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Police chief Andy BRENNAN made head of Child Protection Center even though he has been protecting pedophiles in Yorkshire for decades

Disgraced West Yorkshire ( arguably the most corrupt force in the UK) Police chief Detective Superintendant Andy BRENNAN has been put in charge of CEOPS Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center. Where he can identify and protect VIP pedophiles and colleagues engaged in the very profitable child sex trade. This is a dangerous power to give to a corrupt Police chief. But scum always seems to rise to the top in the Police and the Crown Persecution Service. Brennan who protected pedophiles when head of West Yorks Police professional Standards and will do a good job of protecting pedophiles now Nationally using CEOPS. Well done David Cameron you chose the right man to head the child protection unit.
By Chris and Andrea 
CEOPS works with child protection partners across the UK and overseas to identify the main threats to children and coordinates activity against these threats to bring offenders to account. "We protect children from harm online and offline, directly through NCA led operations and in partnership with local and international agencies" CEOPS claims  
CEOPS is now an aptly named "National Crime Agency Command"  They are able to identify VIP pedophiles in order to protect them and ignore  colleagues and fellow gang members  who are involved in the lucrative child sex trade.  Whilst still finding the time to  bring the odd pervert  to justice.  They can also arrange for child abuse images to  be placed on the computers of innocent victims who's activities in exposing Police corruption  and VIP pedophiles are a threat.  
Brennan was formerly Head of Professional Standards (read more herein West Yorkshire, an organisation designed to ignore complaints and target the complainers.   Brennan's main claim to fame appears to be leading a murder investigation  where  three innocent men were wrongly jailed for life.  Read more about the Bradford Three case by clicking here.
Brennan who will now have intelligence   about  on-line child porn which he can use to protect VIP pedophiles   has a nice history  of corruption.
Currently he faces:- 
1) Criminal allegations  against him made in a sworn statement by a retired Fellow Police Officer
2) Libel action from a Retired Norfolk Intelligence Officer. 

Brennan is one of those growing number of Police Officers who get promoted for incompetence and lack of any moral fiber, conscience or empathy. They can work neatly with prosecution Barristers and CPS Lawyers who spend most of their days finding new ways to set-up the innocent to protect the guilty.

 Brennan  managed to “burn” a police informer during the investigation into innocent men, placing   the informers  life in serious danger. OK no-one is crying!
Justice campaigners, "Just West Yorkshire",  site Brennan  as being involved in a  racially motivated criminal pursuit of another detective on his team, DC Wasim Bashir    The innocent officers trial was  stopped the night before it was due to commence at Sheffield Crown Court, on public interest grounds,  which means the Crown, Police or the intelligence services may be compromised by the trial proceeding. 
In the Bradford Three case Brennan backed  DC Glen Acornley and his “nark” which might prove to be his undoing as Acornley is now reportedly facing enquiries in several criminal matters himself.  
The whole West Yorkshire police is a hive of corruption and a network of criminals who use public money to fund their criminal enterprises. :-
upsd states  about Brennen when in charge of West Yorkshire professional Standards:-
"To say that the running of Professional Standards is a shambles under Brennan’s management would be understating the case, somewhat. Complainants find the recognised gateways to the police complaints system regularly blocked; complaints are often not recorded; when they are recorded they are diluted or parts missed out altogether; there is no adherence to the law or due process; PSD regards itself as completely exempt from IPCC Statutory Guidance; PSD investigators are often not even named; routinely no complaint/victim statements are taken from complainant; no evidence is taken from the complainant’s witnesses; independent witnesses are not sought; independent evidence such as CCTV film or voice recordings regularly go “missing” if they are likely to support the complainant’s case.; Appeals against wholly discredited PSD investigations become lost in the system. The case highlighted at this weblink (click here) is just one shining example of the service that Brennan and his band of bent brothers serve up on the public – and is now widely held up as an example of everything a police Professional Standards operation should not do.
In spite of vigorous efforts by Brennan and his dysfunctional team - to “cuff” many police officer misconduct issues, a record number of complaints against WYP were recorded in the police year ended March 2014. Just under 1,000 which is almost a 20% increase on the last published figure.
There is also the vexed question of paedophiles operating in the ranks of West Yorkshire Police – the details of the latest two were provided to uPSD within the past fortnight – and of major concern is the details of a paedophile ring that was operated around 15 years ago in Pontefract by the CID in that town. Young girls were procured for sex and also filmed in garage premises in the town. There was also systematic thieving carried on by some of the same group of detectives. West Yorkshire Police’s PSD were made aware last autumn and nothing appears to have been done about it whatsoever by Brennan and his merry men.

Brennan  who protected police pedophiles is now the head of CEOPS- well that says it all.  Well done David Cameron your CSA cover-up continues 

Information supplied by upsd UPSD has not approved or had input into this story and is not responsible for our candid -we tell it how it is - writing style.

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