson  because of his effective exposure of the Westminster Pedophile Ring.  They arranged  a media explosion of sympathy for VIP Pedophiles like the former Home Secretary Sir  Leon Britten QC.   The tactics of cover-up were dredged up and the public were subjected to a diatribe of disinformation and spin. Honest MP’s started to fear for their careers if they supported  any investigation into  the Westminster pedophile ring.   This led directly to John Mann MP addressing an almost empty parliamentary room and being strictly warned by the  finger waging Chair not to reveal names.

Le Cercle has associations  with the notorious  extreme Right Wing   'Monday Club'  who's members are frequently  named as pedophiles. This is just one of the shadowy groups, organisations and clubs affiliated to or created by Le Cercle.   Meetings held in secret, exclusive clubs and Freemason lodges are the places where plots are hatched and cover-ups organized.

So how did the rape and murder of vulnerable children spread through-out  Europe and America like wild fire?   Following the end of WW11  we witnessed a growing, now billions dollar, industry in the images of rape and torture  and even murder of little children by  adults. 

Recently  it has been made public that those who participate  in this heinous and most grotesque of sexual appetites come from the very top of  the social structure. They are the elite, the favored, the rich and the powerful.

Otto von Habsburg, key founder of Le Cercle, head of the Paneuropa Union and one of the most central players in the underground Vatican-Paneuropa network including the infamous Opus Dei.  Habsburg was of royal blood with links to the Royal families of Europe.  He was also a front man and pedophile.

Le Cercle  grew out of the second world war when chaos reined in Europe. The Vatican were secretly delivering Nazi Officers to Argentina and other parts of South America. This eventually led to the suffering of Argentinian people in the 'Junta' where paramilitary death squads murdered 30,000  suspected left wing activists.

 Rinehart Gehlen was pivoted by the OSS from being  Hitler’s Russian intelligence chief to a key position in Western Intelligence.  Gehlen went on the form the CIA, Argentina’s intelligence service, Egypt’s intelligence service  and in 1954 he was made the head of the newly formed German intelligence service  the  BND.

Operation paperclip saw  the UK , the USA and Russia absorb  Nazi officers and scientists into their own intelligence and military industries.  Star wars was a direct result of  the work of Nazi scientists. Former Nazi Von Brun  was the architect  behind  USA rocket science

Von Braun 

First rank, from left to right, General Dr Walter Dornberger (partially hidden), General Friedrich Olbricht (with Knight's Cross), Major Heinz Brandt, and Wernher von Braun (in civil garment) at Peenemünde, in March 1941.

All this  assisted  Nazi infiltration meant that the bizarre quasi religious practices of Hitlers Nazi's and the SS were incorporated into the heart of the Intelligence, Security and Government systems

Mengele was helped by the Vartican  to escape to Argentina 

" Links between Nazism and esoteric and occult movements are nothing new. Hitler, rejecting Christianity, embraced instead the paganism of the early Germanic tribes. Their beliefs, both real and imagined, offered a basis on which any number of sinister concepts could be superimposed. The process reached its apogee at Schloss Wewelsburg, near the town of Paderborn. Though the present-day castle dates from the late 16th century, records suggest that there has been a fortress on the site since the days of the Huns, more than a thousand years earlier. The surrounding landscape is wooded, often misty, and interspersed with giant, weirdly-shaped rocks. The castle and its environs were ideally suited to the purpose for which Heinrich Himmler rented them in 1934 - that of providing the officers of his elite corps, the SS, with an education in the supposed pagan mysteries underpinning National Socialism."

Central to these Nazi beliefs is ritual sacrifice, which led to the  ritual rape, torture  and murder of children.  These ritual practices spread quickly with the incorporation of Nazi’s and the extreme right at the top of UK  and USA  institutions and  bodies. Lets not forget Hitler rose to power on a socialist ticket. 

Le Cercle is a secretive, privately-funded and transnational intelligence  group which regularly meets in different parts of the world. It is attended by a mixture of politicians, ambassadors, bankers, shady businessmen, oil experts, editors, publishers, military officers and intelligence agents, which may or may not have retired from their official functions. The participants come from western or western-oriented countries. Many important members tend to be affiliated with the aristocratic circles in London or obscure elements within the Vatican, and accusations of links to fascism and Synarchism are anything but uncommon in this milieu.

 The Vatican, its emissaries and employees have been responsible  for the most prolific child abuse  throughout the known world and the most exhaustive and massive cover-up  of child abuse and murder.  The Vatican are also involved with the Nazi party, money-laundering on a vast scale and other criminal activities.

Le Cercle’s  greatest enemy was purported to be  the Soviet Union and members have been crusading against communist subversion for many decades. During this process, Cercle members unfortunately have accused almost every nationalist and socialist government, every labour union, every terrorist, and every serious investigator of western intelligence of being in bed with the KGB.

In addition, the Cercle strongly focused on European integration, going back to the efforts of its early members to bring about Franco-German rapprochement. The significant presence of Paneuropa-affiliated Opus Dei members and Knights of Malta, together with statements of the Vatican and Otto von Habsburg, clearly indicate there’s an agenda in the background to some day bring about a some sort of new Holy Roman Empire with its borders stretching from the Atlantic to the Black Sea and from the Baltic Sea to North Africa.

Interestingly, the latest generation of British Cercle members now do everything in their power to keep Britain out of the emerging European superstate. Members actually have no philosophy their sole purpose is to continue the ‘game’ to their own advantage and that of their hidden masters.


Le Cercle used be known as the Pinay Circle, or Cercle Pinay by its original French founders. Although the group was named after a French statesman who was prime minister from March to December 1952, the real organizer of this group was a person named Jean Violet, a close associate of Pinay since 1951 

The informative blog 'there are no sunglasses' informs us.

Jean Violet has a murky past to say the least. In French and later English literature, Violet is named as a pre-WWII member of the Comite Secret pour l’Action Revolutionnaire (CSAR), a secretive fascist group which, like Freemasonry, had its own initiation rites . Some authors have suggested that CSAR, popularly known at the time as the Cagoule, or “hooded ones”, was one of the most important branches of the legendary Synarchist Movement of Empire and worked to undermine the French Republic in preparation for the coming Nazi invasion .

Jean Violet was arrested after the war for having collaborated with the enemy. He was released however “on orders from above” , went to work as a lawyer in Paris, and became a member of Opus Dei In 1951, Violet came into contact with Antoine Pinay, a Catholic also said to have been in bed with Opus Dei, who asked him to solve a problem with a Geneva-based firm that had been sieged by the Nazis during WWII. As the story goes, Pinay was so impressed with the way Violet handled his assignment that he recommended him to French intelligence, the SDECE .

Violet soon managed to hook up with Opus Dei luminaries as Alfredo Sanchez Bella and Otto von Habsburg  who had founded the European Centre of Documentation and Information (CEDI) in 1949 . Habsburg was chairman for life of CEDI and later also of the Paneuropa Union. Sanchez Bella was the Spanish ambassador to Rome under Franco in the 1960s while his brother was head of Opus Dei in Spain . Violet also became an associate of Father Yves-Marc Dubois, a senior member of Vatican intelligence and possibly its head.

CEDI was one of the first in a long line of hard-right, often aristocratic institutions part of the Vatican-Paneuropa network. One of these institutions, founded by Antoine Pinay and Jean Violet, became Cercle Pinay. Violet was one of the few French members of this Cercle des Nations that was part of the same Opusian Vatican-Paneuropa network. The crowd of Cercle des Nations has featured in a number of Belgian conspiracies and some were involved with the “Dutroux network” responsible for the rape, torture and murder of children.

In the UK survivors and activists pressurized the UK Government to establish a National Child Abuse Inquiry.  This  Inquiry  recently   deleted  three weeks of  survivors testimony  they  claimed it was by ‘accident’!  Of course this was not an accident it was intentional.
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As a former UK police officer  said about CSA   “I can not begin to say the deep shame I have that 'bent' police and government spooks had in the cover up and 'air brushing' of evidence.
Speculation still runs in a lot of 'former police' circles whether this was the carrot of career enhancement or more likely all parties were members of the same 'secret society' which as you will all know runs through the police and all stages of local and national government and secret service like a cancer.
As the old adage states 'All roads shall lead to Rome' {SIC} May I wish all concerned with this new enquiry all the best and god speed with their task. However don't hold your breath those bent officers did to good a job with their shredding,burning and air brushing decades ago !”

Le Cercle has many offshoots  and bought and paid for dignitaries , their tentacles reach into all forms of government to promote disinformation, foment disruption and pull a blanket of deception over the awful crimes committed in the name of the British people. Including the rape and murder of innocents and acts of terrorism.

For  example Lord Carlile, the former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation who this week mounted a spirited defence of the intelligence services, has received £400,000 from a private consultancy he co-owns with a former head of MI6.

SC Strategy Ltd, the company that Carlile established with Sir John Scarlett, who ran MI6 from 2004 to 2009, is described as offering clients strategic advice on UK policy and regulation and has paid out dividends to the pair totalling £800,000 over the past three years, according to accounts filed with Companies House.  And so it goes on and on

We all need to study, to be informed and to fight to expose the  truth behind Child Sexual Abuse because it effects our lives in every possible way.   The people behind the organized child abuse network are also the bankers who control our finances, through the fiction pieces of paper  and numbers on a computer print-out have value. They are Politicians who make laws for us to follow but are immune from prosecution themselves. They are Police officers and Crown Prosecution  legal professionals who  arrest  and charge us for minor or imagined crimes, whilst protecting elite serious criminals.  They are the Courts who dispense justice only for the wealthy and powerful.  They inhabit the key positions in our Society and are shielded by the illusion of their respectability, whilst in truth they are debauched, perverted, self seeking and amoral.

They are also intelligent, deceptive and plausible.  If they are not stopped now no-one is safe, no child, animal, tree or flower.  They care nothing for this planet  or her people or her wildlife or her beauty. They care solely for themselves and are without empathy or compassion. They should not be allowed to remain in Key positions.

Reference section:-

John Man names Young

Stephen Milligan who  was a Tory MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the notorious Tory cabinet  minister  Jonathan Aitken. Stephen Milligan the PPS  who knew too mutch.   On 7th February 1994, he was reported to have been found tied to a chair with a plastic bag over his head and a satsuma stuffed into his mouth. The usual embarrassment surrounding these cases seem to have prevented the press from carrying out an in-depth investigation into various discrepancies in the case. Aitken, was known to have an particular interest in Sado-Masochistic sex - Milligan wasn't. He was a normal guy engaged at the time to a woman who is now a Tory MP. More relevant perhaps is Aitken's well-documented links to intelligence agencies and his role in shadowy arms deals that were conducted in the Ritz hotel in Paris in 1993.At this time Aitken was the head of an International Intelligence Service called Le Cercle  and Milligan was taken out in this bizarre way perhaps as a warning to Aitken  or perhaps  to silence him.  Aitken quickly toppled from his high perch shortly after Milligans Death.

The Wilson Plot

 As a former member of the Monday Club, and friend of MI6's George Kennedy Young, James was by his own admission part of the Tory clique that brought Thatcher to power, the very group that would bring down his company ten years later. "On the face of it," he writes, "this is the great irony of my story."

For a list of some Le Cercle members  follow this link

Gods Bankers The Vatican and corruption

Operation Northwoods  Terrorist

Operation Gladdio  Le Cercles's Lord Lamont on his good friend pedophile Sir Leon Brittan QC

Here are some additional details on Le Cercle people:-

Son of Leopold Amery (1873-1955), who was close associate of Lord Milner and the Rothschilds. Leopold was a British imperialist heavily involved in the creation of Israel. He also was a great supporter of Coudenhove-Kalergi's Paneuropa Union, which was initially funded by the Warburgs and Rothschilds (56), and was later headed by Otto von Habsburg. Leopold had two sons: John and Julian. John went to work for French, Spanish, German, and Italian fascists, and was eventually hanged for it. Julian was Churchill’s personal representative to Chiang Kai-shek in 1945.

Reportedly a life-long MI6 operative, although it isn't really known what he has been doing in this function. In 1950, he became a Conservative member of parliament and served in the cabinets of Harold Macmillan and Edward Heath. Married Harold Macmillan's daughter in 1950. Involved in the founding of the CIA's Congress for Cultural Freedom in 1950. Representative to the Council of Europe 1950-1956. Representative to the Round Table Conference on Malta in 1955. Involved with the Rhodesia and Nyasaland Club in the 1950s and 1960s, together with the Oppenheimers.

Became a member of the Privy Council in 1960. Member of the very aristocratic Other Club since 1960, over the years together with the Duke of Devonshire (Cavendish), the Cecils, Lord Rothschild, Lord Rees-Mogg, Prince Charles, Pilgrims Society president Lord Carrington, Pilgrims Society member Lord Richardson of Duntisbourne, and a whole string of ex-prime ministers. With his friends David Stirling and Billy McLean, and help from the Cercle-affiliated royal houses of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, he set up a private SAS war in Yemen in the early 1960s in an effort to get Nasser out.

One of the most prominent supporters of the illegal pro-white dictatorship in Rhodesia during the 1970s. In 1975, he claimed that it seemed more and more that the British trade unions were infiltrated by the KGB. Said to have been at a meeting on November 15,1982 with Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis and several known Cercle members about an expansion of Jewish settlements on the West Bank (57).

Chairman of the London chapter of the Global Economic Action Institute, a free-market organization that was exposed in 1986 as being funded by the Moonie cult. Julian not only was an avid empire-builder, just like his father, but also in favour of Britain joining the European Common Market. He was also a supporter of a strong nuclear deterrent against the Soviets. Picked by Crozier as the new president of Le Cercle in 1985. Consultant to the extremely corrupt BCCI in the 1980s.

Mentor to Jonathan Aitken, the next president of Le Cercle. Good friend of the very powerful and dynastic Cecil family, which also was very prominent in the initial Round Table clique.
Great nephew of Hitler-intimate Lord Beaverbrook, whose son ended up in the 1001 Club. Served as a war correspondent, and reportedly an MI6 agent, during the 1960s in the Middle-East, Vietnam, and Africa.

Became a politician and member of parliament. During the 1980s, Aitken was a director of BMARC, a company that exported weapons to intermediary countries, who sold these weapons again to the intended countries (like Iraq). CEO of TV-Am and chairman of Aitken Hume Plc, a banking and investment group. In 1992, he was appointed Defense Minister. During this time, he stood in close contact with co-Cercle member and MI6 head of Middle-East affairs Geoffrey Tantum. Chairman of Le Cercle.

Accused of having lobbied for three arms contractors: GEC, Marconi and VSEL, in an effort to sell many millions worth of arms to Saudi-Arabia. Through multiple offshore companies in Switzerland and Panama, submarines, howitzers, medium-range laser guided bombs, Black Hawks, and EH101 helicopters were sold and shipped. After his trial and brief time in jail, Aitken is one of the few people who had to resign from the Privy Council. Seemingly funded by British intelligence during tough times. Has become an extremely religious evangelist who even went on a few Jesuit retreats.

Claims that since Britain has failed to become the dominant power in the European Union, Britain should withdraw its membership in the EU.
Very influential British politician who was the campaign manager for John Major. Worked at Rothschilds from 1968 to 1979. Became an important politician and leading eurosceptic under Thatcher, who also led the Treaty of Maastricht negotiations for Britain.

Handled Russia's negotiations with institutions as the IMF and World Bank on behalf of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Again director of N.M. Rothschild and Sons Ltd 1993-1995, personally appointed by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild against the advice of the other board members. Appointed chairman of Le Cercle in 1996 after Aitken had to step down. Member of the Privy Council. Director of Scottish Re and many other insurance, banking, and chemical corporations.

Advisor to the Monsanto Corporation. Chairman of the obscure Oil Club. Member of the Neoconservative Benador Associates, together with Arnaud de Borchgrave, Alexander Haig, and James Woolsey. Director of General Mediterranean Holding of the controversial former Saddam associate and arms dealer Nadhmi Auchi, who also is a member of Le Cercle. Sought the release of Pinochet. Has visited Bilderberg.

As chairman of the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce, he's been promoting increased trade with Iran while the US is about to attack this country for allegedly trying to create nuclear weapons. As head of the Bruges Group he is a leader in the eurosceptic movement in Britain.

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