Saturday, 4 July 2015

Cameron's Westminster Paedophiles force kids charity boss to resign because she gave the Government a list of VIP Paedophiles

The Elite pedophiles running the UK strike again. They just cannot tolerate anyone opposing or threatening to  expose then.

Camila Batmanghelidjh: government trying to discredit me
David Cameron and Camila Batmanghelidjh

Departing Kids Company boss complains that Whitehall sources are talking down charity at a time when its funding situation has not been resolved  becase she gave Cameron's government a list of VIP pedophiles.

The children’s charity boss Camila Batmanghelidjh has accused the government of briefing against her Kids Company after it emerged that she had been asked to step down in order to secure £3m in funding for the high-profile organisation.

The charity said Batmanghelidjh was prepared to step down to take on a new “advocacy, fundraising and clinical role” in order to secure the funding from the Cabinet Office that is necessary to keep it afloat.

But Batmanghelidjh complained in interviews that Whitehall sources were talking down the charity at a time when its funding situation had not been resolved. She told Radio 4: “This is briefing to avoid the real issues. The type of briefing they are now delivering is one in which they are attempting to discredit me, so my message is weakened.
“I pray to God it is not coming from David Cameron and his team. I still have to have faith he wants to do the right thing by children.”
Kid’s Company has been championed by Cameron as a model of dynamic social services provision. It argues that its services are unique and that it may struggle in future to meet the needs of the 16,000 children it supports in street drop-in centres and schools in London and Bristol.
But while saying that an “in principle” funding agreement was in place, those close to the charity said nothing had been signed and key conditions had not been met. A Kids Company spokesman said: “We are confident that we will reach an agreement; it is just we don’t have one at the moment.”

 A senior children’s charity chief executive said that although Batmanghelidjh could “rub people up the wrong way”, her organisation offered a much-needed service. “It [Kids Company] is a touchy-feely service. Camila throws caution to the wind. There is a growing need for the type of work that they do. They are reaching children that the statutory services cannot and saving children who would otherwise be failed.”

On Friday evening, the Times reported that Batmanghelidjh has claimed that she came under pressure to resign after approaching the government with a list of the names of establishment figures she believed were involved in historical child sexual abuse.


  1. “I pray to God it is not coming from David Cameron and his team. I still have to have faith he wants to do the right thing by children.”

    How wonderfully naive.

  2. Everything so far indicates this administration is trying to shut things down

  3. Suppose they gave an Inquiry and nobody came.


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