Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Whistle-blower kids telling the truth says Detective Segeant Ray Savage

Former Detective sergeant Ray Savage  comes out to say he believes Whistle-blower kids mother Ella Draper  who has been forced to flee the UK because of Persecution by the establishment.  Ray notes  that there has been NO investigation into the childrens allegations against the satanic coven

We have child abuse problems at epidemic levels.
Everybody knows it.
We got to start acting on it.
A lot of it is underpinned by our financial system.
It’s not historic. It’s happening now.
I know no police officer has properly investigated this.
One in 10 children are being abused.
Let’s change it!
Sabine McNeil the lay legal advisor of Ella Draper has also been forced to flee persecution in the UK.

The Police and Courts and Parliament are run by Pedophiles and they ruthlessly target anyone who might expose their child rape and murder.


  1. This outing has been a long time coming. When people became aware of this going on in our country, it was so stupendously unbelievable, many just turned away. Thank God for those who did not, and continue "not to look the other way" because something has to stop this utterly evil, cruel, sexual ruination of children's lives. . It is evil personified, what is going on.



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