Tuesday 8 July 2014

Butler-Sloss sister of the Attorney General who helped bury the Dickens Dossiers and closed down the investigation into Elm Guest House, to chair abuse inquiry??

The Government are wheeling out  Establishment figures, intelligence insiders and child abuse apologists to orchestrate another child abuse white-wash  with the People paying the bill 

Who does Theresa May and Cameron  appoint  to chair the National child abuse Inquiry but the sister of one of the men who buried the Dickens dossiers!!  

Baroness Butler-Sloss is sister to Robert Michael Oldfield Havers, Baron Havers,QC  who   along with others was responsible for burying the Dickens Dossiers. 

Havers an MI6  insider was  Attorney  General from 1979  to 1987.  He was a bitter opponent of Geoffrey Dickens being the  Official responsible for not prosecuting Peadophile Sir Peter Hayman M16  and supressed  evidence against paedophile traitor Geoffrey Prime of Elm Guest house notoriety. In fact Havers closed down all inquiry and investigation into Elm Guest House.

'Havers defended the decision not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman,  

Then he    

was called in to  examine complaints” against several British 

newspapers by Elm Guest House’s lawyers. 


Resulting in the papers dropping the Elm Guest House story. 

Havers had managed to  effectively bury the story  which  

 allowed  the VIP paedophile network’s activities to continue 

without being bothered by press coverage.'

Not only did he bury the Dickens dossiers and  other child abuse evidence that came his way he was the CPS barrister responsible for the most horrific miscarriage of justice in the UK  as we reported  two days ago  where it was found the prosecution suppressed evidence.

Havers represented the Crown in two of the most notable miscarriages of justice in British judicial history: the trial and appeal of the Guildford Four and also of the Maguire family (known as the Maguire Seven), all of whom were wrongfully convicted. Collectively, they served a total of 113 years in prison and one of the Maguire Seven, Giuseppe Conlon, died in prison, convicted on the basis of discredited forensic evidence

He set-up these innocent people, with-held evidence from the defence and the jury which resulted in appaling suffering to 11 innocent people and allowed the real terrorists (who are known but have never been arrested)  to escape home and free.

Havers and Butler-Sloss are establishment figures of magnitude. They came from a long line Establishment insiders. Their father Sir Cecil Havers was the evil judge  who condemned to death a battered woman who was hanged because he would not allow the jury to hear about her physical and sexual abuse at the hands of the man who died.

newsoftheworld17jul88.gif (27666 bytes)And it gets worse!  Baroness Butler-Sloss's husband is a paedophile,  another of our great judiciary His Honour Joseph Butler-Sloss admits 'using'  prostitutes in England and in Kenya. What even the News of the world did not print was that  he did not care how old they were and many were child prostitutes  Butler-Sloss said  "It's not at all expensive. You pay 300 Kenyan shillings (£10) and they ask you for ten bob (30p) for the white man"  He could not give a dam about exploiting poor black  children. 

Finally Baroness Butler-Sloss,  as is self evident,  is a member of the House of Lords the same Westminster House connected by a corridor to Parliament.  The very Westminster House who's members she would be investigating.  If that is not enough she once stood as a Conservative candidate for election to Parliament. 

And if it could not get more obvious Butler-Sloss was Chairman of the Independent Security Commission  which  is  "To review vetting of those who belong to the Royal Households, those working with them, or who otherwise gain access to Royal residences"   She would have overall a responsibility for vetting serial pedophile Sir Jimmy Savile. She is an intelligence  insider, she knew Savile was a paedophile and is part of the child abuse cover-up squad. In fact Butler-Sloss far from heading this important inquiry into elite child abuse she should be under the Inquiries investigation.    

Do they think the British public are compliant idiots. By appointing Butler-Sloss knowing her brother was also  responisble for burying the Dickens Dossiers and the Elm Guest House investigation they are putting up two fingers to the British People. They are also giving  insider elite paedophiles the big green light.

 Worse May and Cameron are now implicated in the cover-up they claim to be exposing. 

We must not allow this whitewash to happen we must fight these evil men and women who cover-up child abuse. If we do nothing then nothing will change!   Bulter-sloss as head of our child abuse inquiry will betray the survivors and condem our children to continue to suffer rape and sexual abuse at the hands of the Establishment elite. 

Please sign this petition to get rid of the Butler-Sloss 


The Tory government set up a judicial enquiry under Lord Justice (Elizabeth) Butler 

Sloss.  The enquiry sat for a year, heard evidence from parents, social services, police,

 doctors, nurses and – without any apparent unease – from a champion of paedophile 

rights,  Ralph Underwager. It cost £5 million.

UPDATE:  Petiton to get rid of Butler-Sloss

Appeal against  conviction of last woman to be hanged trail judge Cecil Havers

Butler-Sloss is hated by fathers

Butler-Sloss and the prostitutes

Butler-Sloss church pedophile report  inaccurate

Butler-Sloss vetted Sir Jimmy Savile

Update:  I will do anything the Home Secretary asks! Yep thats what worries us


  1. Found this on Wikipedia when looking up this lady: Ann Elizabeth Oldfield Butler-Sloss, Baroness Butler-Sloss, GBE, PC (born 10 August 1933, née Havers) is a retired English judge. She was the first female Lord Justice of Appeal and, until 2004, was the highest-ranking female judge in the United Kingdom. Until June 2007, she chaired the inquests into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed. She stood down from that task with effect from that date, and the inquest was conducted by Lord Justice Scott Baker.

  2. AN ESTABLISHMENT TODY yeah and Margaret Thatcher was nice to todlers

  3. Can we believe this woman is an unbiased person for this role? She is a Tory , from an upper middle class family. Her brother was a leading Tory in the Heath Government. What is the profile of many of the men under suspicion of child sex abuse?:-

  4. This horrible woman comes from a line of callous upper class legal professionals who lord it over the people who are just scum to them

  5. please sign and share :

  6. Another titled one [Baroness] associated to the word paedophile, figures :)

  7. Baroness Butler-Sloss is the wrong person to chair the child abuse inquiry
    Some have questioned the appointment of Baroness Butler-Sloss because she is too much part of the establishment or (this from Keith Vaz) because she is a member of the House of Lords.

    However, there is a more fundamental reason why she should not have been appointed. She is the sister of the former Attorney General (and briefly Lord Chancellor) Sir Michael Havers MP.

    As Havers was in office during the 1980s, the period that is likely to come under scrutiny in the inquiry, it is hard to see how she is not compromised by this family relationship.




  9. How high will this go ? The "Royal" Families of the world? International Banking Families?
    The truth will set us free.........Its no wonder the ruling "Elites" want to keep us in the dark on this and so many other MASSIVE scandals, like suppression of non polluting hydrogen powered transport etc etc etc...........The ones who rule so dreadfully over we the people, appear to be cold blooded destroyers of all that is good, masquerading as normal human beings. Are they not WAR MONGERING CHILD ABUSING NATURE DESTROYING EVIL ?............LEAVE US ALONE AND SOD OFF TO HELL or face the music here and now.............LET US BE GOVERNED WELL WITH CARE COMPASSION AND ABOVE ALL COMMON SENSE. I for one do not give you permission to act against my brothers and sisters well being and I do not give you or your pals permission to harm our environment with pollution and GMO technologies to name but 2.
    Its time to bring this madness to an end......we need the truth......tell anyone that will listen what new information is out here on the web and support any petition you can. Cause a stir, for all our sakes, its time to care and act. One bit at a time we CAN turn the tide. Well played Mr. Icke and all the truth tellers. Bless you all, and every one of you who graciously took time to read this. I'm a soldier of love and call for you to join our numbers we are strong, we will change thing, we are change !

  10. Butler-Sloss was Chairman of the Security Commission, whose mandate was: "To review vetting of those who join or belong to the Royal Households, those working closely with them, or who otherwise gain access to Royal residences" Those vetted would have included serial pedophiles Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris, friends to the royal family and political figures including Baroness Thatcher. Far from being in charge of this inquiry, Butler-Sloss should be under investigation.

  11. Here's to the soldier of LOVE, and all beautiful, compassionate TRUTHSEEKERS. Keep expressing you TRUTH. The establishment will
    eventually destroy itself through its own LIES and deception. Let's work
    towards a more FREE,INCLUSIVE,HUMANE society.

  12. wtf is a Peadophile?


  14. This can not go ahead.... Butler Sloss is not the person for this job... End of !!
    This must be stopped at all costs and must be stopped now.

    You also have to question those who want to appoint her...

  15. enough is enough, now is the time to stand and be counted.

  16. Absolutly this can't go ahead. Butler-gloss is part of the problem and NOT
    the solution. The establishment protecting the establishment as always. always, How about putting David Icke on the panel...Alex Jones et al, I'm
    sure they'd get to the truth & sort these sleazey morons out...

  17. Within the establishment, It's abuse after abuse, cover up after cover up.
    All these evil institutions...The Catholic church, the Magdalaine laundaries...Abuse in private schools. The list is endless. So much suffering caused by those in AUTHORITY. We need a new mindset.

  18. Same parasitic entities trying to solve the problem. It is their low level of
    unawakened consciousness which caused the problem. ''You cannot solve
    the problem with the same mindset which created it''. These 'stuck up their
    own backsides' people just don't get it.



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