Wednesday 7 January 2015

Prince Andrew, part of evil pedophile family which has abused and murdered poor children for centuries

There is an evil family at the heart of the pedophile empire in the UK with its tentacles around the Globe.    Its the company they keep!.

The Independent reports 'Epstein is accused of forcing a 17-year-old girl to have sex with Prince Andrew, Duke of York – a claim Buckingham Palace has denied.' 

Buckingham Palace is a building!  a building funded by the British tax payer, buildings do not speak for themselves and this building has not  been  accused.  Or did Andrew's mum issue the statement through her employees, also paid for by the tax payer?   Can you imagine being accused of rape and your mums house issues  a statement that you are innocent. This is the sort of games these people play.  We are above you serfs, we do what we please, your children are just toys to us. 

Read here link to  full  disturbing US Court Statement naming Prince Andrew 

Lawyers say of  Epstien "The evidence suggests that for at least four years he was sexually abusing as many as three to four girls a day. But of course Prince Andrew did not notice. LOL

Epstien "He is a sexual addict that focused all his free time on sexually abusing children, and he uses his extraordinary wealth and power to lure in poor, underprivileged little girls and then also uses his wealth to shield himself from prosecution and liability."

Earlier this week it was reported that prosecutors believed that Epstein "pressurised witnesses" to hide the truth about claims that he procured underage girls for sex, according to The Telegraph.
Prince Charles with his close friend child sex procurer Jimmy Savile 

Prince Andrew belongs to a parasitic family which has leached of the British People, the American people, the Australian people, the Canadian people  and the good people of all  the countries it conquered around the globe for centuries.

Prince Phillip  and his old buddy pedophile Jimmy Savile 

They still own every single square inch of land in the UK  this may be a little known fact but  the Queen owns every bit of Land in Britain- the people because of this can own nothing.

Prime Minister Thatcher pedophile  lover with Savile
British people are disenfranchised and without a constitution,  their children are not born free they are the property of the crown and need a birth certificate  very much like a container  arriving at a port.   So when the Royal Family want to rape and murder children and hire  child sex procurers like Jimmy Savile and Epstein they are totally protected in the UK.  The British Parliament are not independent of the Royal Family and the British people do not live in a Democracy.  If a British Person is prosecuted for infringement of a law they are prosecuted by 'THE CROWN'   it is called The Crown Prosecution Service.

Princess  Diana found out what an evil family she had been married into and her sentence for being a decent human being was death.
Diana forced to endure child rapist Savile 
Diana was murdered on the orders of Prince Charles  the very close friend of child sex procurer and serial child rapist Jimmy Savile

The Prime Minister of the UK takes advise from the Queen during  regular visits. The Queen opens parliament and sanctions all new laws.
Prime Minister Ted Heath child murderer and rapist with Savile 
This evil family is at the heart of the corruption and growing oppression in the United Kingdom.  With tentacles around the world they use their power and wealth and hypocrisy to enslave people all over the Globe.  They are secret players behind the World Banks  and major corporations like SERCO.

Savile paid by BBC license payers to rape and murder
 and procure their children for Royals and VIP's 
They have done a great PR Job helped by the pedophile propaganda machine the BBC  but now the facade is slipping and we can all see the evil within.  Time this evil family more Boil than Royal were given the chop.

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