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Blogger Gordon Bowden who claims to be an informant  for the Derby Police writes that   DC 2056 Robinson of  the Derby Police force has passed him confidential information detailing  the  whereabouts   of missing ex spy Andrea Davison

Gordon Bowden  lost a Court  case  against whistleblower  Andrea Davison. She proved he had libeled  stalked and harrased  her, his defence was that  the Derby police told him she was  a mastermind involved in organised crime.

Andrea Davison a former spy and whistleblower who helped bring down the last Tory Government  was recetly wrongly convicted  in her absence  of such trivia as stealing her own passport and using  different names.  Andrea informed the court by e-mail  that she  was seeking Political Asylum but did not say where.

Since then there have  been numerous  articles  published on the internet claiming she is in the Ecuador Embassy with Julian Assange. These articles were started by a friend of Bowden's Peter Eyre also from Derby.

Bowden now claims  that DC 2056 Robinson  told him Andrea Davison has been traced to Argentina and the Police are activly  seeking her return to jail her.

 As the Levesen Inquiry demonstated  for the Police  to leek  such informaton so it can  be published  is Misconduct in Public Office and if true DC 2056 Robinson has committed a serious offence.  Or is Bowden Lying?

I found these comments on the well known Political  Blog  Tapestry  and here below  are the  links  and details


LATEST ON MS TARA ANDREA DAVISON. As was told to me AGAIN on Monday 10th September 2012 by: DC 2056 ROBINSON Ms Andrea Davison is reported to be in ARGENTINA seeking Political Asylum. The Debyshire Police are actively seeking her return to serve her custodial sentence on Andrea Davison was exposing paedophilia and arms smuggling amongst Britain's elites

Where is Andrea Davison? Has she left the Ecuador Embassy?

WASP reported she was holed up in the Ecuador Embassy and was the real target for William Hague's threatened invasion.

Today we received this Anonymous comment, the details of which cannot be confirmed -

I have it ON RECORD 5/9/2012, from the Derbyshire Police (Ripley Police HQ) From the Team who, following a combined Met / Derby Organised Crime Operation ran the Raid at 13/1/ Following the Crown Court issue of a Bench Warrant for her arrest for failure to attend her own Criminal Trial which started on the 4/7/2012 that Ms ANDREA DAVISON has been now traced to ARGENTINA.
There are efforts via the authorities to return her to serve her 2 1/2 years custodial sentence 

Leaking confidential Police Information is a real serious crime that’s why Britain had the Levesen Inquiry into misconduct by British Police and the press.

So this Mr Anonymous comment is either evidence of a serious crime by the UK Derby Police and Mr Anonymous or total crap said...
"Mr Anonymous comment is either evidence of a serious crime by the Derby Police and Mr Anonymous or total crap"

You Mullet, I am Gordon Bowden, you "Plonker" I've been in the Royal Courts of Justice QBD for over 2 years with that thieving "Honey Trap" Git and her Con artist Partner journalist Pete Sawyer.

Since 2006. I know more about Davison and her network of mainly German /Jew Directors who ran "Virtual" Ponzi Investments Scams selling worthless Oil and Gas and Mining Company shares linked to Russia & Canada or selling worthless University Degrees from "Virtual" MARYLEBONE & GORDON Universities, or Fake ID's and PASSPORTS for fraud networks to use in Multi £Million Bank fraud scams.
In 2006, I gave the Derby Police all the info on the massive International Frauds and Boiler room that has defrauded thousands of innocent investors world-wide, run and administered by Davison since 1982. I am the one who recovered over 400 Docs that are doing the rounds from her now removed website in July 2010. Here, dipstick, get your 2 braincells round this. since the successful Mold Crown Court Criminal Trial prosecution and sentence on 26/7/2012.

Given she has been prosecuted, the Trial info and Data is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, if you know where to look. She is also a CONVICTED CRIMINAL on the run and as such, anyone with info is obligated as a "DUTY OF CARE" to forward such info.

You should rather stick to watching the drivel on the JEREMY KYLE SHOW

Tapestry said...
People who abuse are less credible. If you have correct information to report, it's no more convincing to a reader for being angrily presented. In fact less so. People who come from the inside and whistle-blow bring out a lot of anger in those they implicate. This blog has attracted a lot angry trolls the moment we started discussing Andrea Davidson. If the story against her is so clear cut, make it clear by being calm and measured. Your anger introduces doubts as to your motives, rightly or wrongly. 

Below Gordon Bowden Andrea Davison's Stalker

So has DC  2056 ROBINSON  of the Derby Police committed the  serious criminal offence of  Misconduct in Public Office  and released  confidential information to  blogger Gordon Bowden.
 The  same Gordon Bowden who has ruthlessly stalked and  harassed  whistleblower Andrea Davison for years and who now owes her thousands of pounds in damages and costs.   

 Andrea Davison. Andrea risked her life to expose those  illegal arms deals and paedophilia in the Police force and in the Tory Government.  She is now seeking political asylum somewhere

 Comments everywhere  claim Bowden is  himself a paedophile in the pay of the Derby Police who  set-up Andrea Davison.  Bowden admits being  an informant  for the actual   Derby Police officers who set-her up. You   can find Bowden's his  vitriol and insulting comments about this brave whistleblower all over the internet.    His comments  show he is a man of limited intellect  who  is full of  hatred for  the pretty Andrea Davison.
Bowden’s  close friend Blogger  Peter Eyre also from Derby has written extensively claiming  Andrea Davison is in the Ecuador Embassy in London  is Peter Eyre right or wrong?    Peter Eyre also lost  a libel action to her.
If Andrea Davison really is in Argentina then we will know that DC Robinson really has illegally passed confidential  information to his agent  Gordon Bowden.   This would add further proof  that the Derby Police set-up the whistleblower to silence her.
But  if  the Derby Police have illegally passed on  information  or disinformation to be published by Bowden  on the internet it begs the question why?  
Everything connected with Andrea Davison is a mystery


  1. Andrea Davison has given an interview on the Peoples Voice it sets the record straight . She was never in the Ecuadorean Embassy this disinformation was made up by the Derby Police and from what I can tell broadcast by police informers Gordon Bowden and Peter Eyre both from Derby? watch the interview here

  2. Given that Davison was later found guilty of what Bowden accused her, where does that leave her successful libel case?

    1. What was that -selling nukes with Cameron, having a sexual affair with Peter Lilley and catching a sex transmitted disease, being the daughter of Monday club Biggs-Davison, being a Mata Hari honey trap , or being involved with the Conservatives in laundering billions of pounds? doesn't quite fit with the convictions for a fraud where NO-ONE lost any money. LOL If any of the shit were true she would not be a penniless political refugee in South America

    2. Perhaps both Andrea Davidson and George Bowden are telling the truth? If she were guilty of money laundering she would have been protected not charged. But by encouraging him to go after her the Establishment has deflected his attention from the evidence he has against them - Rifkind, Chilcot, et al Until 2 days ago! see Lou Collins' Radio Show on facebook.

  3. Quite right if Andrea Davison were involved with MP's in money-laundering she would never have been charged. She also has been a whistle-blower for 30 years and is now an old lady. Bowden admits being friends with the Police and pursues her with their help or the other way round. If he is so very very wrong about Andrea Davison and is helping the Police who protect the pedophiles then how can anyone believe the rest of his information. ?


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